Are women excellent leaders?

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  • Women can be great leaders because in some countries many women are leaders and they do better jobs than most of the male leaders. And in some business many women are the CEO (chief executive officer) of the business and most businesses run by women are very popular known in the world. But some of the female businesses fail but also businesses can make profit or loss neither run by men or women.

    1. Hi! Yes women are excellent leaders because they have already prove it in the workforce.
      We can see them as CEO, doctors, managers, architects, artists, intellectual inspirations.
      They can combine so many things such as family, beauty, work and take care of their well being.
      This is such a difficult multitasking but they achieve doing it.
      It doesn’t matter is some women fail in business because men fail too. This is part of our life. Our failures can make stronger and learn by our own mistakes.

    2. Hi there! I agree with calm_cloud. In my point of view, I think women are very excellent leaders in everything you imagine. It can do many jobs better than men, it can do more than one thing at the same time, they have more patience than men, and they are the blackbone of families and communities.
      Thank you and byebye!

  • Women are the great leaders but the only thing is the lack of opportunities . They are considered to be sensitive and people think they are not bold to act as a leader. They have faced many problems in the past and have always fought for the equality.
    The people do not know what qualities they have in them . They just think that men are more stronger and women are not . But this misconceptions has to be removed from the society .
    As we all know unity is stronger than individuality. Many women have protested but not all of them . To create a change the have to come together and raise the voice . Women can do better than men but they do not have chance like men have in every field .
    But today’s world is a little bit different , the women know what they want and they ask for the same which is equality , equal opportunities and raising voice . So this is the key that we need and we should appreciate they we are achieving it . Everything needs time and for everything time comes . In the same way changes will come but we need to wait and do our best to achieve it……

    1. It is true, women are great leaders but aren't given opportunities to display their skills in the society like you said. If women are allowed to rule the country things will change because they have great skills and people say women are excellent at taking care of young ones which is true so women can care for the society the way they do for young ones.
      Women protest for justice but they aren't heard but if we all fight justice will prevail.

    2. I agree with you because ,alot of women can play a very big role when it comes to leadership , I say this because women are prone to care for children and people around them so I think that when they apply the same thing to their society it would bring a great outcome.

    3. I agree because women are often treated unfairly in the working industry and have less chances to be leaders than men but this just makes them better leaders when they can! This is because women understand the prejudice and discrimination people could feel simply because they were different than a certain majority or a "superior class".

  • Women are exellent leaders they can do 3 things at the same time they are more patient and I think that women are strong because despite of all obstacles they faced they still strong and we see now that woman can manage big companies and women are the backbonds of families and communities . women are empathetic . As they devolep their skills .Woman are perfect at anything they do

    1. I agree,but some fields should be leaded by men like in armies because the leaders has to have strong character that no one could talk back to him or disrespect him or not agreeing about what he said. I'm not against women to be leaders but some fields are better to be leaded by men.

    2. I love how you said that women can do more than one thing at a time. Also they are always patient enough to wait and they always trust the process. Really women are wonderful people who are highly blessed and favoured, don't misunderstand me and say I said men are not but then women are just blessed in many ways.

  • Hi!
    I am great sure that women can be a great leader. In the year 1966,there was a big change in india. Indira Gandhi became the first female Prime minister of India. She bought a great change in terms of everything. Everybody was in a great shock that women can be so good in leadership. Her confidence was mind-blowing!. India also performed her first nuclear test in her leadership. And there are also more achievements that India made in her leadership. And by seeing Indira Gandhi's leadership, i am sure that women can also be a great leader.

  • Leadership in general requires many skills, including social communication, how to manage and solve problems, the ability to constantly learn and work under pressure, and all of these skills are available in women, as this has been proven over the years of their history and their ability to manage matters of domestic life in addition to her own work and how she tries to strike a balance between them, there is no doubt about her ability to be an excellent leader.
    Thank you.

    1. I completely agree with you. Yes women would be excellent leaders and in some instances they have proven to be. However shouldn't the question be, are any of us excellent leaders. This is because we can't say that all women are amazing at leading because they simply aren't. Don't get me wrong some would be some of the best leaders the world has ever seen. However some may be the worst. I think it should depend on the individual person rather than the whole group.

  • Since childhood days growing up by hearing glorious stories of fearless brave queens I always ponder about their skills of multiple taking at one our country India there were stories of such brave queens who sacrificed their lives for protecting theri how can we doubt the leadership skill of womens..since ancient times women had been the pillars of their family although they they were not supposed to provide economical support but more than that mental, emotional,helpful support to the society...India a country where brave queens like queen laxmibai,queen ahilyabai and many more were born there still gender inequality exists..not only in India but all over the world stereotypes exists..womens are thought incapable of handling responsibility and always are thought inferior!! It's really shameful for disrespecting god's beautiful creation of male and female like this... womens ought to be taught how to raise their voice rather than always sacrificing and denying their own dignity...I strongly believe this world will exist only until women's self will and patience is under control..

  • Firstly, I believe that women can be the best leaders in the world because without women there is no life. Women have many aspects of life, such as Queen Elizabeth, and it is possible to be a lawyer, a leader, a doctor, or any profession and be better than a man. Without a woman, we would not be a living creation. Life, I believe that without women there is no life.

