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Hello reflective_cymbals, I really do love your comment but there is one thing about it. That is... Your country in your hands! 13/3/24
Yes I agree on the fact that justice should be unbiased but then, what I feel is that we should... WOMEN: A Pillar Of Our World 13/3/24
Finally, someone who understands the fact that these drugs aren't good for the human body. They... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 01/3/24
I agree with opinion C about making sure of everyone's safety and also opinion B. Sports is... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 26/2/24
I think that the traditional for the royal guards and the royal family to wear animal furs... Animal rights 26/2/24
I agree with you intelligent_orchard. This is one of the highest type of gender inequality I... Gender inequality: have your say! 24/2/24
E-learning can be a good example. These days people have more access to the internet and they... What's your reaction? 19/2/24
But why exactly would the celebrity sue the brand for using his/her face, or the brand need to... The “face” of a business 12/2/24
Personally, I think the reason why most people are not changing their behavior towards the... Why don’t people change? 10/2/24
I'm not sure about this because... yeah, bugs don't just come and disappear immediately. But... AI accident: who is responsible? 08/2/24
I don't really think it would be necessary for me to specify because I should've done a little... The “face” of a business 07/2/24
I feel the brand shouldn't have total control over the celebrity. Yeah, they may be scared that... The “face” of a business 05/2/24
If I owned a business in Country A, I would withdraw for some time till the war subsides since I... Countries behaving badly 05/2/24
You seem to be getting me wrong over here. I didn't say all people without jobs end up... Suggest a discussion 01/2/24
No, not all people without jobs are useless. But what I mean is some people today go into crimes... Suggest a discussion 31/1/24
People commit crimes because of many reasons, like: -Peer pressure: peers have a very huge... Suggest a discussion 31/1/24
I choose point B, that is, "a bad prison can make crime worse instead of better" because with... What if prisons aren’t working? 30/1/24
I believe it's very much right to restrict one's freedom for their safety. Some may want to put... Freedom v safety? 29/1/24
I scored 7 out of 15, well I partially agree with the fact that prisons should be a sort of... Show what you know 29/1/24
Ok, in being bias, like I said earlier on, if the AI is being programmed by biases, there could... Suggest a discussion 29/1/24