WOMEN: A Pillar Of Our World

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Good morning guys. During the course of this topic, I am sure that many of us realized how great women are to both the society and the home. Women are the backbone of families and communities, for this point I had to generalize because it is true. No matter how wicked a woman could be, she still has that warmth spot filled with kindness and love deep down. Women provide a lot care, support, and nurturing to their families and are essential to the development of children because they play amajor role in the childd life. They also play a significant role in community and often take on leadership roles in community organization. They are influential in the society, but their abilities have often been overlooked or underestimated around the world by many even themselves. However, as women continue to break barriers and shatter stereotypes, it is becoming increasingly evident that they are a force to be reckoned with. So I hope that this above speech will give you an idea of how important a woman is both at home and in the community at large.

Now, I want you guys to say what you find important in women and ways we could encourage them into fighting against wrong treatment like gender inequality. I want this to serve as a medium to all women out there and also a way to make sure that women are recognized wolrd wide. I know some of you might say that I am generalizing the fact that women arent recognized worldwide but I will still generalize it. I hope this topic is fun for you all. Have a lovely day.

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  • Hello, I also think that as women we don't receive the same treatment as men. Something that I find important in women is that most females today are always at home not in a bad way but it's because they don't feel confident going out without receiving any sexual treatment. In treatment I feel that men always trying to outshine a women as professionally or non-professional. A way we can encourage a women to talk for themselves if they receiving a bad treatment because men a way is that they should make like organizations where they can talk about it and let the world know also another way we can prevent it's protesting I don't feel that protesting would be the best choice if you want to raise your voice. This is all I got thank you.

  • Thank you so much reflective_cymbals for that breath-taking, high quality comment. I absolutely agree with you about how women are so kind and loving. Women, are so much more caring than men! Mothers, for example, are so heart melting. What I mean by this is, women have something in their body, which makes them calm, remarkable, intelligent, phenomenal, happy, spectacular and creative. They have time to not only take care of themselves, but if they have children, to take care of them. They have a love potion, which no one can tear or break apart! Men don't care about anything. They only care about their work! Now I have shown you the difference between the love of a women and the love of a men. Do you think that gender is equal now? To me no! Who agrees with me?

    1. I'm not sure about this because... You make the stereotype that women are "so much more caring than men," why do you think this? There is no proof that every single woman on the planet is more caring or compassionate than every single man, and vice versa. And what you said about mothers being so heart-melting because of their caring? I don't think that's true for every mother either. Take for example Paula Johnson, mother of NFL wide-receiver Chad Johnson, Paula left Chad at a young age to continue partying and continue indulging in her many addictions. This definitely scarred Chad so I wouldn't say that every mother is exactly the most caring. But I still think that most mothers are still leaders in their homes, and make sacrifices everyday for those around them, so I commend them for that and think they should be represented in the media more for their actions. Yet, another assumption/stereotype you made was you saying that they have time to take care of themselves and their children. Mothers make tons of sacrifices for their children and most would do anything for their children, and they do, so don't always assume they keep themselves in tip top shape with bearing a constant but loving worry about your children. And LOVE is LOVE, nothing can tell it apart, not gender, not religion, not anything, there is no difference between anyone's love, there's only true love and temporary love.

    2. I'm not sure about this because... The way that you spoke of men is not right. Yes we are trying to reduce the rate of gender inequality for women but not at the same time increase it for men. Yes, women are a very essential part of our world like you said but then, men are also very very important, they play the role of leaders, head of the family, role models to their children etc. We cant just speak ill of a man because they also make up this world, but then in essence, I really enjoyed reading your comment and I hope that others join in and comment lovely comments like this.

      1. I agree!
        Men's role in society is equally important as a woman. And in the 21st century, men are trying just as hard as women, to establish COMPLETE SOCIETAL EQUALITY.
        Men hitting women is domesticate violence. Women hitting men, I ALSO domestic violence. I think it wrong that we classify violence, injustice, crime on the basis of gender and often consider men to be the convicts. Justice should be unbiased. As economic stability does not influence justice and nor does political power, gender should also not be a guiding post in establishment of justice.

