Caroline Hickman


Caroline is a practising psychotherapist, lecturer at the University of Bath, UK, and international authority on climate psychology. She delivers talks and workshops about the climate crisis and its impact on mental health.

Caroline is a Festival topic expert on eco-anxiety.

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  • If I got a chance to talk to Caroline­ Hickman, my question would be:

    What strategie­s can people use to de­al with eco-anxiety bette­r? Also, what impact could community and society actions have on decre­asing this kind of mental stress?

  • My question for Ms. Hickman is:

    How can storytelling be a coping mechanism or a way to deal with eco-anxiety for teenagers, and in particular, what stories could help teens overcome their fears?

  • If I had the chance to meet Caroline Hickman I would ask her how climate change is affecting mental health. What problems will arise in developing countries due to the impact of climate change in the future and how can these problems be solved?

  • If I could meet Caroline Hickman, I would ask her:
    - How can individuals distinguish between normal concern for the environment and eco-anxiety?
    - In your experience, what are effective ways to address and alleviate eco-anxiety?
    - How can society better support those who are struggling with the mental health impacts of the climate crisis?

    Feel free to share your thoughts or ask more questions in the comments!

  • If I had the opportunity to meet Caroline Hickman,I like to ask him who is really responsible for this climate change and what disaster could it cause in the future? Can the whole world be a victim of any threat and what awaits us in the future Mr. Caroline Hickman.

  • If i got a chance to talk with Caroline,i will ask her "What challenges will the world face in the future due to climate change? And can these challenges change people's mantel health in any way? "

  • If I got a chance to meet Caroline Hickman I’ll ask her this question “ How can we effectively cope with eco anxiety and take positive action towards addressing environmental challenges.” awaiting your response.

    1. Good questions phenomenal_technology! Ask your teacher to do the Topical Talk eco-anxiety lesson with you. In it there are more exclusive videos of Caroline explaining just this. Let us know how you get on.

      1. I did learn a few things , Well I learnt that change begins with one person, and that will influence others to as well. I said this because if we start with small steps like , reducing waste by recycling reusing and composting. Conservation of energy by turning off lights when not in use and using energy efficient sources. All this will help reduce climate change and we will be reassured about the earth’s future.

  • If I would be able to meet ma'am,I would ask the following questions:
    1.How does nature influences our mental health?
    2.How much herm would the nature get in future for AI?
    3.Will the natural miracles exist in future?

  • If I had chance to meet Caroline Hickman,I'd ask about their approach to therapy, how they build trust with clients, and their views on mental health. Understanding their methods and perspectives would give me insight into the world of psychotherapy.

  • I will inquire about the reasons for her choice to become a psychotherapist and whether she has personally experienced any climate crisis that impacted her, allowing her to apply hands on experience to resolve it .

  • If I had a chance to meet Caroline Hickman I would ask her,what is the evidence that shows the climate is changing?Also, how do we know humans are causing climate change?Also,how does climate change affect my health? THANK YOU.

  • If I could meet Caroline Hickman. I would ask her how can I build emotional resilience and develope a positive mindset in the face of eco- anxiety?
    How can I navigate the emotional distress caused by environmental news and media coverage?

  • I will be more excited to interact with a psychotherapist in my life for the first time and I will appreciate her for her active participation to see that this program is moving fluently and I will ask her to explain further to me about the Eco-anxiety and the climate change, then I will also ask the the ways in which we can emulate to reduce the climate crisis and it's effect to the environment.

  • If I get a chance to meet Caroline Hickman, I would like to ask in what ways do you incorporate environmental data and climate change information into your therapy sessions? Moreover, How did you become interested in the intersection of climate issues and mental health, leading you to become a climate psychotherapist?

  • If i could meet Caroline i would ask her is eco anxiety is equivalent to the other anxiety a normal person face?
    Or does eco anxiety impacts us unknowingly?

  • If I could meet Mrs Caroline Hickman I would ask her about:-
    ◾What specific training and experience do you have in eco-anxiety and climate psychology?
    ◾What are the specific thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations related to eco-anxiety?
    ◾How can we set realistic and achievable goals for taking action on climate change without feeling overwhelmed?
    ◾What resources can you recommend for learning more about climate change and taking action?

    Thank you.

    1. These are great questions, respectful_atmosphere. Can you find any of the answers in Caroline and Joycelyn's videos?

  • If I could meet Caroline, I would ask her:

    "How do you recommend individuals and communities navigate and cope with eco-anxiety in a way that promotes mental well-being and encourages positive action towards addressing climate change?"

  • If I had the opportunity to meet Caroline, I would be genuinely interested in discussing with her
    1,what potential solution exist to address the issue eco anxiety
    2,and how will it be able to address the issue
    3,and also how does eco anxiety effect our physical health.

  • As a psychotherapist I am sure you have had serval encounters with people who are eco anxious . My question is “how did you make them feel secure despite all the bad news they get about the ecosystem. Or rather how do you make them feel about being eco anxious
    I would love to get a reply cause am really curious

  • If I got the chance to meet Caroline my question to her would be:

    How can you approach people with eco-anxiety and how do you deal with it? I would also ask if we have a game plan for the climate change in the future. Also, how can we cope with anxiety and how can eco-anxiety affect us.
    How can we take action to eco-anxiety and how can we help.

  • if I got a chance to have a chat with Caroline Hickman my question wound be,

    what ways do you have to help me and others on how to deal with eco anxiety better?

  • Hello, If I could meet Caroline Hickman, I would ask her about AI and how it affects people's eco-anxiety. I want to know if AI increases or decreases the fear of people getting eco-anxiety, since some worry that AI might take over the world. Also, I'd ask if she's ever experienced a serious case of eco-anxiety in her life or someone else's and how she dealt with it.

  • if I could meet Caroline Hickman, I would ask her two important questions. First, I would ask, "What inspired you to become a psychologist, and why did you start studying eco-anxiety?"
    Secondly, I would ask for advice for someone who wants to become a psychologist like her. Being a psychologist means helping people with their emotions and problems, which is really important. I would love to know what advice Caroline Hickman would give to someone who dreams of helping others as a psychologist.

  • if I could meet Caroline Hickman, I would ask her: Can AI become an eco-anxiety psychologist like you? If yes, would it be a good or bad idea if there is a company for psychologists that is entirely run by AI?

  • If you were to meet Caroline Hickman, asking her about the impact of her advice on people's perceptions of climate change would be insightful. You could inquire about whether she observed a predominantly positive or negative impact and how she navigated any challenges or resistance in her efforts to raise awareness and encourage action on climate change.

  • Hi, if i could meet caroline Hickman, i would ask her how can help a person who is experiencing eco-anxiety about invasive alien species

  • Eco-anxiety is a reality that we have to live with so while listening to Caroline, she did mention that we are developing technology to match the climate situation we are facing thereby leaving us facing more eco-anxiety to deal with. One question I would like to ask her is; if there are technological solutions that she thinks can help deal with environmental situations or climate change.

  • My question for Caroline Hickman will be that would it be a great idea if physiotherapy is totally run by the AI and if yes would it be consequential or not for the people that need the physiotherapy.
    What I mean by this is that would the people feel safe or not, if not would it increase the trauma that they are experiencing.