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In my view, a brand should have a certain degree of control over the celebrities who represent... The “face” of a business 09/2/24
While I cannot possibly imagine what could have been going through the minds of the executives... Countries behaving badly 09/2/24
The decision to continue doing business with Country A after they have invaded Country B is a... Countries behaving badly 05/2/24
Scored 12 out of 12. Already knew most of the information because of the resources provided on... The business and politics quiz 05/2/24
When it comes to age restrictions, there are different rules around the world for various... Age restrictions 04/2/24
Staying informed about local news is an important aspect of being an active and responsible... Responsible citizens 04/2/24
Jérôme's message about the need for reform in criminal justice systems and the importance of... An interview with Jérôme Mangelinckx 04/2/24
In my opinion, the responsibility of supporting women in football lies with everyone involved in... Women's sport 03/2/24
Restricting people's freedom to keep them safe is a contentious issue that requires careful... Freedom v safety? 03/2/24
From the available evidence, it seems that the number of young people who are politically... Are young people politically engaged? 02/2/24
I believe that the use of animal furs in traditional ceremonies is a matter of personal belief... Animal rights 02/2/24
Sure, Jason. I disagree with all three of these statements. Keeping prisoners in jail is... What if prisons aren’t working? 02/2/24
Governments have a crucial responsibility to keep their citizens safe from crime. To achieve... Prevention or protection? 01/2/24
I believe that the top priority of prison officers should be to ensure that the prison is safe... What’s the purpose of prisons? 01/2/24
I disagree with all three statements mentioned above. Keeping prisoners in jail is important for... What if prisons aren’t working? 01/2/24
When it comes to the climate, there is both good news and bad news. On the positive side, it is... Finding a balance 31/1/24
I chose image A which depicts a country that is making a conscious effort to combat climate... Climate change in your country 31/1/24
The student that made me think differently is victorious_eagle. They made me change my mind... Competition #2 winners 30/1/24
I think that there should be a Hub discussion post about "How Ecuador's situation can be... Suggest a discussion 30/1/24
Scored 13/15 but it's surprising to learn that prisoners do have the right to vote in some... Show what you know 30/1/24