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I completely agree with your comment. You've done a great job describing the various negative... What should be done? 17/5/23
I agree with your statements. Not everyone of these ideas are perfect. They all decrease... What should be done? 17/5/23
I think idea 3 is the most fair suggestion. Idea 3 suggests making job applications anonymous to... What should be done? 17/5/23
I think the workers in the UK chose to strike during a busy day to show that they were serious... Which situation is best? 15/5/23
The skill that I believe deserves the most focus is problem-solving. I believe that it is the... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 11/5/23
I believe that true nepotism starts off at step eight. There are some little signs of nepotism... Where does nepotism start? 11/5/23
I would help my friends and family more or less depending on their situation. Many may disagree... Nepotism poll results! 11/5/23
Nepo-babies don't have any responsibility for nepotism, but in the future they have the... Nepo-babies in the news 09/5/23
Sam's strike isn't just going to affect one person, it will affect many people. If he has a high... Pick ONE person 04/5/23
I agree with all of your points, especially your point about permission. I think that AI art is... Inspiration... or stealing? 02/5/23
I don't think AI should be able to copy other artists' styles. I don't think it should be able... Inspiration... or stealing? 02/5/23
I think an important discussion that should be talked about here is the replication of human... Student suggestion 01/5/23
I used to think that the coronation of new kings and queens only affected people who lived in... Competition #4 Then and now 01/5/23
I think that the Metaverse and climate change are linked because the Metaverse is going to have... Competition #3 Making connections 24/4/23
I agree with this take on the question. Instead of answering one you instead answered all of the... The law in your hands? 21/4/23
I disagree with your statement about law one. What if an emergency happens in a far away place... The law in your hands? 21/4/23
I think that law four is a flawed idea, but the idea does have potential. I think a better... The law in your hands? 21/4/23
I joined a discussion in Strikes in the "Can Everyone Strike?" topic. I replied to... Competition #2 Global discussions 18/4/23
I agree with this stance on the topic. I can see how essential workers would gain back their... Can everyone strike? 18/4/23
I wouldn't make a metaverse character, but I would join the Metaverse. In most games I usually... Metaverse poll results! 14/4/23