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yes, I would be interested in the challenges of leading a country. I would focus on these key... Your country in your hands! 10/3/24
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Let's explore these advantages and consider potential ways to level the playing field in sports... Unfair advantage? 02/3/24
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If I could meet Caroline, I would ask her: "How do you recommend individuals and communities... Caroline Hickman 04/2/24
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One piece from the quiz that could potentially change someone's mind about prison is a statistic... Show what you know 04/2/24
Option C: “School is not just about learning information. It’s important for things that... Will schools exist in future? 03/2/24
Achieving equality in women's sports involves collective efforts. Responsibility lies with... Women's sport 03/2/24
Your perspective emphasizes the importance of crime prevention through resource allocation,... Prevention or protection? 03/2/24
In the future influenced by AI, roles like AI ethicists ensuring responsible development, AI... Jobs of the future 02/2/24
Certainly! The concept of an AI companion opens up a realm of possibilities. Imagine a... AI companion 02/2/24
Certainly, the rise of AI is likely to introduce new job opportunities. Some potential future... Jobs of the future 02/2/24
As AI continues to develop, it is indeed expected that some jobs will be replaced by machines.... Jobs of the future 25/1/24
The most important fact about AI that people should know is that AI is a tool created by humans... Test your knowledge 25/1/24