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I believe the restriction of people's freedom is vital to keep them safe. The state of... Freedom v safety? 01/2/24
The top priority of officers should be to reform them. Prisons should serve as a form of... What’s the purpose of prisons? 01/2/24
Well said charming_artist. Due to the rise of A.I, many jobs have lost their relevance, and... Classroom spy! 29/1/24
Hello Caroline, I feel privileged hearing your wise words, and you have made great points. You... An interview with Caroline Hickman 29/1/24
I agree with the opinion that says "School is not just about learning information. It’s... Will schools exist in future? 29/1/24
I personally feel really excited about the future of A.I. According to quite a few articles I... What's your reaction? 24/1/24
I scored 15/16 and the most important thing for people to know about A.I is that 60% of jobs... Test your knowledge 24/1/24
I think there should be a Hub discussion post about jobs that will cease to exist or be taken... Suggest a discussion 24/1/24
I think there should be a Hub discussion on ' what we can do to prevent or stop exo- anxiety and... Suggest a discussion 24/1/24
I feel worried about the future of A.I on peoples lives. Fake and Outraged news has a way of... What's your reaction? 24/1/24
I firmly stand with option B,"People will always need to learn for themselves, even if machines... Will schools exist in future? 24/1/24
Let's see, reminders about climate change make me feel a balance of emotions to be very... Climate change: regular reminders 23/1/24
Good day all, During an I.C.T class I had sometime last year, we talked about how so many jobs... Classroom spy! 23/1/24
The news that caught my attention the most was the amount of people who passed away due to... Competition #1 winners 23/1/24
This was a tricky decision to say the least. But I stand by the choice that the world needs more... Too much negative news? 23/1/24