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  • I think that enhancing steroids are dangerous for the athlete as the effects can be negative as well as positive but what the issue is that we only know about the positive side which is outlandish. It could lead to long term effects as we don't know what steroids are capable of. On the other hand you could argue that steroids can show you what humans are capable of. But at what cost? How many times have these steroids actually been tested? And another point performance enhancing steroids are expensive lots of athletes would not be able to afford these.

    1. I agree because it can be dangerous

  • I think there should be a discussion on the disadvantages of doping. Some athletes dope without knowing the effects. They think it will help them win their game and that's where it ends. This thinking is completely WRONG. Doping can actually end your dreams. If someone is caught, he or she can be ban from all sports, ending his or her career and passion right there and then.
    Let us forget about the disadvantages associated with passion and think about the ones associated with you health. Some people do not know but doping is actually a form of drug abuse and just like any other form of drug abuse, CONSEQUENCES follow. According to world curling, "It has been scientifically evidenced that doping can cause anxiety, obsessive disorders and so on". Some drugs that are used for doping like Anabolic steroids, can cause IRREVERSIBLE damages to the human body like heart attacks, strokes, kidney and liver failure and weirdly even psychiatric problems. These can all ENDANGER the athlete's life.
    I would really like this to be a discussion because if people know the dangers of doping, it can also prevent them from doing so.

    1. Hi articulate_moment. Thanks so much for your suggestion for a topic. I had a question for you, what if all athletes were monitored by doctors throughout the games to make sure they were safe?

      1. Heyy Keya i would like to answer your question I think if all athletes were monitored by doctors throughout the game to make sure they are safe would also not good idea because a person can not totally relay on a doctor sometimes a situation comes where even doctors don't know what to do next so I don't think that that's not good idea to keep the athletes under the influence of doctors !!
        Thank you

        1. I agree you because if doctors are monitoring athletes throughout games to make them safe, I don't think that is a good idea because athletes will not be able to play sports because of being checked by the doctors. Doctors will always disturb the athletes whether they are injured or not.
          Thank you!

          1. I disagree because Athletes wouldn't mind if doctors are monitoring them during a match because it sometimes makes them feel safe and secure and wouldn't have to worry about getting hurt.
            Another reason is that doctors won't be disturbing athletes during the game because they wouldn't even be allowed.
            When doctors are watching them during a game, athletes don't mind since it sometimes gives them a sense of security and relieves their fear of injury.
            Another point is that since they wouldn't even be permitted, doctors won't be upsetting athletes as they play.

            1. I understand your perspective. Athletes may feel safer with doctors monitoring them during a match, reducing their worry about injuries. Also, doctors wouldn't disrupt the game. This sense of security can help athletes perform better. Moreover, the presence of doctors can offer immediate medical attention if needed, contributing to the overall safety of the athletes during the game. In additionally, having medical professionals on standby can reassure athletes and provide them with peace of mind, allowing them to focus entirely on their performance.

      2. That will actually make it better though I actually believe it is unfair since it is not natural talents that are used. Besides I think athletics without drugs will be way more interesting. Imagine watching an athlete you are rooting for winning a game through their natural talent, skill and perseverance, it will be way more interesting than watching an athlete who wins because of drugs. It brings so much life and zeal and it causes this feeling that makes hearts race with so many different emotions like anxiety and joy for an athlete to see their hard work pay of. On the other hand, an athlete who wins through doping might not feel the same emotions because it is not natural talent and perseverance being used, it is drugs and he or she is aware of that. Athletics in general is based on raw talent, determination and discipline. Doping breaks this base. It reduces the natural capability of athletes because instead of training and getting better, you are falling back on drugs. Don't you think there is a joy athletes derive from seeing themselves get better at what they love? I believe that doping will take this joy away. Using doctors to monitor doping might make it safer but I think it should still not be allowed because of the things I have mentioned.

      3. Hi Keya@ Topical Talk,
        I would like to respond to your interesting question. What if all athletes were are monitored by doctors throughout the games to make sure they were safe?
        It is absolutely a good ideal because, it won’t give any room for cheating in games and will also save Athletes from so many diseases because I believe that all those drugs has some side effects in the sense that they is a possibility that it might damage your body systems.
        The ideal of athletes are monitored by doctors will avoid athletes from any diseases and will also reduce risk. If athletes are monitored by doctors you will get to find out that game will be interesting and will be fair.
        In conclusion, I also concur with the ideal of athletes are monitored by doctors throughout the game.
        Thanks you.

