What is a democratic election system?

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As we all know the term democracy is familiar to all of us. But do we include a democratic position during elections? And who has the power in a democratic society?

As Abraham Lincoln stated, Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. And this is what should happen in elections. The principles of democracy lies on human rights and freedom, the freedom to hold free and fair elections.

For me, I think that the fairest system is the one that gives the power to people to choose the leader they want according to their beliefs . A leader should represent the majority of the voters and should follow the demands of his citizens. This is why he iis elected from simple people.

I also believe that elections should provide accurate information about the candidates and governments shouldn't prevent media from covering opponents' views .This is democracy after all, the freedom of speech. Additionally, elections should be transparent and include all people but most of all, they should be trusted from voters. If citizens feel that there's even a small possibility of cheating then this is not called democratic elections.

All the above are these characteristics that consist a democratic society and personally I believe that the best election system is the one that ensures trust, fairness, clearness, freedom and of course the majority of people is represented.

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  • According to President Abraham Lincoln democracy is a system of government were everyone is represented as a whole unit and we are all represented equally it is simply a system of governance were "the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives" everyone should be involved in an election it is the citizens right and also his choice we cannot deny people just because of gender or race it is utterly wrong and an outrage to the people that have been discriminated , everyone must be treated fairly. This is a fantastic standpoint @outspoken opinion, THANK YOU.

  • I think that democracy is the fairest system of work because it is the standard that everyone else follows. Once the people stop following the democratic system of work. If the people are not truly for democracy than what system should everyone follow? The only other system that the people can follow is monarchy. People like to follow democracy over monarchy some people do not like to serve the King/queen of a particular country.
    As Abraham Lincoln stated, “The principle of democracy is lies”.

    1. Good Day Everyone,
      I completely agree with you that the fairest system a country should operate on is democracy because... as we have earlier seen, democracy is based on human rights and obedience to the rule of law. I believe that development of human beings lies on us respecting the rights of each other and obeying the rule of law to make everyone equal before the law. If democracy is followed, there will be peace in the land because the country is directly or indirectly controlled by the citizens of the country.

      Thank You.

    2. I agree because... In most monarchical states, the subjects rarely have a choice. Every normal human wants to air their views. No matter how quiet a certain group of people are with regards to their type of government, they really have something to say. They want to be allowed to choose their leaders.
      So I truly agree with you.
      Bye Topical Talkers

  • I believe democracy is the fairest system of government. Once people stop following it, other systems may follow them as well. Monarchy is the other option, but some people prefer democracy since they don't want to serve a king or queen.

  • Hi Everybody!
    Democracy is a method of voting that ensures the result of the vote is always fair. I agree with outspoken_opinion that democracy is indeed a fair way to run a country. Democracy depends on the choice of the people. There are many different types of governments-
    1- Democracy- It is the fairest way to run a country. The political party is chosen by the people's votes. India is a democratic country.
    2- Monarchy- It is a type of government ruled by a family. The responsibility of ruling the country or place passes from generation to generation of the same family. For example- UK
    3- Dictatorship- One person is in charge of the whole country.
    Now you must be wondering what is the difference between monarchy and dictatorship?
    Well, Monarchy is a type of government ruled by a family. They rule a country or a place together. Dictatorship includes a single person that manages the whole country. His or her decision cannot be disobeyed.
    Thank You

  • I completely agree with you outspoken_opinoion as a truly democratic society should be prioritize the power of the people to choose their leaders based on their benefits. The inclusion of transparency, freedom of speech and ensuring trust in the election process is important areas of democratic elections. It is a must that citizens have the right to access the right information about candidates that the election system is to represent. The use of these principles is crucial to maintaining a democratic society where the voices of people are heard and respected.

  • I think that democracy is a just and fair system to vote because everyone gets a chance and is treated equally in the election. Having everyone vote is the fairest way to elect a ruler because everyone gets their say and that is a human right. If everyone gets a chance to vote, we can elect a leader who makes good choices for our country to make it a better and safer place for all. Everyone has the freedom and the right to say what the think and what is right for our country.
    Thank you

  • In my own view,
    Democracy is a form of government in which the citizens hold the power to elect their leaders, either by voting directly or by voting for representatives who then vote on their behalf. Abraham Lincoln, a former president of the United States, defined democracy as a government "of the people, by the people and for the people".
    The basic features of democracy are or includes the following listed below:
    1.Political Equality: Everyone should be given equal opportunity to participate in decision-making.
    2. Majority rule: No government decision is made against the wishes of the popular majority.

  • A democratic election system is when people in a democratic country vote for somebody or something. An election is when people vote for something and a democratic country is a country run by representitaves who the people elect.