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Did you do our Topical Talk Festival lesson about equality and nepotism in your classroom? If so, we’d love to hear about any good discussions you had in the comments below.


For example, you could let us know your opinions for some of the key questions. What do you think about nepotism? What examples of nepotism have you seen in the news or in your community?


You could also let us know about the skills you developed during the lesson. For example, how confident do you feel about identifying examples of nepotism? Or how confident do you feel about using the words “nepotism” and “nepo-baby” in discussions about the news?

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  • nepotism: favoring relatives or personal friends because of their kinship rather than their aptitude. Nepotism is an unfair thing. Many people, once they graduate from university, work, but not because they are creative, but because they have a relationship with the employer. While there are doctors, engineers and many graduates. And they graduated four or five years ago and never found a job simply because they don't have relatives who are managers or have companies. This thing spreads a lot in our society (nepotism ) . there are creative people who studied, worked, got tired and did not find a job, while there are spoiled people who do not study or do anything and we see them sitting behind desks. I believe that nepotism must end in order for creative graduates to get their right to work. I grieve for the doctor, teacher, engineer and... those who studied for 5 or 7 years and got tired and did not get any job opportunity. Why? Simply because they are not spoiled like the sons of celebrities or the sons of actors. In my opinion, the government and the state should set laws so that everyone can obtain their right to work. Such as not rejecting anyone before an interview with him, and if he is suitable, they must hire him even if the manager is not close to him, but if he is not suitable, he must be fired. I hope that every hardworking graduate will get a job opportunity as soon as possible, and that everyone will get their right to work .

    1. I agree with your opinion of that.There are many people who worked hard and studied for several years, and in the end they do not find work because they do not have a connection, and there are those who did not get tired and did not study and found work. Why is the answer because they may be the children of employers or one of the sons of famous people or they have a link, and this is not fair for those who do not have experience that He works and he who has it does not work

    2. I agree with you in this talk, even at times, interviews are conducted for employment because they need a specific person. After interviewing with many people who deserve the job, they choose the person for whom the interview was conducted and he does not deserve it.
      There is also another point I would like to talk about, which is not to give a chance to the disabled, for example, there are two people, one of whom is healthy and the other is disabled, but he is diligent, studying and working to develop himself, while the healthy does not work on himself, like the disabled person, and when conducting a job interview is chosen and he rejected the disabled person only because he was helpless, this is a great injustice for him.

    3. I agree with you that nepotism corrupts society in which the skillful employee is neglected and the unskillful one take the high position and control. I have another example of that in my region where people who belong to a certain party enjoy having jobs an promotions while others who don't belong to them suffer a lot to have the job and have it after a long period of being under notice. Besides after being employed, they prevent them from promotions by not giving them low annual scores even if they excellent in their work to make sure that everything will remain under the control of their party. Governments should stop this and help to get job equally to everyone.

  • Hello,
    I would like to start by defining what I feel "NEPOTISM" is to me, Nepotism is the act of granting an advantage, privilege, or position to relatives or close friends in an occupation or field. In other words, can be called partisanship, Partiality, promotion of inequality. Sometimes I understand that people take part in Nepotism because they want to pass the family business down from generation to generation, which still does not justify the fact that are discriminating others.
    It can skew distributions of wealth and status, which in extreme cases may lead to social unrest (Kuznar and Frederick 2007). In addition, it has the potential to lower the quality of public services (Scoppa 2009).

    Personally, I dislike the act of Nepotism because it Creates an unhealthy work environment, Employees may feel undervalued if they notice family favoritism at work. Some of the best staff may begin to feel bad and start dropping their standards making the company to run at loss. It also greatly contributes to decrease in productivity.

    Nepotism has many disadvantages and effects on many people, I think the government should organization comprehensive Leadership programs to Educate Entrepreneurs about the dangerous effect Nepotism may have on their business. I believe this will go a long way in prevent unnecessary cases of "NEPOTISM".

    1. I agree with you on point on saying that nepotism creates an unhealthy work environment, as it encourages under-the-counter practices and making connections in order to move up, instead of work and skill, which a business should be based on and their workers should display.

  • Nepotism is giving high favor to a particular group of people more than others. It can also be the inappropriate use of power to get benefits for someone you know.
    In Nigeria, nepotism is a very common act in Nigeria, especially among political individuals. It is one of the root causes of corruption in Nigeria. The most common type of nepotism in Nigeria is among tribe and religion.
    Here are some instances where nepotism occurs;
    1. In the universities, some people in there get admission, not because they are smart, but because they have relatives that are in top positions so they get the admission, while others who work for it will be left hanging having to write again.
    2. in work places most of us have heard cases of people not getting jobs because the employers are bias. The employers give, not the most qualified, but the most favored, jobs

    1. Like I said earlier it is root of corruption, so through nepotism it gives way for more corruption and for the fact nepotism is now everywhere in Nigeria that is why corruption is spreading.
    2. It can hinder the growth or progress of an organization due to workforce inability, misuse on leadership, and the possibility of corruption.
    3.In a work place composed mostly of people who are related to one another, problems within the family can leak further to the organization. It will be hard to separate family affairs with organizational affairs. they will be clashing and the work place will not thrive. In most situations, people advise not to mix work and family life. When that happens, there could be problems.
    4. Family members can undermine leadership and will not respect the person in power.
    5. Because employers didn't employ the most qualified but their favorite or family, the organization's work may be substandard.

