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Well, I totally agree that to reintegrate them back to the society is the best thing to do but... Supporting ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society 18/3/24
Yes, I understand where you are coming from but let's image that they leaders have made a safety... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 18/3/24
Hi, In my opinion, the use of animals for scientific experiments is very wrong. According to my... Animal rights 17/3/24
Yes, you are right that the main duty of the leaders is to take care of the citizens but let's... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 09/3/24
I feel that elections should be held during wars. The elections can take place online and it... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 05/3/24
Firstly, democracy is a system of government in which qualified adult citizens participate in... Who has the power? 04/3/24
Hey, Personally, I feel that in order to stop gender-based discrimination, the duty of parents... Who has the power to stop social bias? 21/2/24
I agree because women right is being fought for all around the world. For this reason, women and... Selam Gebrekidan: this topic’s poll! 20/2/24
I agree because some companies play major roles in polluting the environment and this makes them... Businesses v the environment 17/2/24
I agree because an excess rise in population could lead to over-population. Over-population can... Why are there rules about immigration? 16/2/24
I scored 12/12!!! What caught my attention in the quiz was the decision Avon made towards the... The business and politics quiz 15/2/24
I agree because immigration can help in the development of a country in several aspects. In the... What are the benefits of immigration? 15/2/24
I agree because irrespective of the political pressure exerted on the business, business cannot... Countries behaving badly 13/2/24
I believe that the Mitchells family in the movie "The Mitchells vs The Machines" can help solve... Competition #4 winners 13/2/24
Yes, i understand what you are trying to say. Most businesses are formed for profit but not all... Countries behaving badly 11/2/24
I disagree because the first point you make contradicts the right of freedom of expression in my... Businesses and elections 09/2/24
I disagree because the main purpose of a business is profit making and profit making involves... Countries behaving badly 09/2/24
I think that "Business and politics" and "Prisons" topic link. i believe that these two topics... Competition #3 winners 08/2/24
The famous Call of Duty player "IFerg" has been in a partnership with the game for 5 years. In... The “face” of a business 08/2/24
I agree but I feel that AI will do only more harm than good to the planet. Considering the fact... AI and the planet 08/2/24