        1. Yes I agree on the fact that justice should be unbiased but then, what I feel is that we should solve one problem before hopping on another. I feel that we should finish with women's gender inequality before going to societal equality because when woman's own have been resolved, they can also join hands with men to put a stop to it. I say this because, I believe that when we work together there is a lot that we can achieve rather by ourselves.

    3. I strongly disagree with you fabulous_duck. Men don't only focus on their job they also focus on the family needs and goals and standards relationships hobbies and more I agree with you when you said women are more caring. But without men going out too look for money to achieve family needs goals and standards.

  • Women are seen as the children producers in the society. They are the pillars supporting the world the same as the pillar supporting a building. Women should be respected in our respective societies. Women are people of integrity in the nation at large.
    A child who have a problem in any real life sector would not be free to meet the dada but he or she would he free to meet the mum for parental advice and counselling.
    In the past or the days of the old women were put to sad moods because whenever they give birth to twins the twins would be thrown into the evil forest , how do we think they survived through that trauma?
    Thank God for women. I want to use these medium to say happy women day to every woman outside there and also to growing girls who are gradually becoming women.

    1. Thank you polite pomegranate for this lovely comment. I like how you said a child might not be able to tell his or her dad things like their mum. I feel this is because there is just this mutual relationship between a mother and her child. I have it will my mum because my dad is hardly around. I really feel that more ladies out there need to hear this and know how much we value them in this community. So I want you all to make a lady smile. Whether sister, mother, daughter or friend just do it for her beautiful smile. Have fun.

  • Good afternoon topical talkers. This topic is an alarming topic which needs to be addressed. Women working in the media concept should not be restricted from some rights men enjoy. Women should be treated equally as men are in the media. Women are important in society and very influential in society but their capacities in society have been underestimated in society. Women must have the same rights as men do without being restricted in any way and without having to rely on them. Women are strong people holding every society and family hence, their importance in society can not be underrated. As people in society try to reduce the rate of stereotype and gender inequality in society, it continuously keeps rising.

  • Hey!
    I think I would agree with it when you say that all women have a soft spot in them. It has been psychologically proven that the hormone of love and care - oxytocin, is significantly higher in women than in men.
    Hence, it is neither a weakness nor a stereotype when we generalize women to be naturally tender. This care is however, not a weakness. Care does not prevent power. It is never an excuse for self respect and every educated woman who has been taught to identify her emotions accepts it...
    I, as a woman, am proud of my kindness and sensitivity towards humanitarian issues, but I am equally confident in myself to be able to take a stand, when need be...
    Hence, I truly believe that women are indeed, softer than men, and I would also agree, that their presence in society just makes the world a little more brighter and kinder.

  • Women are equally important in society as men are. They're also the backbone of families and communities. There are many sayings about women like a woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform. In Egypt, we have many role models for successful and powerful women like queen Nefertiti and queen Hatshepsut. So, we can't deny the women's role.

  • I agree wholeheartedly reflective_cymbals!
    Women bring invaluable qualities like empathy,strength, and wisdom to every aspect of life. Encouraging them to stand up against gender inequality means fostering environments where their voices are heard, their contributions are celebrated, and their rights are respected. Let's champion equality through education, empowerment, and extention of their achievements. Together, let's build a world where every woman's potential shines bright.

    Thank you!

  • In my point of view, Women are important members in our society. Women, Like men, influence our society. They help men breed. Women are the blackbone of their families as they provide care, and help to their families, both their husbands and children. Finally, Women and men help each other to make a good family.

    1. Thank you miraculous explanation for this lovely comment. It is really heart touching. This is the kind of encouragement every woman needs out there. What you just said is just a summary of how wonderful women are. Women are a lot more that I cannot even start listing. Things like the fact that they are really smart, they make great multitaskers, they are also better communicators etc. This is just another breakdown, there are many more great things about them that we are even yet to find out. I hope some of you guys find them and pour them out here. Thank you.

  • Well hey guys, I hope that this has been lovely for you all. I just wanted to drop this little task for you all. I want you guys to make a little lady feel special. It could be your sister of mother or even your friend. I just want you to put a smile on her face and then write back how it felt. I have done my own and seeing her smile made me feel better. Just maybe try to light up someones day. Please endeavour to engage it would make you feel warm and fluffy. Have fun.