    2. I agree because drug stimulants have negative side effects on the athlete which is very risky to their health and could lead to their deaths which is very bad and also the need to encourage usage of talents rather than stimulants.
      THANK YOU.

      1. Hello devoted television

        I really concur with the point that you stated about the negative effects of taking performance- enhancing drugs. Athletes have been affected negatively as a result of taking performance enhancing drugs to boost their athletic performance. They may suffer serious health challenges and probably death if they continue to use drugs to improve athletic performance. I would suggest that every athlete should use their raw talent to win competitions instead of using stimulants to boost sport performance. Also, during preparation or training for an athletic competition, doctors should be there to monitor the medical activities of the players.

        Thank You!!!

      2. Hello,
        I agree because the use of drug stimulants can totally ruin the health of some individuals and might lead to the death of individuals or cause health hazards for them. It is more advised to use the skills that you have acquired through training rather than depending on drugs to be a good athlete. It requires effort, hard work and determination to succeed. Following crooked would only lead someone into a "dead end."
        THANK YOU.

        1. I agree because... recently, we have discussed about the side effects drugs and we come to know that athletes may suffer from health risks, including cardiovascular issues, organ damage, hormonal imbalances, and mental health problems and I believe that instead of consuming these drugs athletes can work hard by themselves and should not depend on these drugs which is hazardous and danger for them .

          1. I see what you are saying about the health risks that come with taking these performance enhancing drugs, but so many athletes are already taking them. So if we are considering their safety, wouldn't it be better if they could openly say they are using these drugs? If they tell whoever is running the competition that they are taking the performance enhancing drugs it would help treat them if something did go wrong during their event.

            However I would like to say that I am not disagreeing with you, I just think these are a few of the things that we have to think about when discussing the use of peds and their harmful effects on athletes.

          2. I agree with you because a lot of people depend on drugs to make them strong and some of the side effects are; health issues, mental problems, organ damage, bleeding and coughing. I also believe that athletes working hard and naturally using their God-given abilities is the best because I think that although some of the drugs may not give side effects now, the effects in some time to come will be detrimental. Some may be famous now and win all the medal and monies now but all these will not save them when these side effects begin to take a toll on them.
            Therefore, athletes should be more concerned about the long term side effects of these drugs, be mindful of their health and old age rather than the prize, fame, monies and gifts.
            Thank you!

      3. Actually I agree with your point of view but in a higher scale I disagree with you, because we are not all the same, like a phase which says "another man food is another man's poison" and " all fingers are not the same" so with this phrases which I have used which actually is self explanation.

        So this your comment got me thinking, is not all the humans who reacts to all type of drugs because the human body are not all the same. So my question is, do you think that there is a drug which all humans have the same reaction towards there body system?

        1. I understand this your point, but it is very common for many people to react in spite of the fact that some people actually don't react to some of the drug stimulants they take, some usually have encounter physical challenges, take for example anabolic steroids for people who compete for the world's most strongest man and many other competitions encounter challenges like:
          1. Too much weight of muscles when they are old or even when they become older and do not require that much amount of muscles.
          2. Easy tearing of muscles: Due to the fact that they have huge muscles, they can easily tear because they may be stagnant or over used.
          3. Ankle swelling.
          4. Acne.
          These in conclusion, indicates that there musn't be a chemical reaction in the body for taking enhancement drugs, but also physical effects like Acne, Easy tearing of muscles and so on. This also means that there are side effects in the user of enhancement drugs whether physically or by reaction. So I would advice athletes not to use performance enhancers, but rather use their natural ability and work hard because there are always side effects of using drug stimulants. If you still don't agree with me, you can still explain your point and I can understand you better.
          THANK YOU.

    3. Hello,
      I absolutely agree with you because doping can seem right to someone that uses it at first but can totally damage someone completely. It can crush the dreams if it is overused and can equally result to the death of some individuals.
      It can:
      1. Destroy the reproductive system of the individual.
      2. If someone is caught, he or she might be banned from participating in any form of sport which can destroy their career.
      3. If overused, it can cause damage to the brain cells which can result to permanent disorders and might eventually lead to the death of the person.
      We should learn to work for what we want. If we try to follow crooked ways, we would not like the end results. But when we rely on faith and hard work we would really enjoy the results. An adage says that "You cannot eat your cake and have it." We cannot expect to do something wrong to succeed and then expect a good result.
      THANK YOU!!!

