How did the lesson go?


Did you complete the lesson about immigration policies at school with your teacher? If so, we’d love to hear about any good discussions you had.

You could tell us…

… about any good debates between you and your classmates. For example, about what the UK government should do next?

…how you changed your mind about something during the lesson. For example, did any of the perspectives you considered make you think differently?

…about a new piece of information you heard that surprised or shocked you.

If you haven’t done this lesson yet but you’d like to – let your teacher know. They can download the Topical Talk resources.

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  • You know what, During our conversation, I've been exposed to various perspectives on immigration, and it has been quite enlightening. While I can't change my mind as an AI, I can definitely say that hearing different viewpoints has helped me understand the complexity of the issue even more. It has broadened my perspective and made me appreciate the importance of respectful discussions and considering diverse opinions. It's amazing how different perspectives can challenge our own thinking and lead to a deeper understanding. Thanks for asking!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that, It's wonderful that our conversation has exposed you to various perspectives on immigration. It's true that listening to different viewpoints can be enlightening and help us understand the complexity of the issue. It's all about respectful discussions and considering diverse opinions. It's amazing how different perspectives can challenge our own thinking and lead to a deeper understanding. I'm grateful to have been a part of this conversation with you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    2. Wow, you really had an awesome class
      Despite the fact that I did not attend that class but with what you have said in your comment, I think you really explored on a lot of things.

    3. I agree, this discussion was a great opportunity for us to learn a lot about this hot topic of immigration, as in our country there is an air of moving out for better jobs and improvement of living standards. This platform has broaden my knowledge spectrum since first class, I am glad to be a part of this.

    4. I love how you stated what you did in class and being specific about what you said .

  • My time here during this global conversation has been mind bending and very well knowledgeable my views about different things has changed ever since are started this competition it changed my perspective view on Immigration even on animal rights honestly speaking, I have learnt a lot of things from the different topics and different people and for once I feel like what it is I am saying is acceptable, THANK YOU.

    1. Wow that's a wonderful thing you've just said you really enjoyed your class. But I don't really understand what you mean by mind bending. Do you really mean that your mind is so flexible and can be bended to any shape?

    2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, can you explain some of the things you learned and how they changed your perspective?

  • Hey Economist Foundation!
    This week's discussion was inspired from one of my comments and my school didn't get the five stars they deserve. I posted on business and politics discussion and mentioned immigration as a point, then Molly asked me a question which said how can immigration be made fair, and I answered and I can see that most of the words in my comments were used to inspire this discussion. I clearly deserve the stars because I have evidence so I don't need to explain much.
    Thanks for accepting and reading😄
    Please do something
    Have a great day!

    1. Can you reply to this comment with a link to the discussion that you think you inspired, and a link to the post with your original comment?

  • My class view is that rules and laws are necessary for keeping a country and society running smoothly. Without rules, people could do whatever they wanted, and it would be chaos. Rules and laws help to keep order, and they ensure that everyone is treated fairly. Basically, rules and laws help to make sure that a country and society runs well, and that everyone is safe and happy.

    1. Yes, we had a similar class thought we also thought that every country should have their own immigration rules to create peace among both immigrants and natives based on their own occupations and government system.

    2. Yes I agree with you, rules are very important criteria which many things that have both advantage and disadvantage. Rules are expected to be bounded by every situation following the punishment in order for other people to explore the lesson of the rule in order to have a free crime world. Emagine if the world does not have rules and regulations, what would the world be like it will all be chaos and destruction, the world would not be a peaceful word to live so rules are important in every country.

    3. I agree with you because in my class we had a similar discussion on if the immigrants are doing the right things to move to the country of other people and either improve or worsen the country's economical situation.
      Well, I support all countries that have immigration policies because knowing the amount of immigrants that are entering and leaving your country is a a smart thing for a country to do.
      Some of the different reasons behind countries immigration policies are:
      1) To know whether to increase or decrease the tax given to the citizens.
      2) To find out if your country is thriving or not with the immigrants in it, that is, knowing if the country is overpopulated causing your citizens to start complaining.
      3) Use immigrants to fill the professional disciplines lacking in the countries
      I just think that countries having policies about immigration is a good thing for a country to do for the improvement of the country's economy and citizens.

