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secure_cherry I think option c is best, this is because the staff may hear or experience stuff like violence.... Prison staff 08/3/24
joyous_tamarillo I Do think that Joe Biden's rules are fair but if you are an immigrant running away from people... Fair or unfair? 08/3/24
great_blueberry i think prisons are essetial in life as if people had no consiquences it would be crazy as... What’s the purpose of prisons? 28/2/24
zestful_physics I agree because it is amazing that women are able to be supported and celebrated for all the... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 28/2/24
neat_penguin That picture is so nice because it shows how happy children are in the Topical Festival snapshots! 28/2/24
zestful_physics I think that they should be able to say what they belive as it could show what they care about.... Sports and politics 28/2/24
allowing_guineapig I agree that woman day is a good thing and should continue to celebrate the hard life of a woman... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 23/2/24
easygoing_literature they should care about everyone's mental heath even the staff that shout and get shouted at every day Prison staff 23/2/24
smart_beetle i think prison staff are doing a very difficult job they are risking being harmed and they are... Prison staff 23/2/24
easygoing_literature prison staff are definitely risking getting hurt,shouted at or even their life they should be... Prison staff 23/2/24
easygoing_woodpecker The gender pay is absolute absurdity, the fact that women get payed less just because of their... Gender inequality: have your say! 23/2/24
secure_cherry International womens day is a big deal for people as it's to celebrate womans freedom. This... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 23/2/24
secure_cherry I think climate change is a big thing to talk about as it has been around for so long and not... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 23/2/24
honest_grapefruit I agree because if you have customers which give you a good review it can help and they can tell... Suggest a discussion 23/2/24
determined_weasel The UK Government plan to send all migrants to Rwanda is truly sickening and dehumanising as... Poll: the UK’s Rwanda Bill 23/2/24
unparalleled_bat i think about the prime minister changing all of our things i dont agree with it because our... Suggest a discussion 23/2/24
joyous_tamarillo I disagree because... sometimes tiktok can teach you lessons to do dances and make money Challenges to journalists 23/2/24
determined_weasel If I had a Global Business. Country A should he sanctions and bans in place just like Israel... Countries behaving badly 23/2/24
talented_dove I think this comment is true and that the decision making of 18 and over should be changed and... Age restrictions 23/2/24
great_blueberry I agree because... lots of people try and help as illistrated in a and e but most people dont... Climate change in your country 23/2/24