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We can do a lot, for example: offering them rewards such as the Nobel Prizes, but to be weekly... My right as a doctor. 02/12/22
We can help raise that percentage by offering everyone the benefits of this experience and... SPACE: THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY. 02/12/22
Well, thank you for your candor, but let me give you a reason to change your point of view, that... Pick a percentage! 01/12/22
I disagree because... You ignored the issue of developing countries, but I totally object to... What should be free? 29/11/22
I disagree because... There is no preference for health, for it is a precious treasure. If it is... What should be free? 29/11/22
I will submit writing, because I am able to write everything in a beautiful and understandable... Meet the judges and their tips 29/11/22
It is important for young people to become acquainted with the news first, in order to increase... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 29/11/22
In the quiz i got Brilliant journalist or screenwriter on news programmes I agree with the... Competition #5 Journalism jobs 29/11/22
Thank you very much for these enthusiastic answers, which encouraged me to preserve my... Pete Pearson answers your questions! 28/11/22
I agree because......I agree with you, the world is now working to create a technological future... Meet our… Skills volunteers! 28/11/22
One of the problems that women face is preventing them from testifying in the courts, and this... Gender inequality: have your say! 27/11/22
I agree with you that the lack of appreciation of doctors is a reason for their shortage, but I... A doctor's words 25/11/22
What is the topic you are most passionate about?? For me, I love following the World Cup and... STEP ONE: pick a standpoint topic 25/11/22
"Psychiatry among doctors makes them more introverted and lonely" This is a wonderful... What causes doctor shortages? 24/11/22
A good point of view, I liked it, because you looked at the issue from a sensitive side, which... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 24/11/22
There is a great weakness in the political division, and this will lead to the emergence of... Political split: pros and cons! 23/11/22
I agree because... It made me think about the issue from a different perspective, as population... A doctor's words 23/11/22
We are here in Palestine, especially the Gaza Strip, facing barbaric aggression, and that causes... Would you…? 23/11/22
Because the problem that you raised is not only suffered by your country, but many countries... What causes doctor shortages? 23/11/22
But you have to look at it from a different perspective, if the athletes have the power of... Sport and politics: do they mix? 22/11/22