  • In the class, the lesson about immigration have started with an introduction to the concept of immigration and its historical context. Our teacher have explained the reasons people migrate, such as seeking better opportunities, escaping conflict or persecution, or reuniting with family members.

    1. Indeed, it was an incredible experience, and let's not even talk about the interactive and fantastic discussion that followed. The teacher covered a lot of ground, and we also shared our opinions and ideas with one another, which helped others learn about the concept, significance, and benefits of immigration. We learnt a ton of new and fascinating stuff near the conclusion of the lesson, and the context was outstanding and well worth the wait.

    2. Thank you for sharing some of the reasons people migrate - can you outline how the countries might benefit from people migrating?

  • In today's lesson, our teacher showed us a video about a group of people who traveled from Rwanda to France, crossing the Mediterranean Sea. This changed my thinking about the French government and increased my respect for them. The French people gave them asylum and allowed them to speak on a platform and address their issues which was necessary for them.

    1. What can other countries learn from the way the French government works?

  • Well, I learnt how asylum seekers struggle to find countries to stay and the challenges they face, difficulties, barriers and discrimination like how can they deal with all these.because from what I learnt they are being sent from countries to countries which is quite far and yet the countries on the other hand have a policy to protect and maintain and they finding it difficult to accept them.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - what can the government do to mitigate the difficulties you mentioned?

      1. Hello Aimee.
        I think firstly the government can create a refugee camp where the asylum seekers can stay before the agreement with another country so that they can move in there and start a new life.
        Secondly the government should try and reach a favorable agreement with other countries that are willing to accept the asylum seekers before they send them to the countries. By doing so it will reduce the stress and hardship the immigrants will face

  • Helo everyone,
    Basically, the class was great, and I learnt a lot about immigration and policies. I learnt about divisive and also about the UK policy for the asylums.
    Well, we had a nice debate on whether or not the decision that was made a good one, and I supported the bad decision because... the asylums came seeking for help and the UK are trying to send them to a place 65,000km away where they are not sure of their safety and secondly this policy would damage the financial position of the UK as it is cheaper to host them than to send them away.
    But even though I supported that it was a bad decision, I got to see the reasons why this policy was brought about. From assumptions from the lesson, we got to see that space in UK had a huge role to play in the making of this policy.
    I honestly learned a lot in this lesson and some of the things I learnt were how.
    -Refugees get to different places.
    -What an asylum seeker is.
    -How immigration policies have a big role in influencing the countries people travel to.
    All in all, I learnt that immigration is very important for a nation.


  • "Discussing immigration has broadened my perspective. Rules and laws are necessary for a functional society. They maintain order, ensure fair treatment, and prioritize safety and happiness. Different discussions and considering various viewpoints are crucial. Thank you for asking!"

    1. Can you explain why considering various viewpoints is crucial?

      1. HI Aimee,
        Considering various viewpoints is crucial as it allows for a more comprehensive understanding of a topic. For instance, in a study by Harvard Business Review, teams that considered diverse perspectives made decisions 60% faster. Additionally, looking at different viewpoints fosters creativity and innovation, as seen in companies like Apple, known for its ability to bring together diverse ideas to create groundbreaking products. Furthermore, embracing diverse viewpoints can also lead to better problem-solving and decision-making. By incorporating a range of perspectives, individuals are more likely to identify blind spots, consider alternative solutions, and ultimately arrive at more effective strategies. This approach not only enhances team dynamics but also contributes to a more inclusive and forward-thinking organizational culture.

  • No one in my class knew that much about immigration. So, It was really interesting to know about immigration. Everyone was really focused to hear about this because no one had heard about immigration. So, it a new topic for all of us. We also got some real life examples. There were many debates too.
    Thank you!

