An interview with the President of the Enhanced Games


Aron D’Souza is the President of the Enhanced Games.

Watch Aron’s interview to hear him explain why he wanted to create the games and about how he believes people should think about performance-enhancing drugs.

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  • The part of the video that caught my attention was when he said "And this will show us the true potential of humanity." I strongly disagree with this and these are my reasons.
    1. If the athletes are given boosts of any kind whether biological or technological, it will surely enhance their abilities. This mean that their true potential is not being seen. What is being seen is the potential of those performance enhancers on the human body.
    2. If they are given performance enhancing drugs, it will not be fair in any way. Even if all of them are given the same drugs, some people still have a natural talent. Someone with longer limbs will obviously perform better even if the other competitors have taken the drugs too.
    3. If they are assured that there is availability of performance enhancing drugs, they will probably stop training and will never even come close to unlocking their full potential. They will come to rely on the drugs for everything.
    Using performance enhancing drugs will not show us what they are really capable of. I will just find a way to create a sort of machine ( A device in which maximum output is expected when only little effort is imputed). For them to really be rewarded, they should put in real, human effort.

    1. I totally agree with you because performance enhancing drugs might not be illegal in athletics anymore but actually very harmful. They might be common but this does not mean they are right. This simply means that olympics would not be based on talent but on the amount of drugs you take? This is completely wrong. There is this surge of emotions of anxiety, joy and achievement to both viewers and the athletes when he or she should cross the finish line through their hard work and training. On The other hand, an athlete who should cross the finish line through doping would not feel this sense of achievement because he or she did not work hard for it. The foundation of olympics is hard work, talent, perseverance and hardwork. Allowing doping will break this foundation. Enhancing olympics is not about breaking the foundation but building on it. Allowing doping in olympics will prevent hard work. Instead of athletes working hard and letting their hard work pay off, they can just sit back and relax and win overnight because of drugs. This simply means that hardwork and commitment will be useless to athletes. Doping provides a shortcut to success. Athletes who dope undermine hard work. Doping also creates an illusion of achievement which is not true. Athletes may win medals or break records, but these accomplishments are not through hard work but by drugs. So in my opinion, doping should not be allowed.

      1. I agree because... I believe that performance enhancing drugs should not be consumed and if consumed then the athletes should inform to the competitive athletes about it to maintain fairness and integrity on the the player field ... and I agree that doping is the shortcut to the success .. I believe achieving by consuming drugs and doping is not good and fair ..consuming these drugs will give you a short-term happiness but after some time it will cause harm to the body of an athlete.. it can cause serious health effects ..

      2. Hello articulate moment

        I strongly agree with you because many athletes think that they are helping themselves by taking simulates to improve athletic performance, but they are gradually causing serious damage to their own health. Taking performance enhancing drugs is likely to bring a bad reputation to the athlete because they would be known for using stimulants that improve skill rather than using raw talent. Also when people that take performance enhancing drugs win a competition, they would not be as happy as they would have been if they used their raw talent to win it because they know that they do not deserve the glory because they did not work hard for it. Nowadays, doping has broken the foundation and brought a bad name upon themselves and also sports entertainment at large. In my opinion, I would say that athletes that dope do not value the rewards of hard work. They have the belief that working hard does not bring any reward of a sensation of achievement. Many athletes have broken unbreakable records and have won countless competitions, but they did not win them through hard work, but cheated to win due to taking drugs.

        Thank You!!!

    2. Very true, enhancing drugs have a lot of effect on the human body, they can cause insanity, addiction, sterility and many more, it will also make the athletes lazier and the real aim for the competition will be destroyed, remember that the competitions were made to see the best natural talents not the best artificial.

      1. I agree because it can cause other diseases like insomnia, anxiety, weight loss, tremors, addition, and it may cause the athlete to get a high blood pressure and May cause the athlete to fall in the game so it will be better if the athletes don't or take a little of them.

        1. Hi gentle dragon fruit

          I agree with the point that you have stated because stimulants may improve athletic performance, but the chances of the drug not affecting the athlete in a negative way is very low. Athletes that take stimulants to improve skill are prone to health implications that can be a threat to the life of the athlete. They can affect the health of an athlete in the following ways;

          1. Taking stimulants to improve skill can cause heart attacks as well as heart diseases.
          2. It can lead to insomnia and depression.
          3. It can lead to skin irritations and probably skin cancer.
          4. Taking performance enhancing drugs can lead to high blood pressure.

