Supporting ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society

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  • Well, honestly, I think that the best way to reintegrate people back into the society is as easy as support and gestures. People who are recently released from prison are affected by the common ways we treat them. They are meant to be treated with great moral support, as they were just recently corrected in a prison. The smiles and laughs we show them helps them to understand that they are accepted fully into the society, they feel loved and slowly begin to forget about the crimes they have committed.
    I believe that the main importance of reconnecting with offenders well is to help them to become active citizens once again. The feel of acceptance will overwhelm them, hence helping them to actively join in to the community all over again.


    1. I agree with glad_outcome because I think that prisoner can change if we show them love, happiness and we should comfort them and if we welcome
      them to the society they well not like to go back to crime because they are love by other people.

    2. That’s a great idea
      Another way we can reintegrate people back into the society is inclusion , we as individuals should include them while they are still in prison like on children’s day we as individuals can go to the juvenile prison and celebrate with the children there that is inclusion, the children there would feel part of the society because they were included in the celebration through that celebration and going on frequent visit you get to know them and slowly but surely they are being reintegrated into the society because we understand them and we might get to know why they did what they did. we have to have a connection with those people in order to get them back into the circle of society.
      Thank you

      1. I agree because... humanitarian services that focus on involving young children in visiting prisoners is effective. The idea behind this is to create a positive perception of the prisoners in the mind of the children. Through frequent visits the children will be able to see the prisoners as normal people and will not develop a fear of them. This approach will help prisoners to feel accepted by society and will make their reintegration into society easier.
        I believe by instilling this ideology in children at a young age, they will also pass it on to their own kids and create a better future for all.

        1. Can you think of anyone who might disagree with this approach?

          1. Hello Katie.
            I think parents might not agree to taking their kids to visit prison because of their own personal reasons and how they view prisoners. Parents will think the place is not safe but I think it is okay because there will be secured and it will enable us to understand what's the prisoners are going through. If we are able to have this opportunity, we will view ex prisoners in a good way and when we grow up we can allow our children to also pay them visit without disapproving it

    3. I agree with you. When prisoners are released from jail, their criminal record will still remain. This means that no matter where they go, their past life can still be reviewed. This will really make living a normal life in society very difficult. They will be stigmatized, avoided and maybe even discriminated. Getting a job will re really difficult. If they do manage to get a job, it will be a very low paying job. Ex convicts may even consider going back to their life of crime because of this difficulties. We need to help them feel loved and care for them. They have already been punished for their wrong doings. Still treating them like prisoners will not be fair because they have already served their sentence. The best way to help re integrate back into society is to show the that they are loved and provide opportunities that will help the settle back into society.

    4. Hi , I 100% agree with you. Anyone who has done their time in prison shall be able to move on and forget about the past. One problem with this is that they have prison on their records. If they apply for a job and the employers do a background check on them, they might be uneasy about accepting them into their company due to their past. This is an example of prejudice towards ex-convicts and it will be difficult to stop - one way we can stop this is wiping prison from their records, making it visible to only government installations so that they can't be judged.

    5. I agree with what you have said as if the prisoner is well behaved and is treated fairly then when they are released, they will be well behaved outside of prison and will reintegrate back into society.

    6. Hello glad_outcome,
      You've made a really valid point, and I could not agree with you more. We as a society could really make a great difference in supporting ex-convicts by the way we act towards them. We should try our best not to discriminate or make mockery of them just because they have gone to prison. They should not be seen as beasts or monsters just because they were once in prison because we all have made mistakes, some mistakes graver than others but we all still deserve a chance at redemption. The way we treat these ex-convicts could really determine a lot, if we choose to discriminate them and treat them differently, we might just push them to return to their life of crime but if we accept them with open arms and give them a chance to prove themselves then they might just become better people and would desist from their life of crime.