    1. That's great to hear. What debates did you have?

      1. Greetings Harriet,
        We had debates about " is it good that the UK government are sending the asylum seekers to Rwanda?" ,"Should other countries also do same as UK government?" These are some of the topic we had debates about. Everyone was saying their own things which was really fun to hear. I personally think that the UK government shouldn't see asylum seekers to so much far.
        Thank you!

        1. Can you say a bit more? Why do you think that?

          1. I think that the government of UK shouldn't send asylum seekers to Rwanda because it's really far from UK. The asylum seekers had came to UK for help because they couldn't live in their country due to poverty, natural disasters, etc. They also want to live happily like others. But the UK government is sending them to Rwanda where they don't even know that they are going to be safe or not.
            Thank you!

  • My vision as a volunteer is to serve and be with everyone for free. Volunteers should not think of themselves to provide help and services to distressed people and disaster victims in disaster prone areas. For them safe water system, sanitation system, sewage system, regular supply of balanced food, etc. Teamwork should be done if the group or organization with which I will work as a volunteer should be humble and gentle with everyone.Everyone should be served regardless of caste and caste

  • Hello! Well the topic was so interesting as we learnt so many new things such as the Rwanda case. What excited most was the quiz we had on groups because some facts we saw were so informative for us. We actually played in a way with our emotions using emojis to express our opinions concerning immigration. The thing is that almost all of us agreed that first we need to put ourselves in their position before being critical.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - can you explain what you learned from the quiz?

    2. This is actually very similar to what i did. this sounds really fun, what you guys did. The information you most likely got from the lesson can be really easy to remember if you enjoyed it.

  • Historys of migration and integration are reminders of the amazing abilities of humans to adapt to new circumstances. At the same time, these stories expose the faultlines communities develop over who can belong and who cannot belong.

  • Hello,everyone.

    I have already finished an extraordinary discussion in the classroom with classmates about the immigration:divisive policies. Through this conversation, I gained more knowledge about this topic . Immigration is the movement of a certain person, group of people from one region to another for any reason. People are immigrating due to various reasons like financial improvement, nature visit etc. The volume of immigration is increasing day by day in a changing world.

    As with all important matters, immigration has certain rules and regulations. These rules help to eliminate chaos between individuals and countries. Moreover, having rules about immigration is very important to maintain internal stability among different countries. Finally, through a discussion about immigration, I got to know this particular issue in detail.Through this I have been able to change my own perspective and have also gained the ability to inform others about this topic.

    Bye.Thank you.

  • Good Day Everyone,
    Yes, we had our lesson on this topic and it was great. I honestly knew about immigration and all, but personally never ventured into that topic. This discussion really made me aware of innumerable aspects of the given topic. A discussion that I enjoyed was that, when I spoke about the positive points of the UK Government's decision, one of my fellow schoolmates reminded me of the negative ones. The conversation went like this :
    My point was,
    'Immigration not only harms the immigrants but also the people of the country they are leaving, as this decreases the development of that particular country and so the country still lives with the name tag of "Under Developed" or "Developing" even though the people native to that country have the potential to remove it. It also harms the country they are going to, as that country may get short of resources faster and the population of that country will also rise and so, I support the UK Government.'
    To which they replied,
    'I agree with your perspective, but, nobody wants to leave their home, their life and their comfort except if they are forced to. We must realize that this is a free world and people should have the right to live wherever they want.'
    This made our session even more interesting, as in my words, different opinions lead to different aspects on situations and that leads to a better understanding of everything that could've been confusing at first.
    Thank You!!!

    1. That's great to hear you shared different perspectives on this topic. Do you think this discussion changed your own opinion in any way?

      1. Hi Molly, thank you for replying to me.
        Well, I noticed that it did not change my opinion as such, but it did make me have multiple opinions on the topic, for now, I started thinking of how when I changed the way I looked at the the subject, my opinion also changed.