          In conclusion, doping in sports should be made illegal because athletes are expected to use their skills and talents to make a difference in sports entertainment as well as to make an impact on the lives of others who desire to become sport athletes.

      2. I very well agree with you charming artist on your ideas and it is true that enhanced drugs have negative effects to the body which are too risky to them, as well as the effects it causes to the human organs which can lead to serious damage to the heart causing the brain to shut down can as well cause death. Yes, sports are there to see the true, natural talents in people not the other way round.

        1. I strongly agree with you because, performance_enhancing drugs have both negative effects which could damage the body system and structure. It can also lead to death. Sports are suppose to see competors skills, and knowledge to be able to choose the winner and make the games fair and not the otherwise.
          Thank You!

          1. Hello super engine

            I agree with the point that you have stated because in my opinion, I feel like the whole essence of sports is to see and also test out the skills and the knowledge of someone and I feel like that process should never be altered or disrupted by involving performance- drugs in sports. Also taking performance- enhancing drugs can have negative effects on an athlete mentally or psychologically. It can affect one's mind and sense of reasoning in negative ways. It can make an athlete psychologically unstable which can lead to depression, insomnia, and probably make someone take his own life. It can also make one lose his/her sanity which can make them to do unthinkable things to themselves and also other people. In my opinion, athletes should be checked thoroughly for any sign if drugs and if caught with drugs, he/she should be suspended for some time as punishment. Also, they should be banned from sports in order to avoid any athlete from suffering life threatening diseases.

            Thank You!!!

      3. I agree with you charming artist because to much of drugs is harmful to human. Also the drugs will make athletes not strive for a higher goal and they will lose focus. drugs aren't meant to be taken for improvement,
        but eating healthy fruits and training independently is more efficient.

      4. Hi charming artist

        I agree with the valid point that you have made concerning enhancing drugs. Just as enhancing drugs may improve physical stamina and other bodily components for sports, it can also have dangerous effects on the body of an athlete. Performance- enhancing drugs can have effects like infertility, kidney and heart failure, addiction to taking drugs and many more. Also, taking stimulants that improve athletic performance defeats the real aim of sports because sports competitions were made to see the natural talents and skills of an athlete, and I feel like that rule should not be altered by taking performance- enhancing drugs.

        Thank You!!!

      5. Yes, I agree with you. As they have positive effects now, they also have negative effects later. In the positive way, they can help the athletes to be physically able to do things in the sports in which they play because they are some people that need drugs to boost themselves up when playing games because they may not be able physically, while in the negative way, when they start to take such drugs, it gets part of them and they would not be able to do without those drugs leading to all manner of sicknesses in their body that could even result to death. Yes it can make them lazy not putting in efforts to their skills instead depending on the artificial drugs.

      6. Great opinion charming_artist!!!
        I strongly agree with you because, taking the drugs will not only make the athletes lazier and will not only destroy the competition but according to google it can also cause'' early heart attacks, strokes, liver tumors, kidney failure and even psychiatric problems ''which is very dangerous sometimes these kind of problems might not be able to be fixed so it is expected of us humans to stop taking these drugs to maintain a healthy and wealthy life.
        THANK YOU!!!

      7. I agree with you because, Most athletes worked for the role they now own for example: in the nearest future the history of football when written most contain the names like Ronaldo and Messi because they are both notable footballers and cannot be forgotten. this all will happen because they worked really hard for what they now have. If a Childs role model ends up being an athlete that used enhanced drugs to play the child might try to imitate it when they grow up.

    3. I agree with you. Performance enhancing drugs have different impacts on different people, the way the drug reacts to one person is different from the way it would react to next person, making these competitions anything but fair.
      These drugs also have some very serious and even life-threatening side effects. Some of these effects are.
      -Addiction to drugs
      -Mental health risk
      -Increase in internal diseases
      To me I think that to achieve the perfect competition, all athletes should restrain from using aids and come to the event with evidence of their hard work and skills.


