How can prisons make prisoners better citizens?

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There are hundreds of people serving time in prisons. While their crimes vary, there is one common thing. They will at some point be released. Therfore, prisons must help them because it's the right thing to do so, but at the same time, it benefits public safety.

A place to start with, is with implementing better education and support many programs in prison. Such programs promote a stable prison environment. Prisoners feel part of a community and they use their creativity and social skills in many of these educational programs. They can also make them understand that they can be useful members of society too.

Furthermore, prisons with these academic programs provide less violence among individuals, which creates a safer environment. They have a goal to achieve, which distracts their attention from doing illegal things in prison. Education can give prisoners a logical voice, open up doors when they are released and generally make them better citizens.

I think that every prisoner deserves a second opportunity in life and it can be achieved with the help of governmental organizations. If prisons work positive towards this situation, they will help prisoners to lead successfully in the community later as family members, employees and community residents.

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  • I totally agree to your points raised. Not all prisoners are criminals and so they deserve something better. Again,they also need to be empowered with skills that will help them earn a living and also distract them from indulging in evil acts .Thank you

  • I agree with this statement due to the the fact this person has said facts so far that prisoners serve time and at some point they would be released and they should be taught the normal or basic life instructions and that is a fact people that serve in prison is already getting some education but the only 2 problems are that prisons don't get that that much money and some prisoners want to rot away in a prison cell but I think every prison should do some type of education. so thank you fantastic_morning for spending awareness.

  • Prison can definitely make the prisoners better citizens because staying in the prison no body likes but when a person do something wrong and they go to jail they themselves feel that they did something bad which they should not do . Not only people see them as criminal but they themselves feel they are the criminal . And this sense creates a change in their mind that they should not repeat the same thing again and be a good person and take the responsibilities. Also sometimes the people think that in what situation there family will be seen , so somewhere or the other they feel guilty and always thinks that, there must be a way to solve this issue and be loyal to everyone including there family too.
    So it is important to have good prisons which are strict and make the people aware about what they did and too what it could have lead too.

  • According to majority's opinion, prisons are a place to keep criminals away and correct their behavior. Some people think that it is the best way to decrease crimes, but I think there are other ways to do that like educate prisoners and give them other chance instead of putting them behind bars for long time, nothing will be change. Most of crimes happened from a poor backgrounds, poverty and lack of knowledge are the main reasons for crime. Unpaid community work could help them and make positive change. Also, this work can help prisoners to adapt with society after their sentence and prevent them from recommitting crime. Hence, by their work the government can save money and start small business for them. Finally, proper education for criminals can make a difference.

  • I agree that prisons should focus on helping prisoners become better citizens through education and support. However, I think it's important to also consider other factors like mental health and job training to make sure each prisoner gets the help they need. So, while I agree with education being important, I believe we should also look at the bigger picture and offer a range of support services.

  • Dear fantastic_morning,
    education is the solution to almost everything. Where people are educated, less crimes are committed! So why not use the time in prison productively? Staying in prison is miserable enough and if the government would organize educational and sports programs, the people could improve, rather than becoming bitter and develop hatred towards the government. While this is absolutely my opinion, we also have to put this into perspective. In Germany the government does very little to improve the infrastructure in school and in general, the system, so why should they invest the money, that comes from the taxpayers, into people who didn’t abide by the rules and already cost the state money? I believe that this is a very difficult topic, also when considering, that the state needs to present it to their citizens and justify it and will most likely not be met with only content. Therefore the decision should be reflected and a compromise, that will satisfy both, prisoners and citizens, found.

  • Everyone does deserve a second chance in life, so I do agree with this standpoint, however, I think prisons could make a criminal even worse, because prisons can be very dangerous, unsanitary, and it could make some people go crazy after a long time locked up in a cell. I think if prisons want to have a good impact on prisoners and teach them to be better people, then they should do a better job coming up with ways to do more than just lock prisoners up.

  • I believe that prisons can help prisoners by providing job skills training and teaching them about different occupations so they can have more opportunities upon their release . Additionally restorative justice programs can allow the victim and the offender to talk to each other and understand the reasons for the crime which can lead to the offenders seeking forgiveness

  • I totally agree with your standpoint, that prisoners deserve a second chance to lead their life in a better manner. Prisons are not only places meant for punishing people who committed crimes, but it should also become a place wherein they can get to realise the effects of the crimes they have committed.Many innovative programs can frequently organised in prisons to groom the prisoners on the right track.In a country like India, not only student ragging is common but also ragging among new prisoners and existing prisoners.As per Indian government regulations, a student can be fined up to 25 lakhs

  • I think prisoners should have a right to good food education and welfare and probation as it can help them to be a better person also prison is a punishment and are meant to teach people a lesson but maybe they can change the system of probation or keep them in for a more appropriate time

  • I am agreeing with your statement fantastic morning. Every prisoner deserves a second chance in their life. Well, to be said, prison is the perfect platform for reformation as well as a new journey to the second life. Education is the main quality of the humans in the current generation. Providing education must be the primary goal of every prison.