    4. You made a good comment but I would like to ask you a question. How will doping cause anxiety? I also disagree with what what you said about doping causing disorder because in the beginning of this topic, i was told that enhanced drugs can neither be harmful to the body nor harm athletes rather it gives them strength so I don't really figure that out to be a good idea.

  • My topic will be cheating in sports.Cheating is the act of using enhancement steroids or drugs to make yourself physically fit.It is not fair to cheat in games because it gives your team a higher advantage to other teams.I brought up this topic because they rate of cheating not only in sports is rising instead of decreasing.The problems of cheating is mainly coming from our coaches because they advice us,they people that accept bribes because it is mainly bribes people accept bribes and it is very wrong because they are teaching people bad things.

    1. Hi succinct_cheetah, thanks so much for your comment. Can you please let me know where you got your data? What if everyone is using enhancement drugs? Would you still consider it cheating then?

      1. In my opinion if everyone use enhancement drugs during sporting competitions it will not be considered as cheating because everyone is at the same level. The only difference will be how each individuals by the processes the and enhancement and how fast they are naturally. However we should be concerned about the potential for addiction and side effects on the body. If people want to perform exceptionally well they may take more of the drugs which can have negative consequences on their health.

        1. Hello,
          I agree because the utilization of stimulants to enhance athletics is wrong because it would promote laziness in athletes. One needs to be determined and hardworking to be a good athletes. People that use stimulants would not want to work hard having the knowledge that stimulants are available. Sports are based on physical power and strength. It requires effort, skill, a vision and perseverance to acquire a good athletic career.

          1. I agree with u and I believe that stimulants not only cause health risks to an athlete but also not maintain the fairness and integrity on the player field..and instead of using these stimulants and drugs, athletes should work hard and improve their skills rather than depending on these drugs and stimulants..

      2. Hello Keya,
        I think that if everyone uses drugs, then it wouldn't be cheating because, everyone has the same advantage because they all took drugs. But it is only fair if they take the same amount of drugs, and it also depends on the amount of drugs they take. Because if the athletes take different amounts, the advantages would be different and it would be also be classified as cheating. So even if athletes are allowed are allowed to take drugs, there should be a rule of them always taking the same amount of drugs so it can be a fair advantage.

        THANK YOU.

      3. Hi Keya @Topical Talk,
        Please sorry I would like to respond to your interesting question. You said what if everyone is using enhancement drugs, would it be still considered as cheating?

        No it won't be considered as cheating in list aspect but yes it will be considered as cheating in most aspect because when the athletes take the same drugs, they will be expected to perform equally and have equal right, ok that's good but have you head the adage that says ' another man's food is another man's poison' and also the one that says 'all fingers are not equal or the same' I guess is already self explained because I believe that everybody did not have the same body system in the sense that you might take the drug without having any issue but when I do so it becomes a problem to me. It might even damage most of my functioning systems like the liver, kidney and lungs specifically and I believe that all performance enhancing drugs has a side effect so when others take it and you don't because of some medical issues then it becomes cheating. This is the place where it will be an unfair paly among the athletes.
        In conclusion, I don't think it should be advicible for athletes to use performance enhancing drug or peels in games or sports because it is an unfair paly among the athletes and it brings cheating in games. Banning the drugs will even save the athletes life from risk and also make him or her to be naturally fit so I think everybody should just focus on regular practice because I believe that practice makes perfect so that you can perform well in sports without depending on any drug.

      4. Hi Keya @ Topical Talk
        Thank you for the interesting question, and I want to answer the question on what if everyone is using enhancement drugs, would you still consider it cheating.

        No I will not consider it cheating because each team are using the drugs that will help them win the game because everyone want to win that is why each team use the drugs to boost their strength and speed. If athletes from each team use enhanced drugs to play in a competition, there is a possibility for each team from winning the competition because each athletes are using the drugs, Unless the athletes take more from the prescribed dosage from the doctor or pharmacist, then the athletes will be able to pass the one that drank the prescribed dosage . But remember that the are side effects that will affect the athletes that drank over dose in the future.
        For me I will consider it not cheating because every athletes are using the same drugs and are equal.
        THANK YOU......

