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Hey! I think that the topics Business and politics and AI are linked because AI has proved... Competition #3 winners 05/2/24
I disagree because Nigeria has a population of about 226.2 million people as of 2023. 70% of the... Are young people politically engaged? 01/2/24
In my country Nigeria, the number of youths politically engaged has decreased. This has been... Are young people politically engaged? 30/1/24
It's true AI has created new jobs, but how about the people whose jobs were displaced due to AI?... Suggest a discussion 25/1/24
Hello! I chose to feel worried. AI is something i still find myself new to. I'm not much of a... What's your reaction? 25/1/24
I choose option C. I disagree because if we stop school, doesn't it mean AI will rule humans?... Will schools exist in future? 24/1/24
Hey! I agree with your points so much. If humans can't use our knowledge and intellect,... Will schools exist in future? 24/1/24
I got an 8/10 and I'm so glad I took this test. I was shocked to hear that searches on climate... Show what you know 24/1/24
The news story that really caught my attention was the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. The... Competition #1 winners 24/1/24
Hey. I found all my statistics on Google while researching the following points, I'm not too... Classroom spy! 23/1/24
I very much agree. We should never forget the little things we can do as well. Not a lot of... Suggest a discussion 23/1/24
I easily chose he option that stated people should only be shown negative news about climate... Too much negative news? 23/1/24
Just last year, my school held a debate on whether AI would be a blessing or a curse to humans,... Classroom spy! 23/1/24
Hey, I'm sure a lot of occupations have great impacts on climate change, but I think... Climate change: regular reminders 23/1/24
A topic I'd love to bring up is 'Political enlightenment in Youths'. This is a very relatable... Suggest a discussion 23/1/24