The elections quiz

A new topic means a new quiz! This one tests your knowledge about some of the upcoming elections in 2024.

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  • Hii got 10 /10 .. I have very much interest in Indian politics .. actually I knew about India that india will conduct elections this year , but when I saw that in 2024 , more than 80 countries will host the elections and half of the global population will affect by this ..I was quite shocked!!

  • I scored 6 out of 10. I learned a lot of new things from the quiz. Most shockingly, I get to know that more than 80 countries will host an election this year. Which makes it the most election year in history. It will affect over half of the population. I also learn that approximately 75% Indians are allowed to vote this year's upcoming election. Which is more than I expected. Also, in the last election of India which occurred in 2019 had over 8000 candidates to choose between. It shows how big India is in both land and population. Last but not the least, I learned that India’s electoral system is " first past the post". This means the people vote for a politician to represent their local area in government - each politician represents a political party. The politician with the most votes wins. The leader of the most popular party overall becomes the prime minister. I thought their system was "Electoral College " like the US but it isn’t

  • Hi fellow topical talkers I got 7/10 well I didn't get all the answers but I learnt new things like, India has the largest population in the whole wide world with the population of one billion four hundred twenty-eight million six hundred twenty-seven thousand six hundred sixty-three(1,428,627,663) ,and also base on my research I noticed that India elects one Prime minster to represent the people and what came to my mind was how is that even possible with a billion people with different opinions about things it that one person to make that decision if it was me I will quit immediately because I will love for everyone to be happy and not sad, I also found out that they go through the first past the post were when the citizens vote the person with the highest vote will be given the post. From my research I can see that India is actually an amazing place to be I will really love to visit one day.

    1. The shocking fact about that it's 1 billion opinions, most likely different from they're leader to me that is completely amazing and I feel just maybe if they had a more diverse category of leaders they might be able to deal with the problems of more communities individually

  • Hello,there.
    I scored 10 out of 10 in this quiz competition. This quiz competition has enriched and enhanced my knowledge base. By participating in this quiz competition, I have learned about the electoral system and upcoming elections in India. I was most interested in this quiz competition is that more than 80 countries of the world will participate in the elections in 2024. As a result This year, the whole world will become electorate.What caught my attention the most about this competition is that there were more than 8 thousand candidates competing in the India's elections in 2019, which affects more people. Also this year India being a democratic country around 75% of the total population was allowed to participate in the elections. I learned about democracy and elections. Basically, democracy is a system of government where the people perform all the responsibilities of the state. On the other hand, election is a process where the people choose the appropriate candidates for the development of the country. Also, the purpose of elections in democracy is to elect a leader who will take appropriate steps for the people. This quiz competition has changed my view about the electoral system of the world and the upcoming elections in democratic country India.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Hello, I scored 10/10 in the quiz. It feels amazing to talk about the country I live in. Some things that I am extremely proud of is the election system in the country. India's democracy is an example for various nations. Therefore, it seems very wonderful to see that many people have started participating in elections. Citizens from all over the country, are aware and educated when it comes to knowing about parties. Elections is a great incentive to attract voters but at the same time helps bring the country togther. Election system brings a warmth to the entire society and contibutes to acknowledgement of people.

    1. I agree because... In this same context here in Nigeria the last elections that we had really brought us together because of many youths wanted a better society whether it was from the east, west, south or north, Muslim or christian or traditional. That election that we had made me realize that election really matter to the country whether rich or poor.

  • I was a bit surprised to see I had gotten an 8/10. Although I had gotten the question about how large the population of India could vote, I was still impressed. I could likely use that information in the topic about women or the enhanced sports (due to the activity in class where we had to sort the different bans into a timeline since women were one of the bans) though I am not sure if I will actually use them. Not only that but I was very astonished to learn that there was at least 8,000 candidates during the 2019 Indian election (if I remember correctly, I apologize if I got them mixed up). I didn't know that there could be so many candidates! Though I likely won't use that information on the hub, it's a nice fact to know.

  • HI,
    I scored an 8 out of 10 on the quiz, but there was something that stood out to me and that was that there were 8,000 candidates for the elections in India. This surprised me becuase 8,000 is a big number for candidates and it makes me wonder how they are able to or if they are able to elect the right person for the job, becuase they are going to lead and influence so many people so how do we really know that they are the right person or that they will do good and listen to the people.

    1. I scored 9 out of 10.
      I was also surprised that they could have up to 8,000 candidates to participate in an election. This made me had so many questions in mind. How can the people know all these candidates and their agenda ?
      How do these candidate conduct their campaigns because 8,000 is a large number?
      Do the people in the country really listen to their campaigns?
      With all these questions in my mind I think the people will not be able to choose the right candidate as a result of the large number.

    2. I agree with you when you say that 8000 is a indeed a huge number for candidates alone It makes me wonder if these candidates are running in the election are running because they care about the people or if it is because of their own selfish interests. This is a problem not only in India but in elections all over the world. \some people chose to run for elections not because they can be good leaders but because of the money involved. In most countries, the president earns the highest amount of money but because of this reality, people run and get elected but they do not do much and some go as far as embezzlement of government funds that are meant to be used to help the people because of greed.