        1. Do you think it could have an unfair advantage on people who don't use performance-enhancing drugs?

          1. Hi Aimee
            Yes it could have an unfair advantage on people who don't use performance-enhancing drugs, because those that don't use performance enhancing drugs will feel inferior, and jealous of those that are using performance-enhancing drugs. For instance, in a game or competition they should have a rule that say that no using of performance-enhancing drugs in the game or competition, so that they game will be fair for everyone, that if anyone caught will be sent out of they and they person will not play that game again.
            For me i will say that every game should be equal even though they are using performance-enhancing drugs.
            THANK YOU....

    2. I whole heartedly disagree with what you said because of the fact that you are considering what you have seen and that does not really mean it's happening everywhere okay, and also your statement was too general and. Lastly, not all coaches take bribe or advice their students to take enhanced drugs.
      Also know that when every body takes the drug, it is never cheating.

  • I think they should be a hob discussion about doping.doping is a serious crime in sport activities.the athlete think that doping will make them win a particular game. This thinking is wrong.the athlete career can end because of I think they should be a serious punishment about it SAY NO TO DOPING 🖐️🖐️✋

  • I think that there should be a hub post about How do you think enhanced games will impact the gaming industry as whole well firstly this topic is very complex and wide and can bring about lots of debate and question on how enhanced games would impact the gaming industry so I think thatit will have the potential to have a positive impact on the gaming industry by increasing player engagement, improving revenue opportunities, providing a competitive advantage, and driving technological advancements.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the athlete's state of health using drugs/steroids.It may not be the best way to get fit and stronger.

    1. I agree with you considerate_snail, because some athletes cheat by doping, and this is very bad because this is considered cheating, but a surprising thing is that 1% of them are caught, and 44% do it.
      So thank you for sharing your consernce.

  • Hello
    I think there should be a Hub discussion post on whether it's fair to use technology to boost athletes performance in the Enhanced Games, because it raises questions about fairness, the future of sports entertainment and also the potential risks and benefits involved.
    Thank You

  • The topic which should be added to the Hub is "what do you think about the positive and negative side effects of the enhanced sports towards the Athletes health. "

    Why I suggested this discussion is about the health of the Athletes towards the effects of the drugs. Thanks.

  • If Ai was to participate in, sports,does it need to take an
    Enhanced drugs in order to do well?

  • If everyone uses enhancement drugs it will not be cheating because everyone will fairly be given an advantage but what about those who their body can not take enhancement drugs what will happen to them?But if everyone is given it is not cheating.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about "How about shutting down all the drug companies to stop the use of certain drugs (that help athletes win competitions)?"
    If these drug companies can be stopped then the players will not get any more drugs and it will be a fair competition. What is your opinion about this?
    Reply as soon as possible.

  • I think we should discuss how coaches can train their players to avoid using drugs. Coaches should be responsible for showing both the negative and positive aspects of doping. While a small amount of drugs may not cause harm, it can become harmful if one becomes addicted to them. Therefore, coaches should take matters into their own hands and provide assistance if needed. The country should not only think about winning but also give a second thought to the health of the athletes.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the impact of enhanced games on society's relationship with technology because the impact of enhanced games on society's relationship with technology is an important aspect. As technology continues to advance, it mixes more with our lives, like in gaming. Figuring out how cooler games can change how we hang out, act, and see what's real is super important for seeing how people and tech are changing together.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about IF THE ENHANCED GAMES IS ACCEPTABLE IN THE SOCIETY (ALL THE COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD) because the world is just hearing about the enhanced games but my question is; is it accepted in the world?, does everybody think it is fair and if it is right for athletes?, that is, the effects it has on the athletes, whether negative or positive.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about what they think about sports and share there opinion on the whole matter like not only a little topic it can be anything about sports like women sport , men sport and different type of sport. I believe this because it is important to share opinions and comment and if you talk about the sports you like then it would be more easier to discus about it .

  • I think we can discuss about what will happen if robots played sports instead of us , and we had a machine to control the robots like PlayStation ,but in reality ,the discussion is simply taking about what are the negatives and positives of doing this.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the following:
    "Why are now-a-days anti-doping tests failing if we are supposed to have very advanced technology on detecting substances in our body?" I think this is an interesting topic because we live in a very technologically advanced society and this type of tests should be very precise, but for some reason they aren't. This leads me to another discussion that could be published is the next one: "Test failures or something more?" This should be faced (I think) with the possible influence that politics could have on this, because it is not normal than a test fail so frequently, so this can make society think that politics may have something to do with it. Finally, my last suggestion is "Should the Enhanced Games be called Games?" This last topic I have included on my list is because it is open to a controversial discussion as many people may not consider this games but yes a scientific experiment (as I do, because I think a sport should only consider training and practice but no drugs) so it could lead to a controversial debate.

