Enchanced games? Do we really need superheroes?

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  • No amusing_queen we don't really need superheroes. And let alone superheroes with artificial and fake substances. Enchanced drugs are just a fake reality or something that we hope to be .
    I prefer people to depend on their own strengths and their capabilities.
    And that makes them even more powerful because I believe that a willingness of a person and a soul can overcome any challenges.
    So superheroes are just creatures of fantasy that for me can of course enchance our creativity but only this.

    1. I agree with you Peaceful Mode. I think people people shouldn't depend on drugs but to have faith in themselves and to stay at within their limits. I believe we need to start to understand why hard work is such a difficulty for us. I don't think sports are just for winning but also showing your team the effort you went through to get to were you are. I also think too much emphasis on winning at all cost is indirectly promoting use of drugs. People should learn to accept not winning.

    2. yes i do agree we don't need superheroes especially fake superheroes using drugs. superheroes are suppose to be people that lead and show good examples people that other people look up to but how are athletes going to set good examples when their using drugs people should not rely on the use of drugs to perform any athletic work or to do any thing hard work, time and effort is how people will win people should develop on their capability and power instead of using drugs when people use this drugs they are creating a reality where they win but in the real world that person has lost in sports people put in time effort emotion passion and love for the sport they are using not just using these performance enhancing drugs

    3. I strongly agree with you peaceful mode because the independence people place on them are more than that of which they place on them selves,and in a situation where by they are no more sources of getting them they will become weak do to the effects of the previous ones, and they will become unable to achieve what they could when they were not used.

  • I really agree with you when you said you don't want to hear a superhero telling you that you can only succeed by taking drugs. This is basically the message that enhanced games sends out to all of us. It basically undermines the human abilities and makes people feel like they can't do anything on their own, they become dependent on drugs. This will have a bigger effect on the younger generation. Seeing athletes doing great things and knowing that it is all thanks to drugs will make them desperate to take drugs too. It might become so common that you might be walking in the streets and see someone taking PED's without any subscription or supervision. I don't think we need superheroes or at least not superheroes who are reliant on drugs.

    1. We don't need any superheroes! My concern is the impact the so-called superheroes will leave in its wake. A generation of young people stricken by drugs? Not what a country is looking out for. Sports is about devotion to training, drug use is a cheap way to circumvent hard work and there is moral lesson in that.

  • I think that drugs in sport are irresponsible and unacceptable. I think this because we should not associate our self with unlawful behaviour and contaminate our body with drugs, which can also harm our bodies and have long term negative affects. We should keep sports fair

    1. I agree with you because if the athletes use enhanced drugs in the games, they will win no doubt but most times, some of them do not think of what the drugs can do to them later in life.
      These drugs eventually affect their internal organs and cause a lot of diseases like cancer in the heart and other parts of the body. Sometimes, if the case is so bad, some of them might end up retiring for life-long treatments and medicines.
      So, I just think that before athletes want to take enhancement drugs, they should first seek advice from other athletes who have experienced it before and what it did to them, whether it made them stronger in the beginning and in the end they suffered the consequences all alone by themselves.

    2. I agree because... I think that it is not right for athletes to take drugs that will make them like super people and it also will affect the way they act in real life which they cannot be controlled. sometimes it affects the brain of the athletes and cause mental issues and put their lifes at risks. It can be dangerous for people.

    3. Hello lucky_orca
      I agree with you because like you said drugs in sport are irresponsible and unacceptable. Also unlawful behavior in sports is not good . When people take drug to win the game the person will be disqualified from the game. For example in a football game someone takes drugs to win the game but when the coach gets to know that he/she took drug to win the game the person will be disqualified from the game. therefore the true meaning of that game would be lost
      Thank you very much

  • I think drugs in sports shouldn't be allowed. It's not only unethical and causes unfair advantages towards other participating athletes it also can cause health risks toward the athlete using these drugs.Sports is competitive events and without the element of individual competition based off of the athletes talents there wouldn't be a point

    1. I disagree with you in the part where you stated that drugs should not be allowed in games, i say this because it depends on whether drug is allowed in the game or not , for example in the game of doping a lot of competitors are allowed to use enhanced drugs so if it is allowed then it is not called cheating it is a fair playing ground for every one. Yes enhanced drugs has a lot of disadvantages they include the following :
      * high risk of heart attack
      * blood pressure and addiction
      on the other hand i agree with you where you said sports is a competition , sporting competitors should only use enhancing drugs only where it is allowed. If then they use drugs where it is forbidden then it is said to be cheating , but if it is allowed and people use it and some others decide not to use it then it is their choice, afterall it is a fair playing ground .

  • This is a very good point.
    We don't need to rely on drugs. I agree.

    Well done.

