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If I had the contrl for this I would probaly raise funds for those girls. Like in my country for... The news where you are 25/5/23
As you know that recently thete was a huge strike in Pakistan due to political mishaps.The... The news where you are 25/5/23
I am superly astonished that how a junior doctor worked during Covid pandemic.Maybe you would... Dr Rachel Clarke answers your questions! 24/5/23
I was not so interested about climate change but after reading about Earth day I very sincerely... Expert challenge: Earth Day 19/5/23
I think so people of Japan will gain more support from the world as they have shown... Which situation is best? 18/5/23
Thanks for giving your opinion about my comment and in easy words you made me understand what is... What should be done? 18/5/23
I think that the workers in US have not striked just because to upset people during that time... Which situation is best? 17/5/23
The Idea 2 has made me think that what would happen if people stop hiring their kith and kin.In... What should be done? 17/5/23
I am inspired by Ms.Tina because she has choose a field where she not only work and protest for... Tina answers your questions! 17/5/23
In last two years a campaign was staryed in which our prime minister presnted a new idea of 1... Clover answers your questions! 17/5/23
I agree that strikes are not always the solution and today I am going to share a story that... Strikes are not always the solution 11/5/23
The comment C also attracts me to share my point of views.Some of people strongly belive in... Royal responses 28/4/23
I strongly agree with point B as royals are also humans and they own some privacy.Basically as... Royal responses 28/4/23
You have shared an intresting question.Most of people think that polluting the Earth whole year... Competition #3 Making connections 27/4/23
Today I am going to tell you a story about the story of strikes that really effect my country... Competition #2 Global discussions 19/4/23
Everyone can Strike is not right but it becomes a need when someone is exploited with no fixed... Can everyone strike? 19/4/23
Most of workers strike because they feel that they are working in unsafe and unfair condition... Can everyone strike? 19/4/23
Critical thinking and enhancing problem solving ability by suggestion and using action research Start of Festival survey 19/4/23
The news story which is affecting my area is abrupt environmental changes, increased pollution ,... Competition #1 News near you 14/4/23