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I don't think POLITICIANS would ATTACK them for saying the truth. Because that would be pretty... Challenges to journalists 11/3/24
To me, business should definitely be influenced by politics. And vice versa. I think this... Should business be influenced by politics? 10/3/24
I agree with option A, because think about this, if your planet is a wasteland, or it's melting,... Profits or the planet? 09/3/24
War between AI would most likely be virtual, in the form of hacking, and DOXXing, and other... AI: and the future of war 09/3/24
Well, do you think they should let older immigrants in too? Some people might think that this... Ageing populations 09/3/24
I'm not sure about this because... You make the stereotype that women are "so much more caring... WOMEN: A Pillar Of Our World 08/3/24
Yes, women are still not treated equally in some places in the world, but we are closer than... my stand point 08/3/24
Yes, this system is fair. While 60% of the overall population did NOT want Party C to win, only... How does the Indian election work? 07/3/24
It would be nice if every single athlete, everywhere, no matter their circumstances, received... Unfair advantage? 01/3/24
Concerning the so-called "advantage" of the latest equipment, it is an advantage, but a tiny,... Unfair advantage? 01/3/24
I think that they should have to disclose their status, whether or not they're doping. Because... Should people know? 29/2/24
Hey Chloe @ Topical Talk, There are definitely risks in allowing enhanced games. One such risk... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 27/2/24
Hello Topical Talk! I agree with opinion D the most because it's actually a logical one. I'm... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 27/2/24
Hey enthusiastic honeydew, I'm really glad you decided to share this! But I disagree with you... Reformation 23/2/24
I think the option that offers the best opportunity for prisoners to change for the better is... Reformation 23/2/24
Hello Topical Talk! In the future, AI will definitely be used a lot more, so it will have an... Will AI transform the emerging world? 22/2/24
I think there should be a Hub discussion post about whether or not women are stereotyped or how... Suggest a discussion 21/2/24
Hey peaceful mode, your opinion is really important to this discussion! I agree because that... Are journalists the answer? 21/2/24
I pick a 6 for agree, because while the opinion of everyone is important, since women are still... Are journalists the answer? 21/2/24
I think that Victor Frankenstein from the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley could help people in... Competition #4 winners 14/2/24