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Nepotism will always exist in society—for instance, a teacher who treats one student as special... Your Topical Talk lesson 11/5/23
I got a 6. Nepotism, in my opinion, is the unfair exercise of power over others. Nepotism can... Test your knowledge 11/5/23
Yes, it is a bad thing AI can produce art for example, musicians work hard and sometimes it... Thinking questions 04/5/23
AI is an artificial machine that uses software to replicate what humans are supposed to do. No... AI poll results! 03/5/23
Earth Day aims to bring attention to how everyone can contribute to the change. Earth Day is a... Is one day enough? 01/5/23
Royalty in Nigeria doesn't have total control of the political, and economic power like in the... Are royals relevant? 25/4/23
I received a 9, and I now know more about the metaverse. I understand that, while it has some... Test your knowledge 21/4/23
What I learned is that workers should always find ways of settling issues and challenges in a... Lessons learned! 20/4/23
One would expect that when people have the same qualifications and have spent the same number of... Working conditions 19/4/23
No! Imagine everyone in the country comes together and decides to embark on a strike at the same... Can everyone strike? 19/4/23
Not everyone, in my opinion, should be allowed to go on strike because many things can go wrong.... Strikes poll results! 18/4/23
Metaverse should not be judged by the same standard as in the real world, because the metaverse... Metaverse poll results! 14/4/23
In this day and age where the world is a global village, metaverse will really have a great... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 14/4/23
Climate change affects Nigeria by increasing the risk of natural disasters such as bushfires,... Climate change in your country 12/4/23
Nigeria remains a developing country, making it more vulnerable to climate change. Climate... Earth Day poll results! 12/4/23
The News story, that is affecting my country Nigeria is insecurity, it's important to write... Competition #1 News near you 11/4/23