    4. Hi intelligent orchard

      I agree with the valid points that you made because the skills of the athletes may not be recognized in the society because they depend on the simulants rather than skills that are gained through hard work and commitment. Also, they can also have serious health implications like kidney failure, heart diseases and others. They may also not feel the sensation of victory or achievement because they know that they do not deserve it because they did not work hard for it. So in my own opinion, I feel like Aron D'Souza made a mistake making the stimulant because because of those drugs, athletes have become lazy and the drug has also given them the idea or the belief that working hard does not bring any reward. Also, it may not be fair that athletes are winning and getting medals with ease while others strive to get a single medals.

      In conclusion, I would like to suggest that performance enhancing drugs should be banned in the whole of sports entertainment because it can cause life threatening issues to someone's body. It can also bring a bad name or a negative identity to the athlete because he did nor work hard to achieve his/her goals.

      Thank You!!!

    5. I do agree when athletes abilities are limited too using performance enhancing drugs there true potential is hidden which makes them reliant on using those drugs to compete. when people use performance enhancing drugs they are enhancing there performance instead of working towards developing there performance .I do agree people with natural talents are naturally gifted and there is a big difference between using drugs and having natural talents, when people develop on this talents then it could become a useful skill. yes when people are highly addicted or reliant on the performance enhancing drugs then this becomes a big problem because people will stop putting in the effort and hard work and just become lazy and even more dependent on this drugs. this could also become a habit and people would start using this drugs to do everything in conclusion the enhance drugs are bad and when people use it this people have an unfair advantage.

    6. I agree, when humanity first began they didn't performance enhancing drugs. In essence we are doing the opposite we are diminishing society taking away their natural ability and natural emotions/feelings. People could also say we are enhancing this ability but I disagree.

    7. I agree because doping shows the fake side of a human. Taking those drugs show that you do not believe you can do it which might cause you to actually not be able to do it. I understand that people dope as a result of recovering from an injury, increasing body recovery capacity after training, increasing muscle mass and strength, decreasing fat tissue, increasing endurance but some of the reasons here are invalid for people to dope and harm themselves. We should at least help to stop people from harming themselves in the name of doping.

  • The point that stood out to me was the part where he tried to recreate the Olympic games to be fairer by solving the problem of inequality.
    I think that making the enhance games is the perfect thing to do because it utilizes the opportunity already in the Olympics. As already seen up to 44% of people who participate already use enhancing drugs making this enhanced game the perfect opportunity see all athletes for who they are. This just simply brings justice to this competition as everybody will have a fair opportunity.

    1. I'm not sure about this because when use enhancing drugs in sports, we are actually not using our full potentials, because sports entails for us to be hardworking and also to use our potentials and talents with the aim of being a winner. This means that there can only be one winner, the winner is someone who has put in his best efforts and has been rewarded. But of recent, people are now beginning to use stimulants all in the name of trying to win, and to me I see this as cheating, many of these athletes do not know the side effects of these stimulants which are very bad to the body after their careers, so with the coming of the enhanced games, I am sad and depressed that none of the athletes are using their full potentials, but I would rather like to suggest to the president of the enhanced games to possibly create a specific Olympics for retirees to be able to compete among their classifications, because many retirees can't compete with the youths.
      So, I am someone who is not in total support of the Enhanced Games because of the fact that it encourages the usage of stimulants in sports which have side effects on athletes after their careers, but if the stimulants don't have side effects on the athletes, I see the Enhanced Games as a good suggestion to change the Olympics. So in all due respect, I suggest to the President of the Enhanced Games to possibly create an Olympic version for old people rather than encouraging the usage of drugs to stimulate athlete performances.
      THANK YOU.

      1. This seems to be a very confusing topic, on one side the enhanced games might make the athletes to rely on enhancing drugs, but it can also introduce new technology to sport.

    2. I am a little skeptical about this. If we are talking about keeping everyone on the same scale then performance enhancing drugs is not the answer. If someone is already good at something, performance enhancing drugs will give them a superhuman boost. I would like to use the ancient Greek games as an example. Though they were quite crude, they still encouraged the use of only their true human skills and potential. This was how they were able to ascertain the true winner of the games. The true victor won by their own efforts and hard work and not through performance enhancing drugs. No on will ever really be on the same scale because some people are better at some things than others. Hard work is what makes the difference.