  • Our teacher told us about nepotism during classroom discussion . It is morally wrong to be in the society . It leads people to hate each other because nobody will be able to prove himself in his country if the boss was not a relative . I was disappointed when l knew that nepotism is in our society . For example,my eldest brother tried to get a job at special school but he was rejected . The one who took the job was lessless-educated but he was a relative of the boss . I was very sorry for my brother . Nepotism can destroy the society and the organizational leadership . Also it hurts the excellent employees. We should try to avoid nepotism as possible as we can . Principals should establish anti-nepotism programs that is proactive .

    1. I understand your disappointment and frustration with the impact of nepotism in society, as exemplified by your brother's experience. Nepotism can indeed lead to unfair treatment, lack of opportunities for deserving individuals, and a negative work environment.

      The negative consequences of nepotism extend beyond individual cases and can harm the overall functioning of organizations and society as a whole. When positions and promotions are not based on merit and qualifications, it undermines trust, morale, and productivity.

      It is important for leaders and decision-makers to take proactive measures to address and prevent nepotism. Anti-nepotism programs can be implemented to establish fair and transparent processes in hiring, promotion, and decision-making. These programs can include measures such as implementing clear policies, diversifying selection committees, and establishing mechanisms for reporting and addressing instances of nepotism.

      Creating a culture of meritocracy, where individuals are evaluated based on their skills, qualifications, and contributions, is crucial to combat nepotism. Encouraging equal opportunities and ensuring that organizational leadership is committed to fairness and professionalism can help prevent the negative effects of nepotism.

      By actively addressing nepotism and promoting a level playing field, organizations can foster an environment where talent and hard work are recognized and rewarded, leading to better outcomes for employees and the organization as a whole.

  • Hello
    I am against nepotism because it causes harm to some people, and it works to persecute the rights of other people. Therefore, nepotism must be reduced so that all people are equal in everything and not at the expense of weak people.

    1. And I agree in that matter because it is the cause of the decline in economic living, especially in developing countries, due to poverty and submission to the upper classes to seek loyalty without discussing the issue in depth (discussing it superficially) in terms of how to influence the Middle classes and graduates in terms of jobs that decrease due to one complex matter, which is nepotism

  • When we took the lesson in the classroom, I learned what nepotism is, and it is when an incompetent person takes the place of someone else at work once he knows the work manager, and of course I do not agree with that because it will spread unemployment and hide the capabilities and talents present in people and so on. Showing and spending a lot of money on studying and in the end to no avail.

    In the semester, when we received it, I knew that tomorrow there will be an employment exam for the government. This exam takes place every one or two years. It works in order to test the graduates of the teaching profession and to choose who gets the highest score, or they set a specific percentage, for example, 30 out of 50 who gets this mark, so what? Above, he is nominated for an interview in which they will test how the teacher explains his language during the lesson. This topic caught my attention, and I want to tell you about a story that happens with my sister every year: She almost graduated from the university in 2018, and every year she takes the recruitment exam, but she does not pass it because of the pressure she is exposed to during the exam. I want to ask you: Isn't this considered nepotism and injustice?? And why is it treated this way? I hope to hear your opinion

  • I have researched and analyzed the controversial issue of nepotism in many organizations and communities. Nepotism refers to the practice of favoring relatives or friends in employment, promotions, or other advantages, regardless of their qualifications or abilities. This practice often results in the exclusion of competent and deserving individuals, thus impeding meritocracy and hindering organizational performance

  • We actually had a classroom discussion on Nepotism but we didn't really lay much emphasis on it/the topic. Although most individuals practice nepotism but some do not realize that they do such. I get the point that nepotism isn't acceptable to individuals.... like it shouldn't be practiced. But I'm 90% sure that most of us do it without knowing because I know that I myself wouldn't treat my family members same way I would treat an individual I just met today. I know most of you also wouldn't. Because if many of us were given an option between our family members and a stranger we met today or yesterday...Who to live?.... We would obviously pick our family members.
    According to my research, there is actually a huge difference when a family member cares for the other family member and when a family member is being nepotic. So, I urge that we actually do not get things mixed up.

  • Well, as for i have learnt that nepotism is a practice of favoritism based on kinship ,for instance when the coach chooses his own kid to be the quarterback even if his kid stinks at football.
    Lets take an example , I have a job. I am super exicited and earning a lot. I've achieved everything that I dreamt of. I have significant influence in my field. Now, it's completely reasonable and justified that I want my son/daughter also to get into the same field and achieve great heights so that they'll lead a life of their dreams. This is the Genesis of nepotism.
    So, according to me nepotism is completely justified. It was, it is and will be. There's no doubt about it because it's key human psychology that we all want our next generation to be well settled.
    But... If this is stopping new talent from coming into the field then it's totally wrong. Completely and obviously wrong and unfair. So, as a whole nepotism is good (after all, we have Ben Stiller, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jaden Smith who are products of nepotism but excelled in their careers with their skills and talent) until it starts colonizing the whole field. Simultaneously, existence of nepotism and new talent is always possible. Let's look forward to it!