  • I think there should be a discussion on how people that use ability enhancing drugs influence others to do same.
    When people witness how these drugs enhance abilities, they will try to also take those drugs, putting more people in danger of illnesses.
    The people would be amazed at how the strengths
    of the athletes improves and would also want to have enhanced abilities ( I mean, who doesn't?, just not in the most dangerous way possible) so they start to take these drugs and encourage people to do so as well.

    1. I believe that how people who use enhancing drugs influence others is a really good topic because this topic is the root of enhancing drugs. I also think that the main reason why 44% of athletes use enhancing drug is because they have seen how it improved other athletes skills so they expect that it would be a good option to win the game.
      I think this is a good topic that needs to be explored.

      1. I am glad that you find my discussion idea one that needs to be explored, thank you for adding a statistic to back up my point. I strongly believe this is an idea that needs to be discussed because this affects the population of athletes in the world that use performance enhancing drugs.

  • I think that there should be a discussion about the disadvantages of doping. Doping can cause athletes to cut their careers short. Doping can cause side effects to when the take it. Doping is like taking a big handful of steroids and shoving them down your throat. They might not think that the side effects are increased, but they are and aren't safe for athletes to do.They can cause more issues in their body than there already are. They might even hide from on-site doctors that they are on something. This might even cause for people around them to get hurt by the person on the drug.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the after effects of the performance enhancing drugs/steroids to let people know more about what could happen after athletes used these types of steroid so we could grasp a better understanding about these drugs or steroids.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about performance -enhanced drugs if they are both to have advantages and disadvantage for athletes. I say so because,as far as have heard many athletes are being sick or are getting more active. Athletes are active with the use of drugs but drugs are very harmful to some people, and many doctors don't know what to do.

    1. I agree because as the saying goes everything has an advantage and a disadvantage. So that's why I agree with you 🤔, so by talking about this topic everyone can share there thoughts and we will learn the advantages and disadvantages of enhanced drugs in sports.
      Thank you

  • I think an interesting topic to talk about is "The LGBTQ+ community in sports." I think this discussion will be interesting to view from a sports manager's point of view. Imagine this: suddenly, someone who is LGBTQ+ is participating in a sports event. We will imagine that he is a man-turned-woman. When she participates, all the athletes call her out for cheating. She says she is registered as a woman, but the women there deem it unfair that someone who has high levels of testosterone is allowed to participate in women's sports events. The officials decided to disqualify her. She takes to the streets and social media. LGBTQ+ people from all around the world support her, but the officials can't make her play. If you were a manager, what would you do?

    Should people who are LGBTQ+ participate in normal sports? Or should they have their very own sections? Well, you decide!

    1. I already think that this your topic has been solved by the bringing of the gay games in Honkong in 2023, this has been able to give the LGBTQ+ members a medium to be accepted in sports despite who they choose to love or the gender they prefer.
      THANK YOU.

      1. Hi devoted_television -- I don't think the existence of the Gay Games actually deals with all the questions that might arise from a general discussion of "The LGBTQ+ community in sports". It turns out to be a very sensitive and complicated topic!

  • A discussion I think should be considered is the Reasons why athletes might be tempted to use performance enhancing drugs, we can talk about the pressures they face because yes truely they want to perform better but they are also aware of what these substances can do to them. How serious is this pressure. So like there should be a topic about why they still choose to continue.

  • Hi wonderful friends
    I think there should be a hub discussion post about "WHAT ARE THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF DOPING AND WHICH EFFECT OUTWAGES THE OTHER?" I really wish this discussion will be a hub discussion post because I am very curious about other people's thought about doping. I would also like to now whether they think the negative effect outwages the positive effect or whether it is the other way round. If this suggestion is published, it will improve our critical thinking skills by allowing us to ponder or think deeply of our ideas. It can also improve our listening skills by allowing us to have a listening ear to other people's opinions although we might not share the same thought
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Our lesson was engaging and dynamic since we were studying PHE, and we had a discussion about these improved games. In light of the lesson, I would like to propose a hub discussion post about the benefits of WADA or perhaps incorporate our critical thinking in an effort to persuade more agencies to make games in a way that is contrary to what our teacher was saying about the World Antidoping Agencies, or WADA. According to what our teacher said about these agencies, they are specialists specialized in ensuring that no athletes are taken illegal drugs to enhance their power and energy.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about animal safety and what you can do about it because many animals are going extinct all because of our actions. Some people around the world are burning fossil fuels quicker than ever. This also may lead to heating up our earth and melting the polar bears ice caps and glaciers.In the water, not only that heat is too hot now but sharks are struggling to live even just normal sharks. People are deciding to make shark fin soup out of it. That is leading to killing a shark each time someone wants shark fin soup. Just for that! Now imagine you were the polar bear , how would you feel if you were getting your land stolen?