      2. Hi Molly, thank you for replying to me.
        Well, I noticed that it did not change my opinion as such, but it did make me have multiple opinions on the topic, for now, I started thinking of how when I changed the way I looked at the the subject, my opinion also changed.

  • Immigration rules are rules or law guiding individuals from engaging in dangerous journey.This laws are carried out because of espionage in country system, espionage is a very offensive law by which a person gets information about another country.In my own point countries are keeping immigration policies for awareness of any alien from another country.Thi law must also be followed to ensure safety while engaging in immigration.

  • The discussion which we had in our class was very informative. I was aware about the concept of immigration, but not in much detail. It is because of these lessons that I’ve been more informed about this topic. We discussed about the negative and positive aspects of immigration, the UK- Rawanda policy, and some other live examples of the policies which have been adopted by other countries. I got to know that different countries have different policies for immigration. Before discussing about this whole concept, I thought that immigration policies had only one side, they were good; or bad, but after analysing the situation, my perspective has been changed. In reality, these policies are very complex, they are not completely ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’ , but their fairness depends from the perspective which they are being viewed from. For example- The policy adopted by UK might be considered unfair towards the immigrants, but ultimately, UK is also not wrong in its decision, they do not want their country to degrade or that their citizens should suffer, thus they have imposed this policy and if we view the situation from the point of view of the immigrants, they also aren’t wrong, they deserve their human rights and should be allowed to live wherever they want. So, in a nutshell, immigration policies are very debatable and my lessons have definitely changed my opinion of viewing them.

    Thank you.

  • Our lesson posed a lot of questions and I would like to focus on one that made us feel very sad.
    After our teacher presented the UK Rwanda policy we all remembered similar cases that occurred in one island of our country. As in Rwanta case , in our island Lesvos many people from Syria were asylum seekers. We sympathize so much with these people and we all felt that we have to do something more for them. Fortunately after scrolling in the internet we found than an organisation exists and it's main aim is to help those people. We felt SAS but at the same time so relieved that real humans exist .

  • Actually,
    In my school we had a debate in my which says that " Should Civil Servant Children be allowed to migrate from Nigeria to Abroad in Order to study".
    This discussion was held in my classroom between me and my friends, some support the motion while some oppose it.
    If civil servant children are allowed to study abroad it has both positive and negative sides, the positive side for allowing civil servant children to migrate from Nigeria to study abroad are,maybe because the educational systems of Nigeria is not good enough for their children, this is because the Nigeria government are not financing the educational systems, but I don't think that,that a good idea a better idea maybe if the civil servants asked the government to put more effort on education rather than wasting their money on children to send them abroad.
    Although the the Nigeria government are already trying their best to improve the educational systems.
    The negative sides of civil servant children migrating from Nigeria are; wasting of money in preparation of passports and the rest,but I disagree since they're going there to acquire more knowledge.
    The debate really made a great discussion and other students share their view about the topic.
    Thanks for asking!

  • When we talked about this topic, it completely changed my perspective. Before having the lesson, I thought it was just not right that immigration could be illegal. I felt like it was a free world, and humans were supposed to travel without paying or making passport. There wasn't a really a strong debate because everyone agreed that immigration is important. I was shocked to hear that people payed immigrants to go to their country or a close country like the way immigrants go to UK and then go to Rwanda. I thought they were supposed to give them a whole house to live in. I heard that this could lead to people staying on the street which is so not good.