      1. I now understand 👍. Skill and effort are what actually make the difference, and enhancing drugs should not be considered when talking about equality. Doping is already illegal, and this has already helped 44% of the athletes to achieve a position. What I think should be done is the improvement of gear and systems of the Olympics. Instead of replacing the whole event, we can try and work on the errors of the current one, I assume that there is need to improve the drug checking system as Aron D’Souza has said, but changing the entire event is not necessary.
        I also disagree with the fact that anyone should be allowed to participate. Hardwork and talent are the two essential keys that distinguish one athlete from another, bringing a random person and allowing them to participate with the use of these drugs is not a good idea. Some people might not be able to handle them, and some people could be injured in the process of participating, this just shows us that even with the use these drugs hard work still plays an essential role.
        To achieve an Olympics that is perfectly fair we should strictly monitor the athletes and encourage them to work hard, so that all their energy can be put into show on the day of the competition.


      2. I see what you are saying, but don't you think that if people are already hiding their use of these performance enhancing drugs in the Olymipcs that it would be safer for them to not have to hide it and be open with their use of peds? When discussing sports safety is something we have to consider and these Enhanced Games help give an opportunity for athletes to do what they are already doing in a safer environment.
        The use of these drugs will also help push humans beyond their limit of what we think we are capable of.

    3. I respectfully disagree with you. Just because they don't get caught does not mean that what they are doing is right. If we are talking about equality here then drugs is not the way to go. People have different abilities and the best and safest way to improve on it is by training, determination and hard work.
      A part of the video that really got me worried was when he said 44% of athletes actually use performance enhancing drugs but don't get caught. This is very worrisome and i feel that serious actions should be taken. These people are cheating other athletes as well as themselves. I think that the Olympics should really find a way to curb this issue by educating the athletes on the dangers of performance enhancing drugs and also finding new ways to detect them and stop those who are using them. This will not help any one in any way.

  • HELLO,
    I think that all that Aron D’Souza said asked and explained to me where all very vital to me. One of the questions he asked that caught my attention was,
    To answer the question, according to my research online, I got that the Enhanced Games is just a new concept proposed in 2024 by AUSTRALIAN ENTREPRENEUR, ARON D'SOUZA, and no date nor venue for the inaugural edition of the Games has been announced. The Games may include events in athletics, aquatics, gymnastics, strength and combat. I think that Aron is a person that thinks that you do not need to be stressed to win a competition that is why I think Aron got his foundation of the enhanced games from that thinking. I say this because for Aron to be able to have this kind of thought he is not quite competitive, the enhanced game is all about not having to stress yourself, you can use different things to win so I think that it is Aron’s purpose and reason for creating the enhanced games.

  • The point that doctors would be perscribing and calculating the drug really stuck out to me.
    How will they know if the doctor isnt being bribed by the participant? They could be being bribed to perscribe more!
    The doctor could be only doing the job for a quick check and giving them too much or too little doses.

    Another point that stuck out was him saying how ironic it was that the biggest supporters were mcdonalds and coca-cola knowing that companies only care about money and they will take as much support as they wish.

    1. Yes, i think one of the biggest disadvantage of enhanced games is drug abuse. Not only can doctors be bribed to give them an overdose, they can also take it on their own.
      Maybe if an athlete is not satisfied with their performance, they want a bigger boost, they might just go ahead and take more drugs believing that it will really help them out in the field. The adverse effects of this will be very dire. Apart from drug abuse it could also lead to addiction and overdependence. The athlete might start becoming lazy and over dependent on these drugs. They might not see the use of training anymore and this will make them lose sight of why they wanted to become an athlete in the first place. Their body might not function well without the drugs because they have been taking it before any of their games. They might even lose their confidence.
      Taking drugs might help but too much of everything is bad.

  • Aron's point about how the Olympic Games sponsors have done more damage to the world than Enhancement Drugs stood out to me the most .I believe that the Olympic Games are all about money so even though McDonald's and Coca-Cola has caused more damage to the world than Enhanced Drugs. Since they are still getting a large profit from those companies they are going to continue to promote them. They are going to continue to be against Enhancement Drugs even though some of the competitors are using them they don't want to seem like hypocrites even though they are promoting dangerous things.

