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I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of eco anxiety in the news and... Competition #8 winners 12/3/24
Hi, I feel that listening is arguably the most important skill for understanding news. Let me... Competition #7 winners 06/3/24
Hi precious_swan, I really love your interesting points. It is very important that the media... Do you feel represented? 24/2/24
I feel that while businesses can play a role in promoting civic engagements by encouraging... Businesses and elections 05/2/24
Hi, Here are some crazy and imaginative ideas to help save the planet: 1. In Indonesia i have... How to make a change 05/2/24
Hi Daniel Hulme, If i got the chance to meet you i'll have liked to ask about some things... Daniel Hulme 04/2/24
Staying informed about local news is crucial for responsible citizenship and active community... Responsible citizens 04/2/24
The topic i will love to suggest is '' Selfies and Self-esteem: Social Media. I would really... Suggest a discussion 03/2/24
In Nigeria, the rate at which young people are involved in politics has been on the rise. My... Are young people politically engaged? 01/2/24
Hi James , In cases were young children have harmed others it is very essential to take the... Age restrictions 01/2/24
I'm in accord with your opinion nice_knowledge ,i feel there is no minimum age for criminal... Age restrictions 30/1/24
Hi, I feel that all of them are important. But punishment and reformation are they ones that... What’s the purpose of prisons? 29/1/24
Hi Emma , Ai can do better in jobs that involves data entry, basic customer service roles, and... People v robots 29/1/24
I disagree with you Invigorated_deer, Although AI excels at certain tasks does not mean it has... What's your reaction? 28/1/24
I am not sure about your interesting question Molly, but so far based on my review ''... What's your reaction? 28/1/24
Hi logical_cookie, I'm not sure about the fact that you made mention of us focusing on only the... Too much negative news? 28/1/24
Hi, I am fierce_ parrot and i am from Nigeria. My country, Nigeria, offers a rich cultural... Meet our school communities! 26/1/24
Creativity has been one of they skills that i really valued the most since i began this ... Meet our Topical Talk skills 26/1/24
Hey Henrietta, For my part humans remain the best at cooking, it might sound weird ,but yes!... People v robots 25/1/24
Hi ,giving_snail I agree with you that fake news can serve as a very big threat. I also feel ... What's your reaction? 25/1/24