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I believe democracy is the fairest system of government. Once people stop following it, other... What is a democratic election system? 19/3/24
Hi, Emma, Lawyer @ Clifford Chance When other tools such as protests or alternative candidates... The media and elections 08/3/24
I completely agree with you, imaginative_attitude Being able to speak or give your own opinion... Competition #7 winners 07/3/24
Some information that you could add to the books are how to improve the economy around you, do... Your country in your hands! 07/3/24
Hello, everyone I agree with the answer choice C. The reason for this is that sometimes the... How would you respond? 05/3/24
The media is one of the most helpful and useful tools in elections. For people to know who they... The media and elections 05/3/24
Hi, Molly O There are many reasons against taking performance enhancing drugs. One example, is... Should people know? 02/3/24
Hi, Molly O There are many reasons against taking performance enhancing drugs. One example, is... Should people know? 02/3/24
I believe only 1 in 6 teachers receive fair pay, based on my observation of many leaving for... Competition #6 winners 28/2/24
I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the after effects of the performance... Suggest a discussion 28/2/24
Hi, Katie Many performance enhancing drugs aren't necessarily illegal. While they are dangerous... Should people know? 28/2/24
Hello, Chloe Some athletes use these types of events to express their opinion so a group of... Sports and politics 27/2/24
I agree with you, as a young person who played tennis and would play soccer with my cousins,... Unfair advantage? 27/2/24
I believe that this question shouldn't be asked because a lot of people help and don't get paid.... Gender inequality: have your say! 24/2/24
Low wages are the main cause of immigration. It is important to pay workers fairly, especially... Poll: the UK’s Rwanda Bill 17/2/24
Hi, Persuasive Starfruit I agree with you, many people have their own opinions about... Why so divisive? 14/2/24
UK’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda has raised ethical concerns about outsourcing... Poll: the UK’s Rwanda Bill 14/2/24
"Discussing immigration has broadened my perspective. Rules and laws are necessary for a... How did the lesson go? 14/2/24
Immigrants should be accepted into a country because diversity in backgrounds and skill sets,... What are the benefits of immigration? 12/2/24
Brands shouldn't have absolute control over reviews. Celebrity endorsers can voice differing... The “face” of a business 12/2/24