Why we need climate change reminders

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First of all, reminders can be defined as those things that help somebody to recall or remember something. People can recieve reminders through various things like on the television, by looking at other people, and many other things.

Second of all, climate change can be defined as the sudden change of the weather either positively or negatively. It can also at the occurance of natural disasters like firestorms, earthquakes, floodings, and many others.

Reminders about climate change can be defined as those things that we recieve and then they remind us about climate change. Those reminders can either be good news or it can be bad news.

Nowadays, countless lives have been lost and many properties belonging to people have been destroyed because of our laziness to keep a clean society and also our ignorance towards the reminders about climate change. We are being given reminders about our envirnment so that we can have an idea on what our environment is going through, and we are further expected to take measures to stop these natural disasters from constantly occuring, and I feel that it can be achieved only by paying good attention to the reminders that we are being given about climate change.

Also, one of the reasons why we experience all these life threatening natural disasters is because some people that live in rural areas and local civilizations are nor really privileged or do not really have access to all these reminders about climate change because they feel like what they are doing is alright and it will aid them in making life easier. Also, some of them do not have access to those things that can be used to prevent natural disasters like dams and floor drainages, and these may result in the loss of lives and valuable property. Negative climate change can also lead to destruction of valuable natural resources for example hurricanes and droughts reduce soil fertility.

In conclusion, we are expected to maintain a good and healthy environme`nt, and that can be achieved by paying attention to the reminders that we are being given about climate change.

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  • Hi,
    I think that all of those are all wonderful points and that reminding people of climate change is good, but what I feel is that there should be a balance. Reminding people of climate change should not only be the case but rather there should be limitations on these reminders. Different people have different approaches towards climate change and this scale of eco-anxiety needs to be monitored based on the kind of people you are feeding the news to.
    I think that personally we should feed more good news to those who have experienced climate emergency, and more bad news to those who hear this news at the comfort of home. This will aid quicker recovery to those with high eco-anxiety and help those in the "FIGHT" category. Reminding people of climate change has a major benefit of creating awareness, but we shouldn't forget that it can also have a detrimental effect which is causing emotional damage to those with traumatizing experiences with the climate.
    In conclusion I think that the perfect way of alerting people on climate change is through balancing the news.


    1. I agree with you because I agree with you as there is a saying that goes "Everything in excess is opposed to nature" by Hippocrates. This quote in essence says that too much of something is totally unnatural. So if individuals listen to too much bad or good news, they will be imbalanced, and as you have said, "we need to find a balance" and these different methods you have suggested can actually help in finding that balance. It is roughly estimated that about 40% of adults globally do not know about climate change, and only 64% of people see climate change as a global emergency, so with these reminders, I think that people can actually be both informed about the progress or retrogression of our actions against climate change and also be able to have a changed reaction to climate change.

  • Nice standpoint @ grounded_seal your post has made me understood what and why climate change reminders are and why they are important these reminders serve as a way to show the importance of paying attention to climate change and about the impact of human activities.
    They urge us to take actions and make a change, they come in forms like public service, social media campaigns. And these reminders focus on the effects of climate change such as rising temperatures and sea level and extreme weather events .

  • In my opinion Humans are the main cause of climate change — we burn fossil fuels and chop down forests, causing average temperatures to rise worldwide. That global warming trend is increasingly disrupting our climate — the average weather over many years in other words Earth has already warmed by about 1 degree Celsius, or 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, since the 19th century, before industry started to boom.

  • I think that reminding people about climate change is not enough as some people just ignore them i think that people should protest even more and reach out to the government so they can finally listen to the protesters.

  • Hi, My opinion is that eco anxiety is that it all doesn't matter because it all doesn't just depend on the enviroment, also how your feeling and others too.

  • I think we need reminders constantly about climate change because some people are always worrying about our future generations and their well-being. Some think that we would have amazing technology that will change everything and will save the lives of many people in the upcoming years. I think that personally, we should show more exciting news to those who have been through climate emergency, and extra negative news to those who have seen this news at the comfortableness of their own household. Humans are definitely the main cause of climate change. I think this because we always burn fossil fuels and chop down forests which is destroying our one and only planet.

  • I think that reminders don't need to be changed because when the envierment is not at its best you cant just sit around and do nothing you got to make a change and the news what most people watch these days is a good way to promote and make the change.

  • Hi,
    In my opinion I think that it is very important to remand everyone to protect the environment. People are busy nature. All people are busy with some work. As a result, many people do not pay attention to the condition of their surrounding environment. They forget that it is our responsibility to protect our planet. In this case, if we can attract everyone's attention through any organization or any other means such as: media, newspaper, book etc. and we can make everyone understand about the importance and responsibility of protecting the environment, then maybe we will be successful in protecting the environment. Otherwise, the environment will continue to go towards destruction. Basically this is why climate change reminder is needed. I hope that I have been able to explain my opinion to everyone.