  • I really like your video but will all the people will be taking the same amount or get the same drug. What if some people take different drugs with that one. Or some people take the drug different. then some people bodys are different and the drug react differently.

    1. I strongly agree as a similar question arose in my mind. What if an athlete consumes different drug, which may not bring the effectiveness of the Enhanced Games, which means -

      It would become unfair in terms of the athlete's opponents, overall perspective by the viewers and participants would change, leading to bad impacts. It would became a great advantage for the athlete getting involved in such illegal activities.
      Secondly, the drugs consumed by the athlete may bring mental or physical illness, it could have a severe effect on the health. It can also lead to a case of life and death.
      Even though, in my point of view, consuming any kind of drugs is inappropriate in any aspect, except, if drugs are used as 'medicines' to save a life. And, it does not set a good example in front of present young athletes and future professional athletes, it would make them feel that drugs are necessary for attaining victory or success. Further more, once if an athlete takes drugs only for professional use, then to due to toxication in the body, the athlete may get addicted to different drugs and as a consequence, getting involved in wrongdoings.

      Additionally, altogether there would be a negative influence on the company, exploiting the viewers' or supporters' trust.

  • I think he misses the whole point of sports and sport competitions, and also the spirit of competition and teamwork. People put a lot of effort in trying to be better and train harder, but he only focuses on doping to run faster, be stronger or be more resistant.

    1. I agree with you because Mr Aron does not include the whole essence of sports, which is teamwork, competitive spirit and most times determination and focus. So, I think that this is a reason that he misses the whole essence of sports.
      Another reason is that; what if some athletes have practised for their whole lives to win competitions and some enhancement-consuming athletes come and steal away that opportunity The athletes will probably be someone who will forever disagree with the enhancement drugs and fight against them till they win.
      So, these listed above are the reasons that I think that Mr Aron misses that whole point.
      THANK YOU.

  • We support the idea of Enhanced Games as it makes the game more engaging when they have their own category of sort. Scientifically, these games are interesting as it more entertaining to show off what the body can do if you use such steroids. It is also a way to support science and studies of the human body.

  • Sorry my first comment was a mistake
    The comment that stood out to me most was that athletes get paid for participation I taught the whole part of the game was to have fun and bring different nations together to compete against each other. So the game is not for fun.

    1. Hello calm cloud,
      I disagree with you because the essence of a game 🎯 is for fun , entertainment and career purposes.
      Well some people may the think fully that the game is not for fun but in case it has not been said most athletes play for money no doubt, but I think it's major essence is for fun. When sports was first discovered it was played for fun before it was changed year's back.
      So, I just say that the major essence of sports is for the purpose of fun.
      THANK YOU.

  • As the drugs become more enhanced, perhaps this means that the risks of taking them are also greater.
    We were wondering what the minimum age would be for athletes who are competing? It would be worrying if young people were using steroids as that could harm their health or natural growth. We know that there are some very young athletes in the normal olympics.
    The freedom to take the drugs might lead people to using them too much.

    1. I totally agree with you in addition i believe that the idea of competition itself should be strengthened, as athletes strive to win by any means possible, even if it negatively affects their health.
      We must treat competition as an experience that adds more experience to us and identifies our weak points, which we must strengthen in order to achieve victory over and over again, it is not just about winning a prize or a title, it is also about maintaining sports integrity and keeping our bodies healthy without any harm.

    2. I completely agree with you. Another part of the video that got me thinking was when he said "about 44% of athletes take performance enhancing drugs but are not caught." This is not a good thing. They know that performance enhancing drugs can harm the human body in some ways but they still go ahead and take it. To make matters worse, they don't even get caught. This mean that if enhanced games are introduced, it will become a safe space for them to freely use drugs to alter their natural body functions. The human body was designed specifically for specific functions. Messing with that could cause some real problems. Bringing up the enhanced games will only make them feel like it is perfectly okay to alter their body functions just to increase their performance. This will not help anyone. More exercise and training is the best way to maximize performance. I also think that the Olympic games should try harder to catch athletes who use performance enhancing drugs so that they can be stopped before they cause harm to themselves.