  • Hello guys, well for me women are really great leaders and can be able to handle and lead any job they get. Women are creative they are intelligent and the special and we all can see these with our mothers at home, examples that women can lead is the home, in our societies now a days people that do more of the work in the house are the mothers they cook for the family, they clean the house when dirty or not dirty, they also take care of the children which I personally know how stressful taking care of a child can be but they still do it. so, with this example I want you guys to know how women can play a very important role in a community.

  • Hi everyone,
    Women are great leaders. They can do everything men can do, but they don't have the opportunity. Their only problem is their excessive sensitivity, but if given the opportunity, they will lead things with something good. They think that men are strong and women are not, but they are wrong and everyone believes that women cannot do anything, but we must delete these beliefs and be united and raise our voice to change these beliefs.

  • Women are always considered to be sensitive and people think that they are led by their emotions, which is not right, cause if you search, you will find a lot of women that managed to be great leaders while being mothers

  • I strongly believe that women can be excellent leaders in many things including, business, teaching, healthcare administration, and even leading countries. They can do many things efficiently.
    Women also have the power to solve problems wisely in a short time.
    Some countries are led by women and are considered to be powerful and successful countries like Italy, New Zealand, Georgia, and so many others.

  • I say that women are excellent leaders because there are a lot of things that women can do that men can't. Women are strong and determined no matter the way that they are treated.
    One thing that a woman does right is let go. Women let go of perfectionism, need for approval, and attachment to outcomes. There is freedom in putting yourself out there, doing your best, not having expectations, and letting what will be, simply be.
    So, there are a lot of things that women can do on Earth, no matter how hard they are treated, they remain determined and focused and that is a job well done.

  • Hi everyone,
    I believe that women are great leaders, but due to their calm nature and keen sensitivity, they are often underrated. Women from the 19th century have brought or led in great developments like Ada Lovelace, who invented the first computer; Rosa Parks, who paved the way against racism; and Harriet Tubman, whose examples brought the removal of slavery against races. If only we had equal opportunities in some fields, the world could reach unimaginable heights. Mothers are great examples of leaders because they lead children to become the best version of themselves to inspire others. Take, for instance, Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou, and the mother of the" boy who harnessed the wind," who kept pushing to follow his dreams. Ghana's role model is Yaa Asantewaa, who fought against different groups to stop and cease all sort of enslavement from tribes, and because of her impact, no tribe is enslaved to any other.

  • Women can be good leaders depending on who that person is. Women can be good leaders because they can be hardworking just like men and can do anything men can with great effort. Over the years women made great changes to the world which lead to women of the future having more opportunities then the women in the past. Women in the past fought for more opportunities so they can have opportunities like this so I say yes women can be good leaders. Also, women lead in other things too for example queen elizabeth. She was a women and she was still a leader and we also have female business owners that lead the business which are my personal reasons on why women can be good leaders.

    1. This is so right! Women are capable of doing anything, they just never received that appreciation. They can improve the society by a lot if they just get those opportunities. There are many women in the world who received privileges because of their excellence. Women can be great leaders in the world around us.

  • Women are excellent leaders; but woman didn't have the same opportunities as men as they were only considered to care for the children and stay at home while the man/husband goes to work to earn money. Men were always in head of society, work, sports, politics, music, arts and the sciences were impossible for a woman to do and have a life where they would have the same opportunities as a man in the educational field. Women who would focus on their education rather than family were frowned upon for being selfish for not having children or a husband and just focusing on education and knowledge. Over the past 100 years these inequalities have been changed.

    Women tend to have better communication skills than men and it is much easier for a woman to collect and peruse others' ideas rather than a man who is more self-centerer, by statistics women have more of an open mind than most men and bring empathy, mutual understanding and more supportive than men. These roles are in a women's nature and can bring better leadership skills due to their character of being caring and having empathy, trying to understand what someone is going through linking it back to how they can make a person feel more welcomed and secure in a workplace or a sense of politics.
    Over the past 100 years women have been getting more equal and independent to men, gain equal rights, having their own voice, having an education; sometimes I forget that women didn't have "equal" rights as nearly everything is even in education now. When I quoted equal, I meant that there are many still many inequalities that women still face today, some examples are: girls around the world cannot get an education, the pink tax where companies overprice specific items that women buy, gender pay gap, domestic violence, and stereotypes.
    But we can change so many of these problems with getting you voice heard and speaking up, making a difference and what you can do to make a change.

  • Women can be leaders because they are capable of anything and can be leaders.Many people may not know this because they have not given them opportunities. But women can really do anything. There are many leaders out there in the world who got the opportunity because they were needed. Many companies are led by woman, and they are successful. There is so much to prove that women are leaders.

  • Hi everyone ☺️
    I believe that women are awesome leaders 👏 since they think in a different way than men and some women can be calm in very stressful situations but also there are some women who are not compatible with this place since some women and girls get frightened easlily and worry too much.
    I would love to see a country with 2 leaders, 1 should be a man and the other should be a women , so they can help each other get better ideas 💡.
    Thats my opinion , i hope you liked it and bye 👋.

  • women in nature are superior and they have the leadership features so, they are definitely excellent leaders because they can focus on multiple things in a time and this is proved by scientists they also have the ability to develop and produce more in any field they are in because they are always looking forward to be better than anyone. if you look around you, you will find that a women is a mother, a president, a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher and an engineer she is almost everywhere around us in different suits which proves that she is a great leader