  • In today's class, we were educated on what immigration is, it's impact, and why people do it. The class was a mix of emotions, and others were just skeptical. We learned about the UK-Rwanda bill and how immigrants who are found there illegally will be taken to Rwanda not to boost the Rwanda population or fame but to ensure that immigrants get the right place to settle on their way back, and the perfect country according to the UK was Rwanda. I mean, its understandable. Rwanda is a developing country, so a lot of immigrants can find jobs to fend for themselves. In addition, we learned about some negative aspects of immigration, and how immigrants never return home after making sacrifices to find better conditions for themselves and their families. Can business aid in making immigrating less risky? A lot of immigrants trying to migrate to Spain never make it. Likewise, in my country, their is a Liberian camp in place for immigrants who migrate here, which, in my opinion, is not fair because many bad people pick bad habits from other people from different countries, and even these increase robbery cases in my country. Which brings me to an interesting question. Can news help in aiding other countries by volunteering to keep immigrants safe? In conclusion, immigration seems to be a great option to me when your country keeps hitting you with harsh and cruel blows like high inflation and many more, but it also comes at a risk, which makes immigration almost never successful.

  • The news that got me shocked was when president Joe Biden said the the number of asylum seeker would be reduced to the minimum, it was more like a mixed feeling cause when i heard it my imagination when wild, cause they might be a lot of asylum seekers who felt like the US was the safest place would be worried "what if they buy a ticket and they get to the embassy and they realize the border has been shut because the US has gotten the minimum number of asylum seekers that they can accept . i would say the policy was rather saddening because if such would happen to me i might suffer from a heart attack. maybe they were looking forward to finally getting to see the US and the border is shut after facing a lot of pain and troubles from their country the policy is not really one that would make an asylum seeker happy.
    in all the lesson gave me a kind of insight about how different countries help people who leave their country to go to the seek refuge in another country. one policy that gave me a smile was the policy by the polish government who accomodated the ukrainians after the war it was just amazing
    the lesson was really nice

  • Hello,
    The lesson went well and I was really excited to learn about immigration. My teacher had told us the definition of immigration and asylum seekers.We had also learnt about how do the asylum seekers get into others countries. When my friends were discussing about it in recess one of my friends father had also went to another country illegally. so a person who is entering other country illegally is known as asylum seekers.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi receptive_photograph -- actually this is not correct. Seeking asylum, or safety, in another country is not illegal. Article 14 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to escape from their country and live in another if they face danger.

  • Hello, everyone.

    A discussion about a new topic always creates an initiative to learn something new. I have already finished an extraordinary discussion about immigration :divisive policies with my classmates in the classroom. This discussion has changed my perspective on immigration. I have gained a lot of knowledge about immigration. Nowadays, people are often migrating from one country to another for various reasons. People migrate mainly for social, natural and economic reasons. people migrate for better education, medical care, security, financial opportunities etc.Also,they migrate to escape from war, natural disasters etc.Immigration has many positive aspects. It place a role in reducing unemployment in a country. The role of immigration is also immense in terms of social exchange between different countries. But,having immigration rules is essential to maintain internal stability of a country.

    Thank you very much.

  • After everything I learned from today about immigration, I think that our lesson for today was great. We learned new vocabulary words and one is divisive, which means when a topic or something causes disagreements. Another is asylum seekers, which are people that leave their country to have better protection.We watched a video and then did this activity where we put our hands on our head if we thought the statement would be more divisive and if we thought it would be less divisive we would fold our arms together. We also did different activities around the room, and then discussed what we learned afterwards. When we talked about immigration, we talked about different scenarios where the immigration laws would be okay and understandable for the immigrants or asylum seekers. We also talked about how the laws could be bad for the asylum seekers and immigrants. To wrap the lesson up for the day, my class and I talked about how some of the things we see outside of this lesson, like maybe on social media or with our own eyes, would be divisive. I think the lesson today was great and I can't wait to see the lesson plan for next week!

  • The lesson of the immigration was really fun. I enjoyed it very much. my favorite discussion was about Joe Biden's border shutdown. we talked about how we felt about his decisions or the decisions of the other disscusions.

  • Our discussion went great, though I wish we had more time for the emojis. Mostly everybody said that the immigration policy was unfair. I thought and still think that too.