  • The statement that struck me was when he said '' this drugs are prescribed by doctors''. I disagree with this statement because if a doctor prescribes drugs that on a normal day is not recommended for a sportsman then I feel they must have been bribed to do so. Doctors are supposed to tell them the side effects of this drugs and advice them not to use those drugs on this athletes because they may have deadly effects on their systems, so doctors shouldn't get bribed to support performance enhancing drugs but advice them not to use it for the betterment of their mental and physical health.
    Although on the other hand, I am also aware these doctors are attached to the athletes and they want to win by all means possible, hence they throw ethics to the gutters. Some athletes have denied knowledge of these drugs only for their doctors to admit the administered the drugs without their knowledge. this is totally unacceptable.

  • I quite understand the way you present your argument. Yes enchanted drugs are already in Olympic games but thus means two things: or the committee knows ans say nothing, or the games need a better technological device ta catch these athletes.
    Iam not sure the thing you are saying that enchanted drugs are legal as some of them contain substances that make your heart beat faster, tone your muscles in a really extraordinary way even in females.
    You said about reinventing.
    Maybe the problem is there. We don't want to keep these games plain and healthy in a natural way but we want to progress them by using unnatural methods.

  • The person that brought something to my attention that Mr. Aron said was intelligent_orchard.The statement that he/she brought was ''And this will show us the true potential of humanity." I also disagree with this statement because a person that uses performance enhancing drugs can't be showing their true potential if in reality they are not simply doing things up to their own ability. People that are using performance enhancing drugs might be showing us what the drugs can do and not what the person can do.

  • I think that there should be a hub discussion about "whether athletes should be allowed to us peds in normal sports." Recently, French and Juventus midfielder known as Paul Pogba was banned from professional football for four years for the use of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which is a hormone which the body produces naturally and helps in the production of other hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. There are supplications for this hormone and it is was used to by Paul Pogba to boost his testosterone levels which would improve his performance. The ban which was placed on him by The National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) in Italy after failing the random test has put his career in serious jeopardy. His age is a serious factor in this situation as he was nearing retirement age and this ban has cut his career short by four years. There have been discussions about whether he will return or retire during his ban. If he was in a competition such as the enhanced games, he would not be in such a situation.

    1. Very true, the enhanced games open a doorway to those with a desire to use technology and science in sports, it can also open door ways to those with an urge to push human potential.

  • Something that got me thinking is the fact that the Olympic games have been reinvented so many times. The reinvention of the Olympic games has made sports so much better and more interesting, it has shaped sports in so many different ways. There are so many reasons why the enhanced games will be advantageous and the one that got me thinking the most is the fact that they pay all athletes. This is pretty cool. This simply means that it eliminates the need for athletes to gain additional employment. Since they are all payed, other jobs will not be required, this means an athlete can complete focus on his or her career and succeed without much stress. Paying athletes who are still in school will also allow them to focus on studies without distractions. This would be a great benefit. This also benefits the families of athletes who are still schooling because some families provide financial support to student-athletes but now that student-athletes will be paid, this would not be needed to anymore. This would help the family focus their resources on other important things. The money also payed to the athlete can be used to benefit the family.

  • I really want to disagree with the opinion of Aaaron that because already 44 percentage of athletes are taking enchanted drugs , we can make them legitimate in order to perform better.
    Yes it is scary as you questioned because by making them legal this will have an impact to young people.
    Don't you think that by telling them that it is OK to use them, won't be tempted to try them?
    Let's also consider that some professional athletes are very age, even under the age of 18? Are they allowed to take enchanted drugs or are they the next stage of experimenting with them?

  • Mr. Aron mentioned in the video, that how Enhanced games will be different from Olympic games. I totally agree with his first point that the athletes usually live in poverty despite their outstanding performances and I really want this to change athletes should be rewarded and compensated for their talents. If the athletes are not treated and given their share of money gradually the youth will stop following their passion for sports and will want to enter only in the corporate world where they can secure a comfortable life. Nevertheless, no matter how much I try I can't change my mind about using enhancement drugs during the games which is the second differentiator. THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED AT ALL. Aron himself stated that the anabolic drugs are listed at the bottom when it comes to causing damage to a human, however we still can't forget the fact that it DOES DAMAGE US and permitting it's usage will only increase the percentage of people using them from 44% to more increasing the chances of heath issues in the athletes. Also even though Olympics have ties with McDonald's and Coca-Cola, we just cant legalize drugs on these basis, we always have to remember that a "bad option" is still better than a "very bad option", similarly eating junk food is still better then using performance enhancement drugs.