  • I think that if athletes in the enhanced games are taking drugs that harms them and could cause major risks on their body and most importantly their health. The way they are trying to present this is anyone even a homeless guy can join and take drugs and technically can become an athlete with absolutely no experience and that does not make sense because the real athletes who dedicate their lives just would say its not right and that is true. Usain bolt for example has dedicated his career and most of his life at 37 with world record but a random guy who takes drugs can break his record just from steroids and other drugs, its not a thing a real athlete would do

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about animal testing because I have the controversy in myself should makeup and medicine should be tested on animals that have much simpler understanding life's or should it be tested on humans each and every one with their own personality, family, friends and feelings.
    The last time they did human testing was in the cold war which was called Nazi human experimentation which was called inhumane and called far worse than evil. But don't animals have feelings and emotions like humans too? If you haven't watched Save Ralph, I advise you to do, it helps get an understanding what animals need to go through in animal testing. All animals and humans should deserve a right to live a rightful and happy life.
    Who will we test on new Technlogies and products on? Will it be me and you or the helpless creatures that are tortured and tormented for the "sake on Science" or will we stop evolving and adapting in the point when the human civilisation will come to an end with science once and for all? I would love to hear your opinions, thank you.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the health and impact of the enhanced drugs in the body of an athlete because is an interesting topic and people could learn and become aware about this topic.

  • In enhanced-games, athletes can take performance-enhancing drugs without being monitored or tested. This means that everyone can use this kind of manner to be more strong and therefore achieve to win. So, most of the times, due to the consumption of drugs, athletes' effort and sometimes win is not always objective. This brings me to my point, if in enhanced -games participants can become stronger with drugs, then is it worth for this kind of games to exist or it would be better for athletes' health if they were confiscated?
    I also want to compare the Olympics with enhanced -games in order to find out the differences and the similarities and be able to distinguish which of them is the best competition of athletes to compete.

  • As I am preparing a presentation on Olympic games I came up on an article on the internet about baby Olympics.
    It was a bit surpring in the beginning but it really caught my attention.
    So I think there should be a Hub discussion post about baby Olympics as it can raise questions if these Olympics can inspire kids to get into sports.
    Fistf baby Olympics took place in Bahrain in many different sports activities like swimming,running, rhythm gymnastics and so on.
    It was organised so kids cam both enhance the development of physical, motor skills and instill the values of sports from a very early age.

  • I think that there should be a topic on the student hub on the benefits and negatives of doping so people can get a view of both sides and weigh the pros and cons to decide if people should take steroids in sports or not. Some examples of a pro to taking steroids could be it makes the performances and statistics about the sport better for a country bringing in tourists to see this person do their sport. While a downside to it is that they are putting their health at risk because after they stop taking them it will probably only go downhill. So that is why I think the student hub should have both sides of this argument.
    Thank you.

  • Hello, I think bio-engineered foods would be an interesting topic to talk about. Like, how astronauts eat those artificial foods. I have even heard that scientists are using the cells of different animals we get our food from and transforming them into things like chicken and beef. I heard of this from a show called "The Future Of" which has many unique topics about the future.

  • I think there should be a discussion on "why pharmaceutical scientist produce this enhancement drugs that are harmful to the health".
    Well in my opinion,I think the agencies that are responsible for drug regulations are not performing well.this producers knows very well this drugs are harmful to the health and yet they still produce them, don't you think this people needs to be queired.
    To eradicate the use of enhancement pills,it has to go into extinct, harmful drugs should never be produced.some company will even indicate that it harmful and yet still decide to sell it out to innocent people.
    Enhancement pills has destroyed the life of many,not only athletes.before a product can be sold or used I guess it will be tested,this drug are tested on other people that the world did not even know about,but the society is focused only on athletes and other people that make use of this drug.
    if it is not exist no one will make use of enhancement pills.
    So therefore to stop the production of enhancement pills it has to start from where it is been produced, government, society,brands and NGOs should speak up so as to the" PRODUCTION OF ENHANCEMENT PILLS ".


