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I think that (the spread of unemployment) is a good topic for the festival of thematic talks for... Competition #7 Topical Talk in your classrooms 22/5/23
I will need a lot of skills to talk about my rights in the future with ease, and the most... Expert challenge: strikes 18/5/23
I think that they should pay attention to this point and give women more value than that and... The news where you are 18/5/23
Through my discussion, I learned that working in the field of artificial intelligence is very... Topical Talk in your classrooms 04/5/23
I am thinking of discussing whether it is possible for everyone to strike. I used to think that... Competition #4 Then and now 03/5/23
Hi Ben Mange 1. All people have different opinions, and each person has a point of view... Expert challenge: Earth Day 28/4/23
I know that there are negative aspects of social networking sites that affect adolescents, such... Teenagers and social media 27/4/23
I am in my school and we have made a big celebration because it is one day and we must revive... Is one day enough? 26/4/23
In my country, there is no king or queen, but they cannot abide by dress, food, traditions and... The role of royals 26/4/23
Hello Mr. Matthew Paul What are the most important pieces of advice you give in your book? For... ...Matthew Ball! 25/4/23
I hope that at the resolution of this project, I would have gained life changing skills, that... Start of Festival survey 21/4/23
Hello, Miss Tina Brown. I was very pleased to hear about you. I would like to ask you some... Ask Tina Brown! 20/4/23
I agree because... As you said strikes could affect the day to day running of the... Competition #2 Global discussions 20/4/23
Hi Rachel, why did you enter the field of medicine and you are a journalist? How did you... Ask Dr Rachel Clarke! 20/4/23
Earth Day is a really special day for every individual who represents his country, so we always... Classroom spy... 14/4/23
Metavers are doing very well, so I have to use the Internet in a limited way, in a limited... A new realm to rule? 14/4/23