  • I really like the idea that the athlete will get paid for playing. It's really a good step. Many people think that you will not be able to earn your livelihood properly if you choose to be a player. As a result, despite having will, many of us are afraid to choose the profession of a player. But now when we will be get paid for our performance then many people will be encouraged to take part in sports. This will work as a great fuel to increase the popularity of games and sports as many people will want to join in the sports.
    I personally don't like the idea of taking drugs in the enhance game. I think game is a place where we get a chance to show our physical fitness and strength. But taking drugs will not show our true potentials. As you were saying that 40% of the athletes take drugs but only 1% got caught. So, won't it be better to upgrade and developed the doping system rather than giving permission to take drugs in enhanced games? If none are able to take drugs only then it will be a fair game where everyone's strength and fitness, his strategies and talent will be judged. I think it will be the fairest game. So, I think that instead of allowing drugs we need to focus more on developing doping system which at least won't have a slight of negative effects on the athlete.
    Since we are creating a new Olympics then we can add many other games which will be help us to advance and develop the world. Like IQ game which will help us to find the genius people who later can work for the advance of the world.

    1. If 100% of the athletes competing were using performance enhancing drugs, would this be fair?

  • I would like to respond to the following phrase which really drawed my attention: " Enhanced games will help to push the boundaries of humanity and science"
    As you aforementioned, enhanced games are basically a better revolution and version of the Olympics but with a slight difference in the way athletes can participate. In contrast of the Olympics, athletes who take part in the enhanced-games, have the privilege to use any kind of performance enhancing drugs without being monitored or checked. Thus, athletes have the opportunity to exceed their limits and feel how it is to have "superpowers". Using enhancing drugs indicates that our world is rapidly developing and that our humanity is gradually evolving. Moreover, the utilisation of drugs shows that the sector of science is being favored by the enhanced games. Many new doors in the contex of science are opened with this revolution consisting a great step for the expansion of the scientific boundaries.

    1. What do you think will happen to the "clean" Olympic games if the enhanced games becomes popular?

      1. This is a great point to discussion. In my perspective, if enhanced games draw more popularity, the Olympics will basically be superseded and therefore originality will be lost. Olympics are the oldest and most authentic competition ever held, which promotes faireness, solidarity, devotion to your aims and dreams and undeniably trust to your own capabilities. On the hand, the enhanced games despite being innovative in the context of science and humanity, doesn't give a sense of originality and it isn't based on effort and putting sweat in what you do, but instead it shows that the only way to succeed is by using manners and not trusting yourself. Consequently, I believe that "clean" Olympic games will lose their main position and due to athletes desire to win frantically, they(athletes)will mostly be likely to choose the enhanced games without considering the drawbacks.

  • Hello Comfortable_rock,
    I agree with you because if particular person is trying to get revenge on a particular business and this person is an influencer. I think that if this person is able to drag everybody along, he would actually have a chance of boycotting and bankrupting he business. For example, if the famous actor Will Smith decides to boycott Adidas, he would actually have a chance because he is an influencer and with all his influence to his followers and subscribers, I think that he will succeed at not just boycotting the business but also at bankrupting it due to the power he carries.
    In conclusion I just say that boycotting is good because it is the only way for a business to learn a very precise lesson and to also learn form their mistakes. A short tip; if you at a business owner, you should be careful when you are dealing with the a very popular business to reduce your chances of them boycotting and bankrupting your business.

  • I think that one of the questions in the video, includes what the enhanced game is. In my own point of view, i think that the enhanced games, is similar to the Olympics but instead, athletes are not being checked if they have used performance enhancing drugs and that is not safe and it is also not fair. It is not safe because sometimes, these drugs have not been properly tested. Why i say this is not fair because is everyone wont be checked and some people might not want to harm themselves so they might not take the performance enhancing drugs. This might make them slow and it wont be fair.
    Thank you!!!