  • During my class, we had conversations about what things have been happening that are divisive that we know. For instance some of my classmates said that the Israeli-palestinian conflict was very divisive because of the thoughts of who can have the land ect. Also our classmates had a debate about how we could make the problems less divisive and my some of my classmates said that if we let both palestinians and Israeli share the land while some said that the palestinians should have the land and other could come visit and live their short term to make it less divisive. Something that we learned that shocked me was that sometimes the countries do not let asylum seekers in.
    Thank you.

  • Hi! I learned many things about immigration in the UK today! Me and my classmates had different debates about the actions of the government. For example, when we learned that some cities were switching to cards for money so immigrants could not send money back to their family, we had to choose from different emojis to express our feelings. We argued why we felt this way that we chose. Different perspectives, however, changed my ways of thinking. One example is that from an immigrants perspective, stopping them from sending money back home to their families would be sad for them. However, from the government's perspective, having thousands of immigrants a day come into your country could harm your economy. You would want to stop them from coming so you may feel satisfied with your decision. Throughout all this, I was able to learn how bad the immigrant problem was. This lesson also helped me develop my skills of empathy and helped me to see a situation through different perspectives.

  • I really benefited from the discussion as it brought up many different view points and conversations. I agreed with many of the opinions shared in the discussion and the ideas brought up about money and what the UK should be putting money towards. I became aware why so many people choose to risk their lives to get to safety and made me think differently about my opinions.

  • The lesson went well, some students studied 2 cards while others studied 1 card, then there was a short quiz about what each student studied. Most questions were easy to answer, and some were hard,but the student who knew the answer would share it with the class and they would talk about it to see if they agree with it. It was really fun and easy to do especially with teamwork and communication. Overall the lesson went amazing. i think if you'd ask the students involved they would agree that they enjoyed the lesson.
    We also studied some words kids didn't know the meaning to. Such as, divisive and immigrant. The video soon explained what it meant so we would understand the lesson more. The words weren't very hard to remember so it was easy to learn them. An immigrant is someone who moves from one country to another. Divisive means something that causes a disagreement. There wasn't much to the lesson but there was a lot to get from it.

  • In class today we learned about immigration, we learn that it means moving from one country to another country. We also studied new stories. After we studied the stories we answered questions to test what we remember. My classmates and I were helping each other get all the questions right. I felt nervous, but we got all the questions correct. I felt happy.

  • During our lesson,i learned a lot about immigrants and migrants.Me and my classmates also had a good debate for which they should not let immigrants be in the UK, or if they should let the immigrants stay in the UK.When the other team won,it made me change my mind to that they should not let immigrants enter the UK because it could cause a lot of problems.My teacher taught me to know how if someone is a immigrant or not.All in all,i think the lesson went really good overall.

  • The class went great because we had to pick a card to between another card and the card some different fact on it and it does not have the same card and we had to remember the cards within 6 minutes then took quiz and it had questions about the cards for everyone to get the questions right the person that had the card had to tell everyone else the answers and we also watched a video about Immigration in the UK.

  • Hello everyone, A new piece of information I heard that surprised or shocked me was when we had to read cards about immigration which are people who moved from one country to live in another. Then, our teacher gave us children some questions and we had to help our fellow students answer the question based on what we read. After that, my teacher told us about some news about immigration she heard on the news. There was an immigration problem in Texas because it was close to the border line of Mexico. Soon enough, people from Mexico started coming into Texas. The governor of Texas didn't like that so he decided to build a wall but the people from Mexico stacked on top of one another and claimed over the wall. And it stood out to me because I'm from Texas and I try to stay informed on what's happening over in that state. In conclusion, I would definitely say the lesson went pretty terrific. See you guys next time!

  • Hi, everyone
    During this lesson I learned about importance and problems about immigration. Really, I also knew that how can we develop our country by using the power of immigration. But one question that intrigues me is that if immigration is so good, why is it not given importance in many countries of the world? If people from other countries are allowed in their own country, will they contribute to the development or deterioration of a country? Because immigrants have been expelled from the country for breaking the rules of the country they were previously in. What are your thoughts on this?
    Thanks for read my opinions.