  • Through the dialogue that took place between us and our teacher, we learned that nepotism is a form of corruption. Well, nepotism leads to causing general harm to the entire nation, weakening its existence, and hindering the achievement of its goals.
    One of the reasons that lead to nepotism is, first, deviation from the path of righteousness, and the bad effects resulting from crises and disasters that befall society, in addition to inherited bad social customs and traditions.
    We add to that poverty, need, and the high cost of living.
    Well, excluding competencies who are not qualified to work, this is considered unfair and may cause harm and harm to society, and may hinder the achievement of the nation's goals.
    The causes of nepotism may lead to a decline in the capabilities of the state and individuals, and a decline in its financial and knowledge economy.
    Therefore, society and the country belong to its members who watch and build, not to those who loot and destroy.

  • I would like to share how I understood the term nepotism. Nepotism is generally seen as an unfair and unethical practice that can limit opportunities and perpetuate inequality. There have been many examples of nepotism in the news, particularly in the political and business worlds. For instance, there have been cases where political leaders have appointed family members or close friends to positions of power, despite their lack of qualifications or experience. In some cases, these individuals have been accused of corruption or abuse of power. There have been cases where business leaders have appointed family members to high-level positions in their companies, regardless of their qualifications or abilities. This can limit the diversity and talent of the workforce and potentially harm the company's performance.

    In communities, nepotism can take many forms, such as favoritism in hiring practices, promotions, or opportunities for advancement. It can be difficult to identify and address nepotism, as it often takes place behind closed doors and can be difficult to prove.

    Nepotism is a complex issue that can have significant negative consequences for individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. It is important to strive for fairness and impartiality in all areas of life to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

    I have some examples related to nepotism,

    In the political world, there have been numerous examples of nepotism where leaders have appointed family members to key positions of power. For example, former US President Donald Trump appointed his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner as advisors to the President, despite their lack of political experience.

    In the business world, nepotism can take many forms, such as appointing family members to high-level positions or awarding contracts to family members or close associates. For example, the Walmart family, the Waltons, are among the richest families in the world, and the company has faced criticism for its alleged history of nepotism, including allegations that family members have received preferential treatment in hiring and promotions.

    In communities, nepotism can take many forms, such as favoritism in hiring practices or promotions. For example, a small business owner might be more likely to hire a family member or close friend than a stranger, even if the stranger is more qualified for the position.

    When I researched Nepo-baby I didn’t get a relevant result but when I researched nepotism, I got many examples.

    Regarding the use of the words," Nepotism" and "Nepo-baby" in discussions about the news, it is important to use language that is accurate, respectful, and appropriate for the context. "Nepotism" refers to the practice of showing favoritism towards relatives or friends, especially in the workplace. It can be used to describe situations where someone is hired or promoted based on their family connections rather than their qualifications or merit.

    "Nepo-baby" is a more informal term that can be used to describe someone who benefits from nepotism, particularly in the context of politics or celebrity culture. While it may be a catchy or attention-grabbing term, it is important to consider the potential impact of using such language on the individuals or groups being discussed, as well as the overall tone and professionalism of the discussion.

  • Favoritism is an unfair thing and is considered a form of corruption in society because it is given to “those who do not deserve it.” We say that nepotism is for relatives and friends, but at work there are no friends and relatives. This is your mission and you must do it to the fullest. If you are a teacher and your sister is in the class you teach, then you must You have to treat her like the rest of the students, but in my school the female students refuse to let the teacher have relatives in the class for fear that there will be discrimination and nepotism, so the principal of the school resorts to transferring the student to another class

  • We discussed in our chapter on nepotism.
    It was agreed between us that nepotism is a tool that destroys society.
    But what is the solution?
    The teacher told us that the solution is that each one of us should bear it on his shoulders and keep in mind that building the country and the citizen will not be right unless he supports those who deserve it, chooses the qualified, and knows all his role in society. Every one of us must be vigilant, shrewd, and faithful guard over the country’s capabilities and public facilities, realizing that the concerted efforts of individuals, their moral and patriotic commitment, and their zeal for the public interest are the first steps in fighting corruption and the corrupt. The enactment of anti-corruption legislation and regulations.
    The maximum deterrent punishment for violators.
    The teacher also said that this makes groups and individuals alert and alert to this dangerous phenomenon and its negative consequences that apply in society.