    1. What if the athletes are checked and everyone is given access to the same performance enhancing drugs, would this make it safer and more fair?

  • I understand that in this interview Aron wants to try and show that the enhanced games actually isn't so bad and not all the drugs are illegal, however this isn't a good idea as many people could get effected by this and there are several consequences to this for example you could get heart, liver and kidney problems and even cancer -depending on what drugs you use and how frequently-. Also, you can get dental health problems and mental health problems and these all are long term problems, so some people might have these problems for their whole entire life if they use drugs. Furthermore, these people were probably training really hard to go into the olympics but then they find out that you could use drugs to win, this means that they wouldn't be able to complete their full potential point. Moreover, these people wouldn't be using their full real effort and will be cheating, because if they have been training for years and years then actually there was no point in all that hard work when their just going to use drugs. If I were to be an athlete then I would feel guilty and upset because I had taken all that time out to train when actually I was going to use drugs at the end, also I would feel like I am cheating as in the olymipcs the athletes are trying their very best while on the other hand in the enhanced games everyone has had drugs. However, everyone has the right to do what they want so they could choose whether they want to take part in the enhanced games or not, but I personally would not.

  • I think that something reasuring is that these athleets are not just free to use any preformence inhansing drugs they wish to but are being looked after by a doctor specialist whom is making sure they do not over consume bad drugs, but instead the perfect amount to make them fast, strong and fit. This stops me and my friends worrying about the athleets health and instead wondering about the actual competition.

  • In my personal opinion I think that performance enhancing drugs should not be consumed. Even if it might not be restricted anymore it can still damage the athletes using or doing these performance drugs. It can badly damage a human if taken often if it works like other harmful ones.

    1. I agree and even in the normal usage of a small quantity the constant build-up would have worse effects than normal overdose as even if the drugs are legalized in these events, when that person gets older the effects start to kick in such as Insomnia, Anxiety and weight loss in very large amounts, and the thing about it is , every athlete in the enhanced games who uses these drugs may and will suffer those same consequences.

    2. Hello venturous seagull,
      I agree with you because using drugs in sports, can be harmful to the person using the drug. It can also be dangerous if the person keeps taking the drug every single day, people can get addicted to drugs in the enhanced games just to make them strong. The post career effect of these drugs are a major concern for me.

  • Overall I understand D'Souza's point on some people using performance enhancers regardless of the Olympics' guidelines. However, apart from the risks that steroid use pose, I also wonder about what kind of athletes will participate in the Enhanced Games. From my understanding most of the Olympian athletes have trained hard in their dicipline, they've worked for their success. First of all I don't understand how athletes will even be able to qualify for the Enhanced games since their performance can't be measured objectively. Even moreso it doesn't really make sense to have people take, what are esentially drugs, and have them compete with one another. In my opinion that defeats the whole purpose of the Olymics, which is hard-working athletes getting the opportunity to show off what they've been training for their whole lives.
    As a Marvel Universe fan I can definitely see how the idea of superhumans would be intriguing, but actually messing with athletes' hormones and seeing their enhanced performance would be a better idea for a science lab than an athletic competition.

  • What stood out most to me, was that 44% of olympians take advantage of performance enhancing drugs already. Nevertheless, only 1% is discovered by the quite ineffective working drug testing system. The old technologies are not able to detect the highly developped drugs existing nowadays.
    Contrary to D'Souza's point of view, I believe that in order to decrease the unfairness existing in the games this is a spurious starting point. I do not think we should legalize performance enhancing drugs as they harm our bodies. A crucial aspect of sports is to stay healthy, which would not be given in the concept of D'Souza and his team. Additionally, if the enhancers are approved not only a few, but all olympians would consume them, obviously, so we put even more people into incredibly high danger.
    I would propose to adapt the drug testing systems to the developments happening in sciences. Instead investing huge amounts of money into the performance enhancers, the money could be spend on further evolved detector systems. We should ask ourselves waht the goal is. If the goal is to decrease unfairness no matter what, it might be the right point to promote enhancing drugs. If we, supplementary, wish to stay healthy it is definitely not.