Enchanced games! Is it worth taking the risk?

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  • Enhanced games are similar to Olympic games but their difference is that they let athletes to be drug free and not be tested at all. But the question is whether humans are allowed to remove all restrictions on doping.
  • On the one hand, advocates support that enchanted sports can allow athletes to reach peak performance leading to their athletic excellence. They can have their personal freedom to choose how to use their body and at what limits. They also support that we should respect body autonomy and that this is the best way to escape cheating scandals. It is true that famous athletes have been caught using doping during their competition.
  • On the other hand, let's consider these. Do we really need the best fake heavy lifter? Do we really need the best fake high jumper? Others would say that sports ethics should be our top priority no matter what. And it is not only this that we have to take into consideration. Doping has lead to serious health issues especially the ones that have been using substances for a long time. Furthermore, supporters would state that enchanted games can not involve the paralympic athletes who are already into some type of health issue. Doping would disfunction the harmony on their body risking them for the sake of being a superhero.
  • In my opinion, enchanted games are a parody of Olympic games but at its worst edition. It promotes unethical ways to win, something that our Olympic spirit, being taught at our school is totally ignored. So, is it worth taking the risk?

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  • I do not think that it is worth taking the risk by digesting performence enhancing drugs. The reason I think this is because the steroids/drugs can have a negative impact on your body internally. It can make your immune system slower because it could possibly damage your vital organs. You can also get addicted to it because they are drygs and they contain harmful toxins to make you addicted. Personally, I would not take steroids as I am a sensitive person and can easily get harmed. On the other hand, others have a stronger immune system so they can take the drugs but there still would be after effects.

    1. Great write up, I can't agree less. It still beat my imagination that people would actually think up the idea of enhanced games. I agree because using steroids can be very dangerous because the body is sensitive and some people have sensitive immune systems I would never recommend using drugs. Most of the users at the end of their careers become dependant on these drugs. The after effects of these drugs are not worth any medals won.

    2. Nice comment funny_fish. Yes I agree that it may not be worth taking the risk but, having a look on the flip side is also crucial. These drugs can be proven an harm, but what's wrong with it if we just take it for making the game fair for others, as well as for themselves if the other athletes are taking the drug!

  • I don't think it is good because you don't know what the risks you are of taking sometimes. Also you could not know what drug it is and it is unfair to your competition. It is also a bit rude to who made the competition , because you are cheating.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. Taking such risks could be really dangerous as the possible outcomes might not be known. Definitely, if the person that made the competition knows that his or her rules are not being followed, it will make them feel less important as their opinions are not carried. It could also disturb the person that made the game making him or her to do some things that are not okay like removing such games making those who like the games feel very unhappy.

  • I don't think they worth the risk.
    Healthy sports involves a healthy body in a healthy competition. Enchanted drugs need a lot of testing for a very long time in order to ensure that they are totally safe.
    But the substances they use are not natural but rather too energetic and powerful increasing heart rate. Safety is the first thing to consider when we are talking about sports. Steroids and general doping is illegal medical substances that transform body image in a not normal way.

  • I do not think that it is worth taking the risk because you are taking illegal substances to participate in the Olympics but its legal to take drugs and you could just harm yourself in the process of the tournament. In my opinion I do not think that these enhanced games should not be legal and others would strongly agree with my opinion . Its like saying Usain bolt has a record but with the enhanced games a guy who is 40 and has no experience can participate and smash his record. If I was Usain bolt I would be happy if a athlete who is genuine beat his record but not a cheater who takes steroids and can run twice as fast as him. This type of thing is one of the main reasons of what is wrong with the world we live in and the responsibilities people take advantage of is just utterly insane.

  • To be honest, I do not think the risk is worthwhile. Doping has detrimental consequences on the body that linger a long time and create scars. The scars that these athletes' use of drugs has left them with are completely preventable.
    Increasing the level of security at the Olympics seems like the best course of action. These medicines hurt you more the more you use them. In actuality, you do not need to dope to succeed in sports; people only actually consider the accolades they could obtain in the here and now after retirement. Take a look at the well-known Usain Bolt, who was the fastest runner in history while never using drugs for even a single day. In conclusion, I believe that working hard is the most crucial factor in achieving success in any sport.


  • i don't think it is good because sometimes you don't know what is in the enhancing drugs, and it can also damage your body. you can also get addicted since they are drugs.

  • It's not worth taking it because If a person take the pills an it has a side effect on the person like kidney failure etc if the person eventually wins the game and was paid the money it might not be able to pay for the hospital bills which could result to death

  • In my opinion, I think that taking the risk of damaging your body in a race is not right because you could waste your life using drugs. I also think that the point of sports is not to use a life threatening drug but to work hard and to not become idle\lazy.

    1. What if someone else thinks the purpose of sports is to see what the body can achieve? Then would it be ok to take performance enhancing drugs?

      1. I don't think it is ok to take performance enhancing drugs as they can be dangerous and life changing if you overdose on these drugs. This can leave you addicted to these drugs which will affect you even more as these drugs contain harmful chemicals.

  • Hey there!
    Let me just cut to the chase; it's not worth it. The reason I think this is because most drugs (helpful included) can be harmful in more ways than one. They can be harmful to your insides AND outsides, and it can also slow your immune systems because it can hit your vital organs HARD. Another thing, you can get addicted because they're drugs, and they have some harmful toxins that make you addicted, just like nicotine. I have the stomach of Superman, but I personally would not take drugs. But, others have a WAY stronger immune system, so it's safe for them, but not 100% safe.
    Bye now!