      1. I absolutely agree with what you said- how would you suggest its done? What do you think we can do, as a society, to welcome them back? At the same time, how do we help the part of our society that is hesitant and would rather "stay away" from them?

    7. Well, I totally agree that to reintegrate them back to the society is the best thing to do but it can be very hard especially if the news have been spread, I feel that there will be need for the government to intervein because people will not want to isolate with that person because of the past and for the effect that the officers have made in changing the life of that person and he/she is no more like the they used to be the discrimination can make them turn to their old ways and that can cause harm to the society and that person can even be worse than his/her previous self, so with the help of the government punishment should be made for anyone who discriminate an Ex criminal for everyone changes at some point in life.

  • I think it will be a good idea to support prisoners because they cannot live by themselves people will discriminate them wherever the go no one will want to work with them because the believe the are not disciplined,but if our government stand out to punish those who still discriminate criminals no one will have the mind to work to the president's face and tell him no but our president doesn't even care.At the same time I also feel the ex-prisoner should learn his lesson so that he will not make the same mistake of committing crimes again because humans do not listen until you take it seriously with them so what I best think is that the government should give that ex-prisoner two weeks before e he can help the ex-prisoner in order to learn their lesson.

    1. I agree with you because, prisoners need supports to be able to live. I say so because many prisoners can not live by themselves and no one will be able to employ them because of their attitude and behavior and they are not disciplined. That is why I suggest that our president should have the opportunity to punish them so the will well disciplined and will be employed and be commented well, To me I feel ex-prisoners should also have the same feeling for committing crimes and muttered and most humans don't listen, but if you are to deal with them the will not do it again.
      THANK YOU.

      1. Taking a different angle, I don't really think so because they are accountable for how society perceives them and the reasons why people don't trust them. Additionally, I believe that by giving them a chance and opportunity to betray society and the community, they should gain people's respect and make an effort to change rather than believing that they will automatically be accepted back into society after serving their sentence for wrongdoing.

  • Great question precious swan and hear is my answer ni think that thee can be three ways to do this which include 1. Providing education and vocational training programs within prisons to help prisoners develop skills and qualifications that will make them more employable upon release.
    2. Offering counseling and mental health support to address any underlying issues that may have contributed to their criminal behavior.
    3. Establishing reentry programs that provide support and resources to help prisoners successfully reintegrate into society, such as assistance with finding housing, employment, and access to healthcare.

    1. I actually agree with you on the way on helping and support the ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society, yes you said it all that we should provide and offer counseling and mental health, yes we should provide them a counseling class and mental health to regain their thinking reasoning on the rules and regulations and they crime they commited that lead them to prison that was not good in the society, so there should be a class where they will counsel them and recall them on they rules and regulations.
      Also they should have a skill acquisition class in they prison of different skills, for them to acquire the skill so that when they come out from the prison, they will start a little business that they learnt from the prison to avoid them from committing crime and the rules and regulations of the country.

  • I agree with you precious_swan we need to give released prisoners second chances because they now know the actions they committed were wrong and they will work hard to improve themselves. So that is why we need to give them second chances and offer them opportunities to help them improve and abstain from their previous actions if we give them job opportunities they would be too focused on their jobs to go back to committing crimes because there's a saying "don't judge a book by its cover" meaning just because we see that they have prison records doesn't mean they haven't changed their ways to become better people in the world.

  • I agree with your point of finding a way to help ex prisoners when they come out of prison. These people need to be accepted and it is our responsibility to welcome them and make them feel they are loved by providing them with jobs that required their skills. We can also help them by becoming close to them and given them guidance on what they need to do to find balance in the society. If we all work together and provide a good humanitarian service to the ex prisoners, it is like giving them hope which will not make them but go back to their old ways.

  • I think that programs should be made to educate the public about how to treat those that are ex-convicts, prisoners were taken to prison to rehabilitate their minds not to punish them stigmatizing them might make them feel unwanted and unneeded which might make them go back to their rebellious stage, remember that prisoners also have emotions and how we treat them determines their reaction, we should help them not stigmatize them.