  • Through the discussion in the classroom with our teacher, we concluded that nepotism is a matter of preference and selection of relatives or personal friends according to the extent of their kinship with the president and not on the extent of their competence, and this erodes people's rights without justification, in addition to that it leads people to the spread of corruption in society. The president believes that if he chooses his friend according to an intermediary or a relative or other such forms... it will benefit him, but if he chooses the most qualified person it will benefit him more and may be a reason for the development of the company and making it a global company... but unfortunately the president looks at his personal interest and does not look at his own. The company in general. This dangerous phenomenon must have negative effects, some of its negative effects are: the loss of the rights of talented people from among the members of society 2- the lack of confidence of the individual society in his brother 4- the spread of the spirit of aggression among people 5- the lack of purity of heart towards others 5- the concentration of the wealth and minerals of the state in the hands of a class Specific and non-distribution of political, economic, social and other activities... among all members of society. Combating this corruption is a collective responsibility on the individual and society. Among the ways to combat this corruption are: 1- It is obligatory to fear God Almighty at all times and places. 2- Establishing transparent and strict laws and punishing the perpetrator of nepotism. 3- Continuous awareness of the dangers of this form for people to avoid it. When I apply for a specific job and I am confident and I have confidence in God, then in himself, then in a study, and I think that I am sufficient in choosing for this job, but unfortunately a friend of my friend, the president, was chosen. On this company and its level of development is low; Therefore, we must combat this form of corruption, as corruption is the source of society 👥👥.

  • At school, we were discussing about nepotism. Many were of view that nepotism makes complete sense for people with means to help their children succeed in their respective fields. While the nepo babies get the initial offer in a platter, they would be able to sustain themselves, only if they perform and even outperform their parents.

    For instance, in the Bollywood Film Industry, the actor Mr. Amitabh Bachan is a doyen, while being his son helped Mr. Abishek to get few very good offers initially, since many bombed, he couldn't become a superstar like his father.

    Similarly, Reliance Industries, is the number one company in India, started by Mr. Mukesh Ambani. Though being his son, helped Mr. Anil Ambani to become the CEO for several companies of Reliance, because of his inability to handle the pressure, the finances, and he lacked the nuances of running an empire like Reliance, he failed miserably, while his elder brother, Mr.Mukesh, who too was given the same opportunity as that of Mr.Anil, successfully is running the empire and has taken it to a very great height.

    While a powerful parent, or family or friends may get one a strong platform, sustaining it purely depends on one's talent and work.

    Reading about the nepotism, nepo babies and the debate around them, I also feel having such powerful parent could also be a curse. They are always under tremendous pressure to give their best and even outperform their family members. We have seen many cases where such kids undergo severe psychological issues because of this.
    Nepotism is not something that can be taken away from the society. Its has become part of the system.

    1. I completely agree with your point. Yes nepotism is a prevalent practice in many societies, including India, and it cannot be completely eliminated. And initial offers can be an advantage for individuals who come from influential families but it doesn't guarantee long-term success. I think an individual's talent, hard work, and dedication are crucial factors in determining their sustained success.The examples of Abhishek Bachchan and Anil Ambani highlight how nepotism does not always guarantee success. Even with initial offers, individuals must have the necessary skills and work ethic to maintain their position in the long run.
      I strongly believe in what you stated, that is being a nepo-baby is not a simple thing, being a nepo baby can always comes with a lot of pressure, as there are often high expectations and scrutiny placed on them due to their family background. For instance, the late Bollywood actor Sridevi was known to be very invested in her daughter Jhanvi Kapoor's acting career, and Jhanvi faced a lot of scrutiny and pressure to succeed in the industry. Similarly, actor Rishi Kapoor was known to be very invested in his son Ranbir Kapoor's career, and Ranbir has spoken about the pressure he faced due to his family's legacy in the industry.
      And I agree that nepotism has become part of the system, and while it is important to address and reduce its negative impact, as it cannot be taken away entirely. And Unfortunately, there are instances where people are accused of being a nepo baby even if they have genuine talent and have worked hard to earn their success. This can be unfair and damaging to their reputation. I think recognizing individuals based on their skill is appreciable rather than making assumptions about their abilities based on their family background.

  • After discussing the Equality and nepotism I have learned that Nepotism is the practice of favoring relatives or friends over other equally qualified individuals often in professional settings. This lead to a lack of diversity and a perception of unfairness or inequality. It can result in nepo-babies people who inherit positions or opportunities due to family connections rather than merit. But I have learned that equality promotes fairness and equal treatment for all individuals regardless of their background. So we have to recognize and address instances of nepotism to ensure a level playing field and promote a more inclusive society.

  • During class discussion we knew what nepotism mean . I learned it is the act of favoring family members or friends for jobs or opportunities . this has bad effects on our society. It creates an unfair advantage for those with connections and undermines meritocracy. This erodes trust in institutions and damages social mobility. Nepotism lead to talent gaps as unqualified individuals are given positions they are not equipped to handle. I think the culture of nepotism perpetuates inequality and limits progress.

  • Nepotism: It is a type of administrative corruption, and it is putting the wrong person in the wrong place, or he does not deserve it and is not commensurate with his capabilities. We have reached the twenty-first century and it still exists. With these developments that we have witnessed and the presence of robots and artificial intelligence, which will soon replace most jobs, I see that it will end This phenomenon is in the presence of these robots, and an example of nepotism in society is when one of the managers hired one of his relatives instead of hiring another more efficient one. Anywhere in the world, we find that favoritism towards relatives and friends in jobs is part of the work culture, and this will spread unemployment and lack of confidence in society, and some people will enter the poverty line and deprive the first people of their rights in this job.

