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Comments by students of Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy | United Kingdom

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awesome_anteater I generally like everyone's opinions here. I deeply believe that we should welcome them back... Supporting ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society 14/3/24
victorious_duck This is a very good point. We don't need to rely on drugs. I agree. Well done. Enchanced games? Do we really need superheroes? 14/3/24
victorious_duck I agree. This is a very good point. I also think that AI can have a few negative changes. My Opinion on AI 14/3/24
imaginative_potato I think that you should not take the risk as if you are very addicted to competeting in the... Enchanced games! Is it worth taking the risk? 13/3/24
imaginative_potato To help prisioners to reintegrate into the world is to treat them as how you would want them to... Supporting ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society 13/3/24
romantic_brain I would like to ban them from the olympics and make them never come back. Should people know? 12/3/24
imaginative_potato I disagree because they could sort the prisoners into why they did the crime. The prisoners who... Reformation 10/3/24
romantic_brain I totally agree with you.Even though, enhancing drugs will make you strong or run faster it... Should people know? 08/3/24
patient_studio Although all the options are quite good, I believe that the Yellow Ribbon Project in Singapore... Reformation 07/3/24
patient_studio I think it would be a bad but maybe a good thing that the real adults on the Hub were replaced... AI bots on the Hub? 04/3/24
imaginative_potato I think project Yellow Ribbon is the best as I some prisoners do crimes so that at prison they... Reformation 02/3/24
sincere_chicken I agree because like we have just heard a man called well his nickname (Fito) has escaped from a... Prevention or protection? 29/2/24
benevolent_sheep Thanks for the comment,I learnt so much about the details of social media in just one comment.I... Suggest a discussion 24/2/24
sincere_chicken I get your point, but say i wanted to be a plumber. For a plumber a robot would probably know... Jobs of the future 23/2/24
benevolent_sheep What I would really love to discuss is 'SHOULD CHILDREN BE ABLE TO GO ON TO SOCIAL MEDIA?'.The... Suggest a discussion 11/2/24
benevolent_sheep In my opinion AI will do good more than bad.I think this because AI's can be used to do all... AI and the planet 08/2/24
romantic_brain I would say both answers as charismatic squid said wealthier people can donate some money but... Climate change and inequality 08/2/24
benevolent_sheep SAVE THE WORLD-Our home planet is facing with a dilemma/crisis that change things how they... Caption this! 08/2/24
romantic_brain I disagree because 14 year old can be independent but also very silly like I have seen couple of... Age restrictions 04/2/24
benevolent_sheep I greatly believe that A is the best opinion.These AI's don't have a mind so if anyone was hurt... AI accident: who is responsible? 04/2/24