  • Yes, I believe it is very important to reintegrate prisoners into society. Many prisoners have problems trying to get back in society but instead they go back to a life of crime. To integrate prisoners back into our society we should set up programs and communities to accept and help them learn more about society. Prisoners who have served their time may have changed but they still may have a bad record but with the helps of these programs it could help them get back on track.

    1. Can you explain what you mean by "back on track"?

      1. Hi Katie @ topical talk
        Yes what he meant from my own understanding on the statement, "it could help them get back on track", means that with the help of this program like skill acquisition that he or she who agree and also is willing to learn from the prison, he or she will implement the right things that should be done in the society, but when he or she comes out from prison, and is still that same bad person who is recognized as well as bad image he or she has brought to him or her self people will be avoiding him or her until they see a good change in that person, so with the help of the skill acquisition and moral training, maybe he or she could learn from the prison, than he or she can settle and prove to the society that he or she is a changed person. Whereby the statement "back on track" will stand or used. Thanks .

        1. Yes thank you very much you explained it very well and how I would.

      2. Very sorry for the late response Katie @ Topical Talk. When I say back on track I mean to be reintegrated and help them continue their life and help their career. It could also mean to help people who had a former drug problem to stay sober from it.

    2. I agree because our reaction to seeing ex-convicts is very discouraging because we mainly tend to focus on the past of the individual rather than we trying to give them second chances, this makes them to believe once you have committed a crime, there is no turning back, think of the people who actually do not commit the crimes, think of those who unintentionally commit the crime or even those who are forced to commit the crime because they are threatened to be killed or their valuable things may be lost, if they commit the crime, it is actually not their fault, but commit crime due to circumstances. Imagine how sad they may be that even their friends cannot accept them back, imagine them thinking that the only place where they can be free from insults is the prison. Take another example of jungle justice which is common in Africa whereby crimes are not solved, and criminals are not punished by the due process , but the offender is immediately punished by the people of the community and not even being allowed to defend himself or even tell why he is committing that crime, take for example an individual forced to commit that crime, the individual will die while trying to save something valuable to him, this is very heart displeasing because individuals are not given second chances and lose their lives because they are trying to save what is of value to them and are not even allowed to explain themselves.
      In conclusion, I think that we should rather try to be hospitable to ex-convicts and give them a second chance, who knows, they might change, and can even create an impact in the society.
      THANK YOU.

    3. I'm not sure about this because...
      When things like this are not being specified, it might cause cases that might lead to big problems. Do not forget that we find different people. Among those people you find both good and bad. Do you know that it is possible to find someone that is openhearted and is willing to fight for the right of this prisoners and it is also possible to find someone who is very bad and is not willing to fight for the right of this prisoners.
      So my question is, is it possible for prisoners to reintegrate back in the society?
      Yes or No?
      In my opinion i will say yes i feel that people like this should be given a second chance because sometimes it might be a mistake

  • I think that they should be carefully watched as they have done the time in prison and want revenge on people who have sent the police after them which may put some peoples life at risk and will make their life on the edge and cannot be calm.Also the criminal may be wanting to do something bigger which can affect even more peoples life at risk.they also may bail their cell mates out of prison and cause more havoc across the city or town that people live in that want peace without having to be scared of being injured.

    1. Hmm, i do see your point and i agree that it might be hard to trust a convict but would you argue that it only refers to severe crime convicts? How would you suggest that the "carefully watched" is implemented?

  • I agree with you. A lot of prisoners who are being released are discriminated because they are being seen as bad people who will still destroy the society. They should be given chances to prove what they have in them after the experience of how the prison staffs reform them. Prisons should be to reform not to hold them there because they can get hardened.