  • There are a lot of topics that caught my attention are the opinions of the discussants on the subject of nepotism and also newborns, and each of their opinions differed There is a question I was wondering about: Are the types of nepotism and their impact on society different from one culture to another? This question I discussed in class and each of my classmates disagreed Because we are teenagers and we always discuss this issue to secure our future

  • In our curriculum at school, we took a lot of lessons about nepotism, and in my country nepotism is very widespread and the strongest example of this is: For example, if a manager hires or promotes one of his employee relatives because of the kinship relationship instead of another employee who is more competent but has no relationship with the manager, then he is the manager. Then he was accused of nepotism. Some biologists have suggested that the tendency toward nepotism is instinctive and a form of kin selection. Nepotism is also the exchange of goods and services in exchange for political support. I say that the infant child has nothing to do with nepotism, the fault lies with the parents for their son's participation in the corruption of society.

  • Through the dialogue that took place between us and our teacher, we learned that nepotism is a form of corruption and a phenomenon that may cause harm to the nation and society.
    Where hardly any country is devoid of this phenomenon, and it is also one of the causes of failure and weakness that afflicts any society, as an inappropriate person is supported and supported, who is unable to do the work.
    As this person does not have the capabilities and experience to fill this position and this work, where the result is catastrophic and results in poor productivity and may cause harm and harm to the people and the nation. Therefore, I think if you want this phenomenon to recede, you must use the term altruism, that is, the preference of the public interest over the personal interest.

  • Nepotism is the act of favoring one's relatives and friends, especially by giving them jobs, whether they qualify for the job or not. Another word for nepotism is partiality.
    Nepotism can sometimes make others feel bad, especially when they know that they are more qualified than the person to whom the job was offered. I feel that parents or friends supporting their children is okay, but when they begin to give their children an unfair advantage over others, it just becomes wrong (Notice that I said UNFAIR advantage. Fair advantages like advice from years of working experience, and helpful tips are okay. Unfair advantages like using your power to force employers into employing your children is not). I know I would feel bad if someone with less qualifications than me got picked for the job instead of me just because he "knows a guy".
    "With only people from a few families in charge of our Federal Government, the struggle for power has become intra-family squabbles." ( excerpt from Vanguard newspaper, June 30, 2020)
    When favoritism and not awarding jobs based on abilities occur, it affects our societies too, because more often than not, we are controlled by people who don't even understand why they are there. But unfortunately, nepotism is becoming a huge problem in Nigeria today, especially at the Tertiary education level. Most people only get into university only because, like I said, they know a guy, or they bribe the institution. This is unsettling. If even universities accept anybody with connections nowadays, is there any value for education anymore? Nepotism is a big problem plaguing or society today that desperately needs to be stopped.

  • Nepotism: is a form of favoritism in which persons in positions of power appoints relatives or friends to different jobs. Classic examples include: appointing or promoting a family member or friend over a better-qualified applicant. Over the course of my study, i have come to conclude that Nepotism has many negative implications and is an unjust practice for a business to undertake. Allowing personal relationships to determine decision-making can ruin the relationship and certitude between staff and leadership, as well as the relationship between staff and favored employees. About our various places of work, if nepotism becomes a major factor, it shows someone in a position of authority is willing to act unethically. I feel Nepotism in the workplace often increases within a wider bad work culture where people put their own interests first. While nepotism creates dangerous issues many businesses , it can be more challenging than you’d think to prevent it from creeping into most organizations. I feel to keep nepotism in check to keep nepotism in check and ensure decision-making is based on the right standard needs strong leadership overseeing the management below. Staff also need to be able to expose instances of nepotism safely (without repercussion). In my own opinion , nepotism can be tackled if organizations place anti-nepotism policies in writing and making it accessible to every employee (often in the employee handbook) helps remove potential conflicts of interest down the line.

  • Favoritism can be a dangerous thing that spreads hatred in people's hearts and works to destroy society. How does this happen? For example, there are two close friends, one of whom is the son of a celebrity, and the other is an ordinary person. The average person always studies and strives to get the job he wants, and the son of celebrities did not study and did not strive, and in the end, the son of celebrities found work despite not having any talents and abilities, and the average person did not find it even though he had abilities and talents.
    This nepotism spreads hatred and works to destroy the creative and privileged, as well as destroying societ

  • Yes, I agree with you. Corruption has various causes, including: weak religious faith, bad effects resulting from crises and disasters that afflict society, high living costs, poor application of regulations and laws, poverty and need. We must each of us be vigilant, astute, and faithful guards over the capabilities of the country and its public facilities, realizing that collaboration and cooperation The efforts of individuals, their religious, national and moral commitment, and their zeal for the public interest. All of this is one of the first steps in combating corruption and the corrupt. Legislation and imposing transparent anti-corruption regulations and laws, clarifying them, and imposing the maximum deterrent penalties on violators, make individuals and groups vigilantly aware of this dangerous phenomenon and its negative consequences that apply in society. wildfire. Just as I am promoting good models that educate themselves about corruption, resist it, or report it, this generates belonging and creativity among the people, instills seeds of hope for the birth of a future full of love and giving, and provides job opportunities for the energies of youth. The decline of this phenomenon and the development of a culture of preferring public interests over self-interests. We must strike with iron hands against corruption and the corrupt and not leave them a foothold between us.

