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I disagree because... It is not all the time we use negotiations. To me negotiation cannot work... "Perspectives on Strikes: What's Your Stance?" 21/5/23
Do you know that, we kids have a broad mind but can't use it to the fullest. Subjects have... Expert challenge: strikes 18/5/23
Although the metaverse in nice, and having currency there is wonderful and enjoyable. But... Currency in the metaverse: banking on brilliance or ballooning on bankruptcy? 17/5/23
Climate: This is the average weather condition of a place for a long period of time usually 30 -... Earth Day poll results! 17/5/23
There a lot of ways for corruption to be stopped in Nigeria. There a lot of organisations for... The news where you are 16/5/23
As we all know, the television is the fastest means passing information worldwide. Protesters... Not for everyone? 14/5/23
I feel and think that the Japan workers are angry and want to make their boss worry so they can... Which situation is best? 14/5/23
Nigeria is a blessed country which is underdeveloping and has a lot of issues. These issues or... The news where you are 14/5/23
How the world might change in relation to AI replicating voices. AI is a wonderful... Photos and voices 14/5/23
Google defines the term 'nepotism' to be the "practice among those with power of influence of... Your Topical Talk lesson 11/5/23
Yes indeed, an artist is still an artist even though he uses AI to create art. The fact of the... Is AI an artist?? 11/5/23
I disagree because... frank_redcurrant, you said that you did not believe that strikes are the... "Perspectives on Strikes: What's Your Stance?" 11/5/23
Normally, everyone has the fundamental right to strike because we are humans not machines so... Strikes poll results! 10/5/23
I would never ever want to be a part of a royal family. I have a lot of reasons for saying... Expert challenge: royalty 10/5/23
To me, one of the fundamental things you can do concerning the climate and environment is... Expert challenge: Earth Day 08/5/23
Do you think young people are powerful in this world? Yes of course, I think that they are... Expert challenge: Earth Day 08/5/23
I agree with you but reducing the price to get access to the metaverse could be drastic to the... Matthew answers your questions! 07/5/23
I agree because... with you because your inspiration is from the right source. And a shoutout to... Matthew answers your questions! 07/5/23
I never really knew about the metaverse and its wonders,about the amazing things we can do... Matthew answers your questions! 07/5/23
Topical talk is so amazing and an ovation to the organisers. To me, they are a lot of things I... Competition #4 Then and now 05/5/23