  • To help prisioners to reintegrate into the world is to treat them as how you would want them to treat others. Also, teaching them about the wrongs of crime would also help them so they are respected and are known as citizens, not abused criminals

  • In my own understanding, I think the best way to give support to ex-prisoners is by allowing them to acquire skills while in prison.
    I choose this because most at times what makes people to dive into unwanted habits in the society is unemployment, and unemployment brings about poverty which will lead to hunger in the society. So when some people are been faced with these challenges, they sometimes engage themselves into one evil act or the order as far as it will generate them some money so that they can survive in the society.
    So I think that the best support we will ever give to some people like this is to provide them with skills, so that when they come out of prison, they will find something useful to do which will generate money also to them, and when the society see that they actually acquired a useful skills from the prison, the society will start to see them as reformed citizens who have changed from bad to good, and also by this way they can together contribute to the smooth running of the society.
    THANK YOU......

  • I think to reintegrate people back into society is to help people by providing them with the support they need. Ways to give support can be by helping them find jobs and possibly encouraging them or assisting them with furthering or encouraging them to continue their education. In some cases, to reintegrate into society a therapist may be useful.

  • I generally like everyone's opinions here.

    I deeply believe that we should welcome them back into society like family rather than scowl and stare at them. Just because they have maybe used something they shouldn't have or done something wrong doesn't mean we should make them truly feel like outcasts who are not fit for society.

    Although, this could depend on whether they are trustworthy.

    They could use this kindness as a tool to allow them to bypass our security and commit more felonies. This would has a very rare chance of happening as most prisoners have developed physically and mentally after imprisonment.

    Thank you for understanding my opinions!

    1. I totally agree with you. How do you suggest that we determine whether someone is trustworthy or not? Would it be based on the prison record (how they behaved while they were there) or more of a guided process?

  • “ Supporting the ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society “ this made me think what the answer would be . So as every one has their own perspective, there may be different answer for this .
    So the one who is against this might think that the prisoners are planning something again which might harm the people in the near future . They fear that something bad will happen to them and they will never agree to this decision that people be allowed to stay in the society after there punishment.
    Now the one who is thinking that prisoners be allowed to to again enter the society might think that it will be a perfect opportunity for the people again to be a good person again . Also as all the people has some or the other qualities which differ from others , so they will get the chance to show there qualities.
    So I think they should be allowed so that they also feel happy and enjoy there rest of the life ………….

  • I believe in order to reintegrate ex-prisoners back into society, we need to prove that their past should not define them for who they are and they can absolutely be functioning members of society again. Ways this could be implemented may be socialising events set up by the local community as a gateway for new interactions between people adapted to prison and groups used to normal every day life (such as work, entertainment and talking) or activities like going out to a park, board games and sports to reintroduce as new and improved humans to show they are worthy of equal treatment. People are deserving of change.

  • Hello precious swan! You chose a really interesting and necessary topic to discuss upon. I agree with you that it is hard for ex-prisoners to settle back to their normal life and be accepted by the society. I also think that there's nothing wrong with people being scared or cautious of ex-prisoners because they have committed a crime in the past and there are some chances that they repeat their actions but some ex-prisoners might also have good intentions and have changed for the better. For such prisoners, the best way to get their respect back is to prove through their actions they are worthy of it. As it rightly said "respect is earned". These actions could be as small as helping someone with little things. Because at the end of the day they did commit a crime so they will have to pay for it. Half of this is done in the prison but the other half should be done by proving to the society that they have learnt from their past and that a person can change for the good. By doing this they might also change people's mind on ex-prisoners and break the existing stereotypes.

  • I agree because there are a lot of ex-prisoners that after being let out of prison, people avoid them. After all, they think that they can not do anything but commit crimes. This needs to be changed, people need to change their perspectives on the way that they think of ex-prisoners.
    That is why I think that the Clink Charity is the best restaurant. I say this because when they teach prisoners how to do various things in a restaurant, when they are released, they will be able to start and run a business that will be successful. This will make people people change their perspective from them and them they will once again become known for good and success ni the society.