  • Nepotism is when a someone is given an unfair and special treatment above others. Nepotism is the root cause of corruption in Nigeria according to the former CBN governor. The reason that our team the super eagles could not make it to the world cup was because of nepotism. This is because, instead of giving the team’s coach the needed free hand to select the best from the pool of available players, “One Oga at the Top” will recommend an ammature relation to the chief coach.
    There was a survey in 2019 by statista which showed that 16% of both male and Females applicants got their jobs in the public office with the help of family and friends ( So because of this their superiors can't punish them because they are afraid of their higher-ups. So nepotism is a bad thing and should be stopped for the benefit of all.

  • Equality promotes economic growth and development. When everyone has access to education, healthcare, and other essential services, they are more likely to be productive and contribute to the economy. This leads to higher levels of economic growth and development.

    Equality is necessary for peace and security. Societies that are characterized by inequality and discrimination are more likely to experience conflict and violence. By promoting equality, we can help to build more peaceful and secure societies.

    Equality is essential for the protection of human rights. When people are treated unequally, their human rights are often violated. This can include discrimination, harassment, and even violence. By promoting equality, we can help to protect the human rights of all people.

    Equality is essential for the protection of the environment. Environmental degradation and climate change disproportionately affect marginalized communities. By promoting equality, we can help to ensure that everyone has a voice in decisions that affect the environment.

    Equality promotes social justice. Social justice is about ensuring that everyone has access to the resources and opportunities they need to live a dignified life. This includes things like education, healthcare, and affordable housing.

  • Favoritism is the preference for relatives or friends because of kinship, and this is very bad because it works to spread hatred, corruption and hatred among people, and it is also unfair because there are graduates from faculties (medicine, engineering, programming...) and they do not have a job. Why? Because their father or their relatives are not important people in society, or because their relatives do not deal with nepotism and nepotism, while there are people who did not finish high school or did not study at university, and because they are nurses and employees of companies, why? Because in short, his father is the owner of a company or a doctor, and this, frankly, is absolutely unfair, because every person should be given his right. I really feel sorry and sad about these people who worked hard and studied for more than five years, and the results are that they were not employed. We have to be developed countries and benefit from these people who have superior capabilities. in several fields and employ them

  • Well, we had an online discussion and we discussed what nepotism and inequality in our society is ,we were told that nepotism is when those who have power show special and unfair support to family or friends and how (nepotism-babies) children of famous and successful people become successful as a result of their parents success. Nepotism is present everywhere , an example is a kannywood actor in my country who hired a professional footballer to train his child and give him special football practice he is supporting his child to ensure that he becomes a successful and famous , meanwhile there are other children out there who can play better but they are not given a chance to showcase their talents because they are given the support, this is an act of nepotism and inequality that is not right , Everybody is supposed to be treated equally and given the same help as others.

  • I believe nepotism is a very disgusting and ribald practice. It robs both the institution of a hard worker, the person of invaluable experience, and rots the person of influence's morality, inclining them to do more to get as they please. An older example of nepotism is the Trump administration members, with the president placing his daughter, son-in-law, and other members of his extended family to position of power within the government while incumbent. While they might have been good candidates for it, there is no doubt that his relation to them played a large role into their candidacy for their offices.

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion, quiet_mode. Would your opinion change in this scenario if you found out that many other candidates had been interviewed but the son/daughter or other relation was the most qualified for the role?

      1. I think in some cases it may be the relatives could be a better choice to be employed. For example, in business I may choose my relative to my partner instead of others because I know he/she skillful in that field. Most importantly, if I'm sure that he/she is loyal and honest. I think Trump prefers to let his daughter be in charge and his right hand because he knows her abilities and maybe preparing her to be his successor.

  • Favoritism is very common.
    I've always seen this around me until now. Good hardworking people are never rewarded
    It is always the people who make no effort that receive rewards and appreciation more than others.
    There are millions of examples that can be given and it will never end .
    An obedient child is always expected to behave well and will become his standard and thus be severely scolded and acknowledged whenever he misbehaves or speaks .
    And vice versa, the misbehaving child will receive immediate and great gratification when He does the least "good" thing because it is rare for him to do that.

  • After a zoom session with the teacher we got a point of view with all due respect to other points of view

    Although nepotism plays a highly negative role, I speak from own perspective that despite the existence of nepotism and inequality, the individual's role in their work stands out more than their position. Some tasks may be light in terms of words, but they carry profound meanings and significance. If positions determine the worth of individuals, it leads to corruption that permeates society.

    An example of this is:

    If the king is absent for a month, we don't miss him, but if the sanitation worker is absent for a day or two, we miss them. The value of people lies in what they contribute, not in their positions.

    Thank you for listening.

  • I think nepotism is not very good because this gives a good advantage for those who get those benefits but for those who don't have these advantages it is not good. They are treated very unfairly and don't get the same benefits like actors.

  • I have learnt a lot about nepotism and how bad it is though we have some advantages and disadvantages of nepotism. That means nepotism can be bad and good in the sense that it can be bad cause there is no equality and you're showing favoritism. While it can be good cause you are trying to help someone you know like a friend or a relative.
    It is said that hard work is necessary for getting success but some people are born in those families where they don’t need to work hard for achieving success as they get everything on platter and hence they do not need to work hard for achieving success and this act of people getting favors in fields like entertainment industry, sports, jobs and so on due to their relationships with powerful people is called nepotism.