  • Many people believe that the damage of those drugs only comes with overdose but it can also be caused by the gradual build up of drugs in the body and that's why I think that we should have a hub discussion about "Should these games even exist" because it doesn't matter the quantity you take but the amount already in your body that you are adding unto.

  • Hiiii, Hello, Namesthe and Vanakkam to everyone.....

    I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the role of technology in leveling the playing field in sports competitions, because advancements such as equipment innovations and machine learning have the potential to enhance both performance and introduce new challenges to fairness. Exploring how technology impacts various fields of sports, from training methods to equipment regulations, can give a meaningful debate on how to maintain fairness and integrity in modern sports.
    Thank you.....

  • I think there should be a topic about how people would improve the enhanced games. This would have to make people think about how to keep players safe while still using drugs.

  • In the media the incense games are called a better version of Olympic games. On the one hand in enhanced games athletes can use drugs without being monitored and on the other hand in Olympic games outlets are forbidden to use any kind of performance enhancing drugs. So are enhanced -games actually better than Olympics? Is it actually good for the athletes to be able to use drugs in order to achieve when it is not there actual performance or Olympics are the only competition that must be held?

  • "I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the fairness of Enhanced Games because it's a hot topic stirring up debates.Let's delve into whether technology-driven enhancements level the playing field or create an unfair advantage . Please join the conversation and share your views!".
    Thanks :)

  • I think there should be a discussion post about 'Are they really going to bring the enhanced games alive?' Because I thought that this might just be an idea but now that I am thinking about this more, people might possibly make this happen and let people use drugs. I don't understand why people want to use drugs as it is like cheating and some people might feel uncomfortable with this and some not. Personally, I don't really like this idea and feel like people shouldn't be using drugs, especially for no reason. Also, there are many consequences to this: if a person uses drugs in a running race and feel really fast and strong then they are happy but then suddenly and a few weeks later these consequences start to occur and suddenly that person ends up in a hospital. Why do people think that it is ok to use drugs as an object that is included in our everyday life? When it shouldn't be. However, this is my opinion and my question and I will be interested in your opinion. What do you think?

  • Hi,
    I think there should be a Hub discussion post about, "Are the Enhanced Games a Good Idea?" because it would have users really look into the morality of the Enhanced Games. It would have three options, something along these lines:

    A - I think the Enhanced Games are a great idea! [insert more here]

    B - I'm not sure... [insert more here]

    C - I think the Enhanced Games are a terrible Idea! [insert more here].

    Thank you.

    1. I think there is lots of debate about these A, B, C opinions on the enhanced games threads already! My challenge to you is:
      Find one hub user who thinks option A, another user who thinks option B and another who thinks option C. See if you can identify their reasons for each opinion!

  • I believe that a hub discussion post about drug abuse, its effects, and prevention strategies is necessary. Drug abuse, defined as the excessive use of various drugs, including illegal drugs, can result in both physical and mental health issues, so addressing drug abuse would help stop these improvements to games.

    1. I do agree on that, the enhanced games are allowed to used enhanced drugs at a certain level or amount. But,the ones that are not allowed are the ones that are done secretly and is being used in large amount which is very bad. So, this process is called drug abuse, the health issues athletes face through as a result of improper taking of drugs in the body, there are lot of bad effects on the body. So, some association was formed to prevent improper taking of drugs. This are necessary strategies we take for the prevention of this problems in there area of enhanced games.

  • people ask is doping fair?
    for me i will say no because for you to dope in sports you must not necessarily bribe someone with money but you can do that through drugs. I think is not advisable for a player to dope because through the process of doping you may collapse in the field /die instantly why because you took drugs. remember the way your body reacts to drugs is not the same way another persons body will react to. for example some people take panadol to stop their headache while some take ibuprofen to stop their headache. in conclusion it is not always advisable to take enhanced drugs before entering the pitch. because it may lead you to difficult challanges in life and you can also get addicted to it. players or athletes should not dope at all.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussing about whether or not records broken by athletes who didn't use performance enhancing drugs would be affected by those who used performance enhancing drugs if this is allowed in the near future. I think this would make a good hub discussing because it would open people's minds to other perspectives of the topic. For example, would Usain Bolt's record in the 100m race be overlooked if someone who used performance enhancing drugs broke it? Thank you!