  • In my own opinion, I will like to say that reminding people about climate changes is a good one but just reminding people of it is not enough, we should also go further to letting them no that it is actually we humans that is the curse ot the climate changes, we should not only stop there but by telling them that when we engage in deforestation that it is not good for the planet, that when we contaminate the water it will in turn be harmful to humans, and when we take to burning of bushes that the ozone layer is gradually depleting, and so many activities that we engage in which is not good for the Eco system.
    Now in the society were we live today, we have those that have experienced climate emergency and those that only hear of it, so it is our own duty to to use euphemism while talking to people that have have experienced it before, and while talking to those that haven't experienced it we should tell them clearly how it is because those that have experienced it will have quicker eco anxiety than those that have not yet experienced it.
    Further more,reminding people about climate change is not enough because some people as we all know ignore them them due to one reason or the other, so i think that people should go into into protest, and probably reach out to the government to make laws and orders which will lead to putting an end to climate changes, so they can finally listen to the government.
    THANK YOU......

  • Hey, I like your points. It’s true that we need climate reminders to remind us that there is always a battle to fight which is climate change. We need to take care and cushion of our planet and make it a better place. Thank you

    1. Can you explain how

      1. Hello Aimee.
        What I mean here is that everyone needs a reminder from time to time. When it comes to climate change we need a reminder to be mindful of our actions and reduce the harm we are causing to our planet. These reminders can come in form of billboards, news, chats and education in schools among other things. Having this reminders can lead to increase awareness and learning about ways in which we can channel our eco anxiety into positive Action. We can make a difference by reminding ourselves about the steps we need to take to prevent climate change.

  • Hey, everyone. We need climate change reminders to encourage action: The reminders can motivate individuals, communities and the government to take action, wether through lifestyle changes and policy making e.c.t. So, let's try an cooperate to think of ways we can promote and make more climate change reminders to educate us to take care of our community. Thank you 😀

  • I agree that climate change reminders are very important for us to have, as long as there is a good balance between good news and bad news. Too much bad news can worsen eco-anxiety and make a lot of people hopeless. Hearing too much about the good news, however, can make us unaware that there are still a lot of changes we have to make to help stop climate change. For example, if we hear too much good news about climate change, some people may forget to stop using things that can cause air pollution, ect. In conclusion, I think news reporters should work on balancing the news about climate change so we can work together to help save the planet.

  • What precious swan is trying to say is that by getting information about weather conditions it ifs the key to safety because we will know that there is a bad weather ahead coming and we try to stop it from happening,but when there is no information or reminders we get stuck in one place think we are doing the right thing but whereas we are doing wrong.

  • In my opinion I strongly believe that people need climate reminders because it reminds people of the planet is going through because of our irresponsibility towards the planet. There is saying that goes" change is impossible without change, those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything" I thinks climate reminders play a vital role because it help people know that sit down and being sacred will not change anything rather taking acting now will not only impact the planet but it will also encourage others to do same. Like Jocelyn said climate anxiety is apart of you but rather than being ashamed of it embrace it and use it as the motivation tool to help save the planet. starting an climate reminders club can help inspire people to make a change and embrace their eco anxieties'. I believe there is hope for the future people should sit down and be sacred of climate change, rather look climate change at the face and say I will stop and help save the planet, take action now and be motivated even if you are only one trying never give up , there is saying that goes" everyone can do simple things to make a difference, every little bit really does count", keep trying and trying and one day the world will thank you to hard work and do remember take action now not later.

    1. I agree because... just like you said, change is impossible without change. To change your status, surroundings, or even your world, one must change. In addition, the fear of climate change in Ghana among children increases daily. A lot of children we see on the news cry and ask those in power for help to help their families back home. There was a recent survey in my Ghana from 2020–2021, ,and it was concluded that 50% of women living in villages or urban areas are poisoned by mecurey along with their kids. I strongly believe climate reminders are important because they can help get the message across faster on media like TV, posters, advertisements, and so on. There is a saying that says information has the power to spread like wildfire and ignite flames. Climate reminders also have the power to ignite change and spread the message across countries, cities, and so on. In addition, there is so much that the news around us can do to help with climate reminders. Inculcating the knowledge of climate change in schools and universities could really help worldwide , so that the youth can be aware of it. In this time, the youth post and tweet about a lot of things they come across. For instance; imagine a university going to urban areas to learn about how illegal mining is destroying people's lives and a person tweets about it. It can go viral, and a lot of people would want to put an end to this and even raise charities tohelp the victims in need. this attests to the fact that education holds the keys to locked doors

  • In my opinion ,people being neglect and hesitant to do something to stop climate change, people have started relying on people with high power, like politicians, activists, and wealthy people to find effective ways to stop climate change. Using climate reminders to remind people about the consequences of climate change will make take an action to stop climate change. Here in Ghana, illegal mining was very famous, dangerous chemicals were used to wash to gold in waterbodies, these dangerous chemicals affects many waterbodies in different region's, people rely on these water to do their daily necessities, many people got illness, pregnant women gave birth to disabled babies and others died. This was an major issue in Ghana but many Ghanaians were hesitant to do something, when the issue became critical ,people decided to protest against illegal mining to government, with help of many wealthy people and citizens illegal mining was dealt with. In my opinion, I think climate reminders are very important , because it reminds people that we are solution to stop climate change and find effective ways , rather than wait and being sacred. There is saying" the world must come together to confront climate change", and we must confront climate change NOW!

  • I agree with these points made in this post. Giving people simple reminders about climate change can be a big help. This can make people aware of problems of climate change that are occurring all over the world. I think that we can make eco-anxiety into new ideas and make need voices. With these small reminders , we can help people to see what is happening and encourage them to make their fears voices in the face of climate change.