  • I believe that nepotism is a good way to explain discrimination. Nepotism has become part of the desired culture we exhibit every day, particularly when it comes to political patronage in the modern era. Some argue that our current president is leaving a legacy of high-level nepotism and has received harsh criticism for his lopsided appointments. Favouritism in government is corruption, and corruption threatens legal forms, democracy, human rights, and ethical issues.

  • Nepotism can simply be referred to as favoritism (as in appointment to a job) based on kinship. Nepotism is a destructive behavior that ruin's relationship between individuals as well as the development in a community. Here in my community (Nigeria) we face alot of challenges due to nepotism in different aspects of our life, but the one I see to be the most dangerous is nepotism in the education field. I see it to be more dangerous there because student who are not qualified to be promoted to the next class are promoted due to the benefits the school are getting to the school from their parents. Also in our universities the students who are not qualified for a course are been given that course, all because of the power their parents are having, which means we are not going to have good future leaders to help develop our country. From only this reason out of so many more, we can all agree that "Nepotism"is one of the pillars of decline in my country

  • Google defines the term 'nepotism' to be the "practice among those with power of influence of favouring relatives, friends or associates, especially by giving them jobs"

    Therefore, nepotism is a practice that can be seen in workplaces and in areas of politics where priveleges are given to close ones of those in power

    Nepotism is essentially bad. It poses a negative consequence to society. In this sense, those who are actually skilled and talented are deprived of equal opportunities and rights. Those favoured again would be imperfect in nature and world, in turn, produce imperfect results, thus negatively impacting the society.

  • ** Corruption: It is the misuse of laws, regulations and administrative authority. An epidemic that spreads in society like wildfire, and combating corruption is a collective responsibility, and there are several types of it: bribery, nepotism, and wasta ... not their competence. This is a clear way to devour people's rights without justification, and the most prominent examples of that are: 1- ** When you apply for a specific job and trust in yourself and your studies, you are the most deserving to get that job. The son of the president applies for the same job in which he is below your academic, personal and leadership level, and your employment here lies in bribery and nepotism. ** Among the negative effects and nepotism: 1- The individual's lack of confidence in his brother. 2- The spread of aggressive spirit among people. 3- Abandonment of intellectuals and those with qualified qualifications. 4- Decline in cognitive growth. ** Among the causes of bribery and nepotism: 1- Weak faith 2- Submission to testimonies that lead to evil 3- The high cost of living 4- The bad effects resulting from crises and disasters that afflict society in addition to the inherited bad. Social customs and traditions add to that poverty and need. The true revolutionary is the one who revolts to destroy corruption and then calms down to build glories. Finally, what are the measures that can be taken in the state to combat this malignant tumor?

  • Through the discussion that we had in the chapter on corruption, it became clear to us that nepotism and nepotism are one of the most widespread and widespread manifestations of corruption in society, and we got to know the concept of nepotism and its effects. Society, including that it weakens a person's self-confidence and abilities, and it spreads injustice and hatred among members of society, but it dismantles the bonds of unity and cohesion between members of society, as a person becomes preferring his personal interest over the public interest, which pushes him to do it, people persist in doing it because of poor application The law that prevents corruption and nepotism.After this discussion and dialogue that took place between us in the classroom, the teacher asked us a question about that: If we were the qualified people who strive and tire to get jobs that would provide them with a decent life in light of this corruption, and situations like this happened with you?? How will you react??.
    After this question, we realized that the society and the government must bear the responsibility of everyone who was wronged because of nepotism without punishing him or stopping him at his limit, and each of us should avoid nepotism and join our efforts as a society in combating corruption because combating corruption is a collective responsibility.

  • Yes, when we had a class conversation about fairness, equality and nepotism it was easy.
    The teacher asked: What do you know about justice and equality? We answered: It is the enjoyment of all rights without discrimination on the basis of gender, nationality, race or religion.
    She also asked for examples of justice: a female student said: When the guilty person is not judged unless there is evidence, while another said: When women are allowed to work like men in various fields such as engineering, law, medicine, and others.
    Then I asked the teacher and said: What do you know about nepotism? I stood and replied:
    It is the preference of relatives and friends over other employees for their kinship and not for their competence.
    Then the teacher asked: Do you think nepotism is a good thing? The students replied that it is not. The teacher said: Why do you think that?
    They said because it deprives those who have high efficiency in employment, perhaps in the profession of their dreams, but the employee does not have the ability to take responsibility for that work and the work may weaken because of it, and this leads to problems in the economy.
    The teacher said: Can any of you give me an example of nepotism in our society?
    A female student said: When the manager of the company or the factory hires his friend, knowing that he does not have enough competence.
    The teacher said what could happen then? One of the students answered: Work will weaken and accumulate, and the economy will weaken.
    The lesson was great because I became confident in my opinion of favoritism, in the end I hope that the use of wasta will be reduced because day after day it will destroy what took many years to build.