  • I think there should be a discussion about take too much of these drugs. For example let's say you take too much it could cause you to fall down or even die. This can also cause a big commotion and even stop the whole thing. If many people take too much, and something happens to them it would not be as entertaining to watch. So, I think there should be a discussion on this.

  • I think there should be a discussion about how drugs can harm the human body. People are saying that performance-enhancing drugs should be allowed in serious competitions. However this should not happen for a variety of reasons. First of all these drugs can temporarily enhance the users physical attributes, however they can come with serious side effects. Some include, high blood pressure, hair loss stomach irritations, mood changes, insomnia, aggression, depression, dizziness, indigestion, acne, weight gain, easy bruising, cold and the list goes on and on. These could eventually kill the user and are very harmful towards the athlete. Not only this but it is also not fair to people who don't take steroids and should not be forced to do so. Not only this but sports won't be sports if drugs are used and won't be fair.

  • Hello, the topic I think would be interesting for us to discus is the effect of drugs on young kids think we should discuss kids because these days, children do a lot of things that affect them negatively and I think that we should keep ourselves well informed. Thank You.

  • When participating in a competition especially in such an enormous one, it is natural for athletes to desire to win. However, it is possible and actually not forbidden to use performance enhancing drugs. This is where most athletes end up without knowing that this could in fact affect their whole potential career. To illustrate my point, if an athlete starts using drugs, then he will probably do it perpetually and finally at the most severe version he could be addicted. Thus, all the effort, the sweat and the potential to become someone great just for their talent and capabilities, disappears like they have never been done.(sometimes)

    So, I think there should be a hub discussion about how utilizing drugs can affect your perception in a sport, what could be its collateral consequences and most importantly how it can ruin someone's career and for some people their whole life?

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on how doping could have an effect on drug industries. I personally think now or in the near future, having enhanced games would have a positive impact on drug industries. This is because I think people seeing the effects of drugs on athletes would influence them to start doping because it makes them more energetic and stronger. This will have a big impact on the drug businesses and industries because the more people get influenced the more drugs being used and the more drugs being used means the more profit. But I would love to hear different opinions on this discussion.

  • I think a question that would make a great discussion is "should enhanced games be banned?" because it seems to me that in some cases it would be unfair. Example: Someone in an enhanced sport can't take performance enhancers since they would have dangerous reactions. Now this is a serious health hazard and someone who would die to do it could get serious health issues. I think we should go back to the old gaming system where every factor depended on talent and training. If this is not taken seriously, doping would be common for both children and adults which I hope will never happen. I would love to hear how other people would take this.

    1. I agree with you, but I don't think anyone would enter themselves into the enhanced games if they know that the drugs have a bad effect on their bodies, for that they would enter the Olympics. I agree with your point on the fact that we should go back to the gaming system that consisted solely of talent and training. It is true that doping can become common because of the influence of athletes doping.

  • I think a good discussion would be on the difference between performance enhancing drugs and illegal drugs. I suggested this because in other discussions I realised that some topical talkers were confusing performance enhancing drugs for illegal drugs and some of the adults on topical were trying to correct them.
    Performance enhancing drugs are more of ability amplifiers. They help athletes have a better performance of whatever sport they are play and/or make it easier for them to do.
    Illegal drugs are drugs that law states people shouldn't consume. When a person consumes illegal drugs and is caught they would be punished.
    Performance enhancing drugs are allowed in the enhanced games and illegal drugs are simply not allowed and their consumption attracts some kind of penalty.
    Please note that any addition, subtraction, division or multiplication is welcome for my idea.

  • I think that performance enhancing drugs are very dangerous for athletes because it can cause negative effects just for consuming them. It can damage the athletes health mentally or physically. I don't think anyone should be taking any drugs overall. It can be harmful for the human body and you can maybe end up in a hospital.

  • "I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the potential impact of Enhanced Games on the gaming industry because it raises important questions about accessibility, inclusivity, and ethical considerations in game development. With advancements in technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and haptic feedback, Enhanced Games have the potential to revolutionize the gaming experience. However, it's essential to explore how these innovations may affect different player demographics, address concerns about privacy and data security, and ensure that gaming remains a positive and enjoyable experience for all."
    Thank you.

  • I think there should be a discussion on why athletes may want to use drugs to win.
    The athletes may feel that they are not as good as the other athletes,
    They want to win no matter what, or
    They might not have a good mindset (why do it genuinely when there is a much easier way?)