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A bad prison could make crime worse. This is because if a prison is bad, that means that they... What if prisons aren’t working? 11/3/24
Yes, it is right to restrict people's freedom, even if it is to keep them safe. This is because... Freedom v safety? 06/3/24
When it comes to prison, there are many purposes. One main purpose of prison is to keep people... What’s the purpose of prisons? 06/3/24
I would not continue to do business there because of the fact that if the country behaved... Countries behaving badly 28/2/24
Everyone could make a change when it comes to climate change. Wealthier people could contribute... Climate change and inequality 28/2/24
COP28 is useful because they discuss how to prepare and stop climate change. They are very... Global action! 28/2/24
I would want the letter A because the world would be solar powered which is energy conserving... Climate change in your country 27/2/24
If I made my own game, to keep my event safe, I would make sure that all of the people that are... You make the rules! 26/2/24
There are a lot of people who should support women in football. One of the main groups of people... Women's sport 22/2/24
Businesses could make a positive change by starting to use more eco friendly materials for... How could businesses make positive change? 22/2/24
AI could transform the world in many ways but there are some things that could go wrong with... Will AI transform the emerging world? 20/2/24
I believe that there are many ways to stop climate change and if people were to just contribute,... Why don’t people change? 20/2/24
I feel like everyone could help stop climate change. Not only wealthy people can help stop... Climate change and inequality 13/2/24
One reason why there are rules about immigration is based on the reunification of families.... Why are there rules about immigration? 12/2/24
I believe that some age restrictions should be changed but there are some age restrictions that... Age restrictions 03/2/24