  • I think that Some people learn from other people mistakes. Some unfortunately learn after they commit mistakes. Some crazy boys never learn in life. Once released, formerly incarcerated people face a lot of barriers while successfully re-entering society. It is possible for former prisoners to reintegrate into society but it depends on how you define successfully.

  • I strongly believe that ex-prisoners should reintegrate into society after they leave the prison. they should be treated as human beings.
    So the best way to make them collaborate
    with society is to support and encourage them.
    People must respect ex-prisoners. However, people shouldn’t treat ex-prisoners as kings and queens as they might feel that what they did wasn’t worthy of prison.

  • I think most people believe that after you commit a crime and pay your debt to society the punishment end. You have the chance to rebuild your life and get a fresh start. But the reality is much harsher. We punish people with criminal record long after they paid their debt to society. Even simply being accused of a crime is just the beginning of a perpetual punishment. Most of the criminal after they get released from the prison are denied of getting the normal civil rights upon release from prison, such as employment and housing or completing a college education or simply the right to vote ,They Are restricted by society. Although it is important to understand that all criminals cannot be forgiven, some criminals should not be forgotten and should be punished for their activities, such as murderers, psychopaths, rapists and etc. But it is also important to understand that some criminals deserve a second chance and they wish to develop themselves, so in this regard it is important that we as a part of society provide them with the mental support and opportunities they need a new one Start and get back to your normal position like everyone else.

  • I totally agree with you. I think that the ex-prisoners need support and help to reintegrated into the society as the normal people don't want to accept them easily. The tagged of a prisoner or criminal persist throughout their life no matter what good deeds he does in the future. But this should not be the case. They have got their punishment and hold accountability for their mistake so now they deserve a normal life. I think government need to look over this matter properly so that no ex-prisoners face this type of harassment while coming back to the normal life. Government needs to make a law so that the ex-prisoners get equal job opportunities, and no company can refuse them to take if they possess the ability. We the common people also need to be resilience about them and will accept them with a warm smile. We should not judge anyone with their past records. We need to raise awareness among the common people about this and help them to accept the ex-prisoners with a warm smile. If the ex-prisoners can get mixed with us, then there will be no chance to recommit the crime again. So, for the betterment of the country and nation, we need to help the ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society properly and also need to accept and welcome them with a warm heart.

  • I agree with you, precious_swan because helping ex-prisoners reintegrate into society is important for reducing recidivism and boosting rehabilitation. Some simple ways to support their reintegration are to:
    Provide job training programmes.
    Connect them with employers who are open to hiring ex-offenders so they can get a paying job.
    Offer resume-writing and interview preparation workshops.
    Assist them in finding affordable housing options so that they have a place to stay.
    Partner them with landlords who are willing to rent to ex-offenders.
    Thank you.

  • I think ex prisoners should each have a carer when they get let out. The Carer would encourage them to do good things and be healthy. The Carer could introduce them to new people so they get some friends. The Carer could show them where the food bank is so they have food. The Carer could help them find somewhere to live as their house might have been given to someone else. The Carer could show them where to get education as they might have missed out on their learning, this would lead to a job that they enjoy.

  • I think that the best way to welcome ex-prisoners back into society is to create a community of people that they feel accepted around. I believe they should need to feel understood and supported by people close to them that they knew before they went into prison and understand that people forgive them and understand that they are reformed and are very remorseful for whatever crime they may have committed.People who are released from prison receive backlash for they're crimes and undergo judgement and prejudice just because they have gone to prison. Small, supportive gestures can also help with bringing ex-prisoners back into the general public, just by making them feel
    cared for and like they have someone on their side who cares for them are sees through their past experiences and actions

    If we show ex-convicts love and happiness they will more easily move past their experience in prison and help reintegrate them into civilisation and make them feel welcomed by a supportive community who looks beyond their days in prison.