  • Actually we don't need superheroes in enhanced games because enhanced drugs help one to have strength to be able to win they competition. Superheroes Is good but as far as enhanced drugs have been introduced, it will not be that useful because people will not know that the athletes use enhanced drug to win but superhero will be noticed like flash, when people see they lighten coming out from its body, they will say that they person is a superhero.
    For me in this aspect I will say that superhero is not needed.

  • I think it's really unfair for people using drugs to win, firstly it's incredibly bad for your health, secondly people will think that they need drugs to succeed and may overdose themselves, it can risk lives. Many people work extremely hard to achieve good things but if other people take drugs and achieve those things easier, it's really unfair for those who tried

  • You are right. Superheroes are not the type of people we need fueling their body with enchanted drugs.
    Because enchanted drugs do not promote fairness in any type of competition but just serve a purpose of self satisfaction on the purpose of just winning.
    I could understand having superheroes when we are talking about them having strength on their souls and on their own natural way of competing

  • I think The Enhanced Games are a good chance for the athletes who don't have a chance to win the real Olympic Games to show what they can do and even better because they can improve their performance through drugs.
    Also, it's fascinating to see how athletes could improve their stats through drugs. However, it could affect the athletes' health and you wouldn't want those side effects to occur when you are older in the future.
    I feel that not enough is known about the long-term consequences of these new medicines.

  • I personally say the Enchanced drugs are honestly useless because even tho they could help you win it could make you very sick/ill, you may get badly hurt and you would be cheating and is very unfair on people who choose not to use it so their health wont get worse if it already is . There could be terrible side-effects which could possibly mean you might get sent to the hospital where you would be able to do much.

  • I think that enhanced games are bad because you could put athletes at risk. It could make your muscles change in a bad way.

  • Hi in my opinion we do not really need superheroes, we might not be able to rely on our natural ability but we will depend on drugs, the enhanced drugs can show the new generation that the only thing to do to be great in the world is to rely on science and technology, but truly I tell you how do we want the world to thrive if the only thing we depend on are drugs, or do we want to become so dependent that in all of the world's athletic records only enhanced drug users are there, most records to me are meant to be broken through natural methods and not through synthetic ways.
    It is a good thing that we humans want to use our brains to make new inventions that can help us to be better, but we should never forget our roots, so yes, I think that we should not really have superheroes everywhere.
    We should not also forget that some people might use these drugs for their own selfish gain, lets imagine that a drug can make a person three times stronger than a gorilla which is already nine times than that of a human, this will make that person 27 times stronger than an average human being, some might use these drugs to commit crimes and can cause havoc.
    So, my advice to drugmakers is that they should be careful about the exposure of their drugs, and they should consider the dangers that can come with the exposure of their drugs.
    Thank you for reading.

  • No, I do not think we need athletes to be our superheroes because we already have fire fighters, police and doctors and these are the people who really save lives and who are super in my opinion. just because you can run fast or are strong it does not mean that everybody should look up to you like a superhero.

    1. Your comment is totally right.
      We don't need athletes being superheroes because we have superheroes in our daily lives. They set the best examples for young people showing us that if we work for the common good in our community and in the world in general, we achieve our ultimate goal.
      We can never forget a rescue person, a firefighter, a doctor not even a simple person with an act of kindness and that is the superhero feeling we all have inside.

  • No do not think that we need athletes because we are ready have fire fighters and doctors who save people’s life and super hero’s are really strong.and superheroes are stronger and faster than athletes so we do not always need athletes because superheroes are bigger and stronger and faster. And lots of people are using drugs and are doping and are cheating and the people who have been training for years was training for no reason, some people make fun 🤩 of other people’s religion and they say that they can not wear what they want and that is very fair for people who wats to be a athlete. Thanks for listening bye

  • Hello there friends,

    I honestly my opinion on this topic is I don’t like how they are letting people get away with this you don’t need to cheat to be the world champion/hero this is getting out of hand I can not stand this how can you do this. Just stick with the regular olympics. Know I’m being a bit strict but I’m serious about this chat stop the cheat one favour stop having these drugs 😭

  • In my opinion, we do not need superheroes , we need honest athletes. Firstly superhorse are born with super natural abilities meaning athletes do not need to take illegal drugs to make them invincible during competitions. Athletes using illegal drugs to boost their strength has it disadvantages and can cause many problems, it can cause many illness and sometime death. Athletes should rest more, eat healthy, exercise often and take more vitamins. These are ways that can help athletes boost their strengths. In my opinion I think athletes should stop using illegal drugs and rather live healthy.

  • Superheroes are a fantasy taught to children at a very young age. Superheroes shouldn't be taught by strength and having super powers but by the person's character and the person within you. In that sense anyone who has the power to be a genuine person is a 'superhero'. Furthermore, any substance you take can become addicting, these drugs haven't been tested enough, so we do not know the consequences and the negative impact it may have on your life.