  • Favoritism is a practice among those who enjoy power and influence in favoring relatives, friends and partners, especially in giving them jobs.
    Thus, nepotism is a practice that can be seen in workplaces and in the areas of politics, where privileges are granted to relatives and friends of those in power.
    Favoritism is basically bad.
    It constitutes a negative result in society and in this sense .
    The skilled and gifted are in fact deprived of equal opportunities and rights because of those who prefer their relatives and friends.

  • Nepotism will always exist in society—for instance, a teacher who treats one student as special while neglecting the other, or a waitress who seats a couple first in a restaurant because of their status. Favouritism, which is one aspect of nepotism, will be difficult to eradicate in our society. Nepotism in the workplace occurs when people with the power to hire or promote choose to ignore more qualified candidates and instead promote a relative, or when employers treat related employees better than other employees.

  • Nepotism is when someone uses their power or influence to give jobs or other opportunities to their family members or friends, regardless of whether they are actually qualified for the position. This can be unfair to people who are more qualified but don't have the same connections.

    A few examples of nepotism in the news include:

    1. In 2019, it was reported that Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of President Donald Trump, may have received preferential treatment due to his family connection when applying for a security clearance.
    2. Many people accused Kylie Jenner of nepotism after she became a billionaire at a young age due to her family's fame and wealth.
    3. In Brazil, there has been a lot of controversy over nepotism in politics, with many politicians appointing their family members to important positions.

    In our classroom, we might see nepotism if the teacher's child or relative is given special privileges or opportunities that other students don't get. It's important to remember that everyone should be treated fairly and given equal opportunities based on their qualifications and hard work, not just because of who they know.

  • The most common showcase of nepotism is in the workplace, but it can also happen literally anywhere else. It could happen in schools too. Sometimes some students are favoured over others because he or she might be the principals kid. I think nepotism has more effects than meets the eye. Some of them are:
    1. Nepotism may lead people to develop an inferiority complex because they feel they are not as good enough as the nepo-baby but in reality they are actually competent.
    2. People who actually deserve the job may be dismissed and it will lead to unemployment. This is especially common among less priviledged people who do not have any special relatives.
    3. It could lead to the breakdown of the quality of labour because unworthy and incompetent people are given jobs which they do not deserve. People who are actually fit for the job are dismissed because they are common people.
    4. It could lead to overconfidence of nepo-babies because they believe they can get anything they want by just mentioning their parents.
    5. It leads to over dependancy of nepo-babies on their parents.
    Nepotism is a common practice but it really needs to be stopped. It could even be referred to as cheating because it gives people false favour, favour they do not deserve.

  • Through this lesson, I have learnt that nepotism is the use of fame, money and power to help those who are related to them.
    The word nepotism has it root in Italy from the word “nepotismo” which is loosely translates to favouring friends and family. I which is from the word “nephew” have learnt how to identify nepotism using the area of sight used by the public, by journalist and news editors. I now know the meaning of the word “nepo-baby” and can confidently use it in a discussion. Through the Topical Talk lesson my mind has been broadened to accept that nepotism is a problem that is killing the workforce, the economy, the government and the world in general.
    The present administration in my country has been accused of nepotism as a results employment that was centered employing people from certain ethnic group and this led to arguments and counter arguments and left the administration in a bad light from the public.

  • Nepotism is someone who uses fame or money to give an unfair advantage to loved ones and not considering qualifications. Equality means giving equal opportunities based on qualification and or experience and not looking at the person's religion, ethnic group or if the person is close to you. In Nigeria, many university graduates are left unemployed not because they do not have what it takes but because they do not have a relationship with their potential employer. Nepotism in Nigeria has been manifested at many levels like admission into some schools, gaining employment and admission into higher educational institutions. In recent years, there have been allegations against the current administration accusing them of being nepotic in the case of employment into positions in government. My opinion is that Nepotism is a great problem that has an effect on the economy either because of appointing corrupt relatives or underqualified officials. but there is an upside to nepotism. In the case of giving a family member a job, that person is well-known to you and you know what the person can do this promotes trust but that person must be well-qualified.

  • I think that nepotism is unnacceptable as some people have really good talent but
    are denied because other people choose their friends or the more favourited person because they like them more not because their better

  • Yes we had a discussion in class about nepotism. They asked us questions like how we think about nepotism most of us said that nepotism is a bad habit done by others while the rest said that nepotism is an act of showing someone they care about them. We also asked some questions to the teacher like what will happen if you were a nepo-baby or have a nepo-baby as a friend.
    Then we shared some stories about people doing nepotism that we saw in real life some one said that his neighbor used his connections to big people to get his son a scholarship to a big university and another one said that her aunty gave her daughter a job in her business without her daughter doing a interview like others. Then we shared the skills we learned some said that they learned problem solving and the others said they have learn more knowledge about nepotism.
    We also shared what we learned from the topic. Some said that they learned that nepotism is a act of doing favoritism and it is not good while others said that they learned that a nepo-baby can give someone an unfair advantage and disadvantage. Then our teacher asked us how confident do we feel when identifying example of nepotism and using the word nepotism and nepo-baby in a discussion about the news. All of us said that we feel much more confident about them.

    1. I'm glad the lesson made you feel more confident! How do you feel about nepotism now you have done the lesson?