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Enabling communication between prisoners and victims' families carries inherent risks. The... Reformation 02/3/24
I think that nothing should be done about the third advantage which is about better nutrition.... Unfair advantage? 29/2/24
The use of hijabs by some women in sports should not be seen as a way of involving in politics... Sports and politics 29/2/24
Individuals have more power to fight against social bias. Firstly, by thinking about their own... Who has the power to stop social bias? 22/2/24
A prison is a hard place to work in. this is because of the sacrifices made to ensure that work... Prison staff 21/2/24
I think I will give this 8. I strongly agree with is because of the influence that journalists... Are journalists the answer? 21/2/24
I think the media has more power in stopping social bias. The media has immense power in shaping... Who has the power to stop social bias? 19/2/24
I strongly agree with option D because putting an end to climate change is a collaborative... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 18/2/24
Boycotts are a powerful way to express your opinion and make a difference. By refusing to buy or... Are boycotts helpful? 18/2/24
A business is not just a money-making machine. It is also a part of the society and the... Businesses v the environment 18/2/24
Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses. If... Businesses v the environment 17/2/24
I think immigration improves a country in diverse ways. it can be economically, socially,... What are the benefits of immigration? 16/2/24
I think the first policy in Germany is very fair. With this policy that has been set, Germany is... Fair or unfair? 14/2/24
I think that the agreement signed by the U.S. president is a fair one. History has shown that... Fair or unfair? 13/2/24
Hi Tiff @Topical Talk, I just want to explain what brain drain is according to the context in... What are the benefits of immigration? 12/2/24
I think that the Poland policies are actually quite considerate and fair. Their neighboring... Fair or unfair? 12/2/24
One major reason why people often have disagreements about a policy is often because of past... Why so divisive? 12/2/24
I think it is risky for a business to support a particular party during elections because if the... Businesses and elections 11/2/24
I do not totally agree because... I like the house arrest idea because it actually saves cost... An interview with Jérôme Mangelinckx 11/2/24
I think the major way that a business can build trust in customers is by being transparent and... How might the news affect businesses? 09/2/24