  • I don't think it is worth taking the risk of enhancing drugs because it may make you faster and stronger in the race but you can become ill and get addicted to them. They also contain many harmful chemicals that are not good for your health. I am very fond of sport and taking enhanced drugs is a form of cheating because you do not put any hard work or effort into your training you just take a drug and it will make you better than everyone in your race.

  • personally i think the enhanced games is a good idea but it has some side effects. the reason why it would be good is that it can challenge people who are better than others; a person who would be less skilled than another person could take the drugs to make a challenge to the other person and make the audience exited to see who will win.the reason why this could not be a good idea is because you could take an overdose and become very ill. also people in the Olympics who train very hard can feel sad because they have to train years to become stronger but someone can take a drug and become better than them. overall i think that it could possibly happen but it shouldn't be taken too far.

  • I do not think it is worth taking the risk ,because taking too much or too little can sometimes give you life changing effects.Personally,I think that doping/performance-enhancing drugs is not fair because some people work so hard just for someone too take drugs and win for putting in no effort at all.The only way to win,I believe is that you should work hard and try your best and one day you will get there.Taking these drugs , could make you jump higher,run faster or maybe even physically stronger but I think it is about the work they put in.

  • NO. You should not risk your health for an award that doesn't even matter in the long run. What if you were to overdose and die from it? What if it leaves a life long impression on your life? What if? What if? What if?

    Using drugs is not the way you should win an award. No, hard work, patience and practice is the way you want to win. You don't need drugs to make you faster or stronger or fitter in general. Exercise will do that for you.

    Using drugs is not the answer. Drugs are dangerous, foul, unjust and highly addictive. Just one could set you on a trail for life. They cost lots and might not even work. Don't waste your money or your time on ''performance enhancing drugs '', do the right thing. Don't be a fake you, be who you are and stand strong against drugs. Don't cave in or just say 'why not'. Think of the possibilities before you use drugs.

    Thank you for reading my opinion
    - observant_plumb

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    I am completely against the concept of Enhanced games because sports is defined as true hardwork toward your favorite game and a way to be physically and mentally healthy. It completely doesn't make sense to use drugs while playing as drugs are very harmful for the human body. A drug called Performance enhancing substance (peds) is used to improve the physical appearance of an athlete on ground. This drug can cause diseases like stroke, heart diseases and pulmonary embolisms. It is truly unfair for an athlete if they train very hard throughout the year and their hardwork is simply wasted when their opponent uses drugs to win the contest. It also ruins the concept of sportsmanship which means being fair and polite in the field of sports.

  • I think that you should not take the risk as if you are very addicted to competeting in the Enhanced Games, you would take too much drugs and therefore be sick. Also, it is just a sports competition so it is clear that more people will be concerned about their life, not some sporting event. But, stronger people would be able to take the drugs, but they may have nausea or a concussion as side effects.

  • I do not think athletes or people who need unfair advantages with the drugs should even consume them. It can be very harmful if consumed and could damage you badly. Athletes shouldn't encourage other athletic people to take or consume these drugs.Health matters more than just taking drugs for a athletic competition

    1. I completely agree that the use of performance enhancing drugs should never be encouraged. However it is up to the competition to decide whether they will allow them or not. If the competition allows this use of drugs then we can't look down on those who decide to use them, as all they are doing is using every advantage that they are given the opportunity to use.

  • I say NO because,the known reason for the enhancement drugs are to boost the capabilities of an atheletics in sports but as we all know it also comes with a side effect Which isn't the best reason for their production because the side effects of these can lead to harzadious effect Which are death, unconsciousness,madness, memory lose,to mention but a few, so no one will
    want to see an atheletics pass out nor die in the field of Play.

    1. I agree with your blissful technology the known reason for enhancement drugs are to boost the capabilities of the athletes in sports but this drugs have their own side effects on the athletes and this can lead to madness, uncounciousness,lose of life. But people will not like to see an athletic in a track fall to the ground, so all this drugs have side effects on the athletes and coaches.

  • Enhanced medicine for sports are harmful and dangerous in enhancing sports.this is because internal chemicals added to them has side effects on in individual involved in taking them.imagine if a person or an athlete involved in taking this pearl over and over again to have a better performance in games,do you think this is harmful?.yes it is ,this medicines have side effect which may result to stop in heart beat order wise cardiovascular problem which results to death of a person .In my own point of view enhanced medicines for sports are worth dangerous.

  • Enhancements should never be something that people turn to when they need a boost of power and athleticism. Also drugs as enhancements are dangerous because you really never know exactly what they put in these drugs. The chemicals may have side-effects or damage your body. Damaging your body, mind, or even will-power is not worth losing the game or causing what you started your enhancements for to be a waste for nothing when you lose it. I just don't think that enhancements are good or even worth a game.

  • For me, I think that the Enhanced Games could be very interesting to see how far the human body can go. By experimenting with what is usually known as illegal substances, we could see how much we change in sports, either negatively or positively. This can help us learn things which we may have not know prior to the games, thus making it good for scientific purposes and learning. The Enhanced Games will also let us see how far people are willing to go to win, making it an intriguing event to witness.

  • I think it's unfair for people to use 'doping' as an upper hand in any enhanced game, competitions, etc. It would also worsen the player's health who's taking it as they may getting addicted to drug. It would also show the how the drug performs and not the players actual performance. I would understand if the player would have taken any caffeine drinks or a booster drink to wake them up but doping lead to serious health issues and is a drug. Therefore this is my reason why this drug may not be worthwhile, as it could damage your health and also your image.

  • In my opinion, the use of drugs for athletic performance enhancement is not worth the health risks or risks of addiction. This is because, the drugs could cause a lot of harm to the athlete, and could make the athlete addicted. The drugs also give an unfair advantage to athletes taking them. These drugs, could also defect organs and harm your body, deteriorating your immune system.