Should business be influenced by politics?

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In my opinion I believe that business and politics is the most relevant topic in the media right now for many reasons. We know that society is easily manipulated by brands to like things especially for stuff that they don’t need.

For example, if some place like McDonalds started a huge campaign on something such as maybe football teams, then many will suddenly love that team since they get influenced by the commercials and advertising put in place. This is due to us being influenced by those we see in a high standard as we naturally adapt to those we see as influential to us. So now that we know why we get influenced by brands we can addressed why politics will also affect people.

If politicians chose to be advertised by certain companies who have this influential power over people who like the brand, then they basically have won their election by ‘convincing’ people they are better but all they really did was by people out by having their favourite brands influenced by them. Doing so this is basically cheating many out of their own valuable opinions.

However, others do argue that this is good as many young people often do not vote which impacts the score and leaves them without sharing their opinion. If brands do advertise voting, then more young people's opinions are available to be seen rather than forgotten or unheard while teaching them the skills for other events in which voting is necessary. This is good in many cases but for the situation we are given now advertising with brands is best not to be used especially for young people due to the fact of them being influenced by the brands view.

What we could do is have an unbiased idea posted on stores or restaurants saying something like ‘vote today’ in aesthetically pleasing colours to attract people to vote, that way people can vote on their own accord instead of the brands ideas and hopes that way we do have more people voting but their opinions are shown.

In conclusion, I am against companies being related to Politics in any way due to how much influence they have over young people now and how much this could make voting unfair on opponents in the race for Prime Ministor or President of the country.

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  • In my opinion, the relationship between business and politics is tricky. Some say businesses should be ethical and support political values that benefit society. Others argue businesses must comply with government regulations and adapt to changes in the political landscape. Political decisions also impact the economy, so businesses need to consider factors like taxes and trade policies. On the social front, some believe businesses should engage with politics to address social issues, while others prefer neutrality to avoid conflicts. It all depends on the company's values and goals. Balancing business and politics is a delicate dance, and businesses need to navigate it wisely.

  • Hello,
    In my honest opinion what I think is that businesses should be influenced by politics. My reason for thinking this is that politics affects businesses, and the decisions made by politicians can either make or mar a business.
    The action taken by businesses towards what they hear from political news will influence the amount of profit they earn. Imagine a situation where a political candidate is against what your business produces, let's say you produce soda, and the first policy that the candidate says he will apply is against the production of soft drinks, you can't just expect to sit down and do nothing, you have to oppose and try and convince your fans.
    Businesses have to react to politics, as it is around their immediate environment. If a business is not aware of the politics and do not do something (fight or support) about the politics around them or they could eventually run out of business.
    In conclusion, I think that businesses should be influenced by politics, and they should also be allowed to have their say.


  • I think businesses should be influenced on politics if it is good news the hear if businesses are influenced by politics it will make them hear the increase in price of goods,be able to know were to get good stuffs and it will help them not to be deceived by people.politics is an essential aspect of life because it teaches how to improve on yourself and make you to improve in vocabulary.

  • I don't think business should be influenced by politics because for one, in various countries like mine, politics is funded on corruption, and as a business, you have to as honest and transparent to your mission . additionally, In business, where a pivotal goal is often the generation of financial profit, the potential for political and legal decisions to hinder this objective is something to be wary of. As such, the insight provided by the study and understanding of taxation policies alone or with other legal concepts introduces a pragmatic and critical approach to legal theory and political decision-making. Such skills can prove invaluable in navigating the complex world of politics and the market, where the overlap between the two in terms of what's best for a business is often uncertain and subject to change.
    An understanding or experience of how taxation policies can affect a business lies in knowledge about the different responsibilities and obligations that may be imposed on a business by the various tax types available. Building such an understanding can occur through experience in the business world, legal consultation with professionals who specialize in tax law, consultant groups offering advice to businesses, or educational endeavors to learn more about the nature of tax law and policy. More advanced knowledge and application of such information can lead to specialized, high-level positions in certain industries, such as taxation consultants and financial advisors. In contrast to the free and profit-driven nature of a market economy, the government has a responsibility to ensure certain public goods and services that benefit society are provided. These include things like roads, schools, and emergency services. Given this, a lot of the revenue from taxes goes towards funding these services. However, there are many competing opinions on what and how much the government should be doing, and therefore many different opinions on how tax revenue should be spent. Although a lot of countries disregard this, my country spends tax payers money on unnecessary expenses. This makes the creation and enforcement of tax policy a heavily politically charged process.

    1. Hey there, astounding_petal,
      I totally get your point about not wanting politics to mess with business. It's super important for businesses to be honest and transparent, especially with their missions. And yes, corruption in politics can make things tricky. Understanding taxation policies is like having a secret weapon in the business world. It helps you figure out how to deal with all the different taxes and rules. Plus, it's key to avoiding any surprises that might mess with your profits. It's wild how tax money is supposed to go towards important stuff like roads and schools, but sometimes it gets wasted on things we don't need. It's frustrating when governments don't spend money wisely, especially when it comes from hardworking taxpayers like us.

  • To me, business should definitely be influenced by politics. And vice versa. I think this because imagine if a company that had mainly used trees in the past but now because of a new law or bill they've been restricted from using trees. So they would have to manufacture another synthetic material or plant more than they chop. This is politics and government influencing business in a way that is helpful to the planet. Also imagine that a popular, influential, giant company known for sustainability aligns with an underdog politician's goals and vision, and decides to sponsor and support that politician. Since many people rely on and trust the company, they will most likely trust in the company's sponsorship, and vote for the politician who will usher in new laws for preserving the planet. That's another example of businesses influencing politics. However there could be some downsides, like maybe a powerful greedy company bribes and corrupts a politician to support new laws to let that powerful company run a monopoly. (Which is when one company takes over a certain industry and makes it so that other companies have trouble doing or can't do the same.) That would be a pretty bad influence. But other than that, business and politics should always check each other.

  • I believe that everywhere in the world businesses are influenced consciously or not by the politics.
    They are messages through products that convey businesses ideas.
    I believe that when businesses take into consideration the general well being of the citizens such as promoting eco friendly products or anti stress ways then it is the best way to mix politics and business.
    However we have to take into account that young people don't quite understand the notion of politics so first they need to be educated what we mean by politics.

  • The influence of a company could be very dangerous specifically on customers and staff and usually companies that have large employment levels most times brainwash their employees almost inhumanly forcing them to go with particular mindsets of life choices and they could apply this same thing to voting, so I feel the decision to make very large companies unable to vote seems very much reasonable.

  • The topic of whether politics should have an effect on business is difficult and complicated. Some believe that since businesses are members of society and have the power to create laws that will help them work, they should to have a voice in politics. They think that companies may give politicians valuable data because they are experts in specific fields.

    On the other hand, some people think that politics and business belong in different areas. They claim that political influence against businesses can result in suspicious practices, poor decision-making, and bias. They stress how crucial it is to keep equal opportunities for all companies, regardless their political beliefs.

    In addition the answer to the question of whether politics should have an impact on business might change depending on the particular situation. Political strength may be required to solve social issues or advance good business behavior. But it's important to make sure that any political influence is open, responsible, and serves the good of society generally.

    In conclusion, there are good reasons for both sides of the difficult association between business and politics. Ultimately, to make sure a just and healthy economic system, a correct balance between business interests and the power of government must be achieved.