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"In fact, I have come to appreciate the insightful perspective on artificial intelligence and... Equality 22/5/23
It cannot be definitively stated that this aspect is negative because I believe that the virtual... Metaverse 18/5/23
In reality, perspectives are extremely important because this aspect has the potential to... Metaverse 18/5/23
From my perspective: The skill I will focus on is speaking. This skill is important for... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 12/5/23
From my perspective: No, favoritism is not a superhero of deception and corruption. In fact,... Nepotism and Favoritism: A Super- Hero to Fraud & Corruption – (Nigerian Experience) 12/5/23
Regarding the question of whether we can completely eliminate favoritism in the workplace, the... Nepotism Can It Be Avoided? 12/5/23
Fairness in the workplace is a crucial concept for creating a fair and balanced work... "Fairness in the Workplace: Understanding the Impact of Favoritism and Strategies for Promoting Equality" 12/5/23
After a zoom session with the teacher we got a point of view with all due respect to other... Your Topical Talk lesson 10/5/23
From my perspective: Answering this question depends on the context in which favoritism is... Is nepotism acceptable? 10/5/23
In fact, I have been thinking about a discussion on artificial intelligence and it goes like... Student suggestion 04/5/23
I agree because... From my perspective, I was impressed with your valuable comment on the... Topical Talk in your classrooms 04/5/23
From my point of view, after contemplating many questions, I have found that: Can artificial... Thinking questions 03/5/23
I agree because... from my point of view :: I completely agree with the three points... Inspiration... or stealing? 03/5/23
After delving into my thoughts, I wondered about how artificial intelligence (AI) can influence... Student suggestion 01/5/23
From my point of view 1- In Metaverse, I will use my creative skills to design a unique and... Expert challenge: The metaverse 01/5/23
From my point of view, I believe that strikes are a common way for workers to express their... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
I agree because... From my point of view,I agree with most of what was mentioned in the... Particular people 27/4/23
I disagree because... "With all due respect to different viewpoints, your comment is truly... Suggest a discussion! 27/4/23
After a long discussion with the teacher about the lives of kings, monarchy, and media, we came... Royal responses 27/4/23
After a long session with the teacher, we went with our vision to solve the problems facing... Teenagers and social media 27/4/23