    3. Hi pioneering heart
      I scored a 9 out of 10 on the quiz, but the one thing that stood out to me is that there were 8,000 candidates for an election, and that is why the Indian election has to take seven whole day to vote the prime minister of the country, and another fact that also stood out to me is how one person could be able to lead a whooping number of 1.4billon people. And i also think that There is going to be food shortage in the country with a lager population, finding it hard to have access to food. however, this candidates can influence the people with money and most people have such want for money that they can do everything they are ask to do. Just like how the candidates are such in need for the people to vote for them so candidates can just influence the people for the power they want just by working together.
      THAN YOU.

    4. I scored 8 out of 10 on the quiz, but there is the two things that made me interested and it is the fact that I did not know that (80+) countries will have an election in 2024. I was also interested about the Indian people system of Government because in my country elections aren't fair so I want to learn on the different ways that every country decides there new leaders.
      THANK YOU.

  • It's interesting how one person is going to lead over 1.4 billion people and how they are going to do this over the years India hasn't been the most successful country so I feel that if they were to adapt a system where there were more people to bear such a load they would be able to make faster decisions and more elaborated ways of adapting to new situations.

    1. I strongly agree with you excited_ocean. Leading 1.4billion people is not an easy task, that's a number too. I think a regional government will work better because one person might be saddled with the responsibility of about 100 million such they can easily operate a 14 regional government. This way the people will feel the impact of the government from the grass root.
      Thank you.

  • I scored 9 out of ten in the quiz and what I actually learnt in the quiz, is the purpose of an election in a democracy. the purpose Is to elect leaders who make decisions on behalf of the people so the leaders are expected to let the people air their views on a particular issue or challenges they might have been facing in the country, in order to make right decisions that would profit the country.

  • Well, I got 10/10 on this quiz. It was quite interesting and fascinating. I was surprised to know more than 80 countries will host elections throughout the world this year. I was quite fascinated to know that 8000 candidates had participated on the 2019 India's election. India's political condition has been increased for there were about 912 million eligible voters. The 2019 Indian General Election has been the Largest Democratic exercise in History so far. Having a population of about 1.4 billion, 912 million people are eligible voters.

    1. 912 million is a big number of voters but that 1.4 million people don't get to vote is quite interesting and it means even if they are not the ones to choose their leader they are still feeling the effect of that leaders agenda and it is not guaranteed that the whole 912 million would vote. So I feel we need to encourage people to vote and increase the number of eligible voters.

  • I scored 10/10 in this quiz. I have seen the election time in India. Elections in India are like festivals, they are celebrated all over the country. This is because citizens believe in elections, they know that they have the right to vote, and there is value of each vote. People believe that if they vote to the right person, they can change the existing government and they know that the government should be run according to their desires.
    Secondly, people feel that they are the members of certain party, parties whose aims are pure and in accordance with people, in their view. So, they have the required knowledge on politics, parties, aims and elections. Also, they understand that their vote would make a change in society and make the nation peaceful.

    1. I got a 10 out of 10. I agree with trumphant_beaver, and your description of the Indian election makes me practically sense the enthusiasm that will be present as the contest progresses. Through the lesson done in class and this quiz, I became aware of the first past vote, which is something I had never heard of before. Though I am aware that it is unlikely to succeed in my nation, I still think it's interesting.

  • I got a 8/10 ... Indian politics are intresting.. But I was shocked to find out that more than 80 countries will host elections this year. I thought it would be less like 60 or even 40 but 80+ is not what I would have expected. It is a good thing though that means over 80 countries have a decision on who their leader will be. I want to learn more about Indian politics in the future.

  • I scored 5/10 as I learned lots about india. India has 1.4 billion in its population and over 75% can vote which is not what I expected from what we get told in school due to our criculium. It is good to also see that over 80 countries do have a voting system to choose their leaders for their own benofits which is good to read.

  • I agree when they say Indian Elections is the worldwide celebration of democracy, because 1.4 Billion People contribute to sealing their future for the next 5 years! It is always a proud moment for me, and I cannot help but bow my head in respect to all the members of the election committee, for their hard work in initiating these elections flawlessly!
    Elections are the physical representation of the power of a citizen over his government, and a celebration of his rights. They are that one moment, when everyone despite all the variations, is equal. They stand in line, with no priority to case their vote, and that is one moment when I am very proud of my nation and it's leaders for respecting everyone's dignity and right to vote alike...

  • I scored 8/10. I believe that elections are a way for most people to express their opinion and make a difference in our world. That is why the winners of the elections in India between all the candidates are being decided from a high percentage of the country especially a 75%. From the quiz I actually learned a lot about elections in India concerning the way they vote as well as that a prime minister controls all the 1.4 billion people (India's population). To be honest I believe that India's elections is a topic that I enjoy a lot talking about and I think that it is enriching in learning about them in some ways.

    1. i also got 8 out of 10 and i am most surprised by how the winners of there elections are decided by 75% and above yes it interests me how one prime minister is able to control and provide the means of a country populated by 1.4 billion people India surpassed china in its population in the year (2022) in india has greatly fascinated me with the way there elections are carried out.

    2. Hi Steady_maths,
      I really like the way you think! Our opinions fall in the same category of the concept that leads to a better world for each individual. Through elections people can change the entire future of their country and because the Indian elections last for five years, the elections need to be accurate as it's very hard to remove the government ones it has been elected. The quiz actually made me realise the importance of elections and a lot more about India.

  • I scored 5 out of 10 I think my result was very poor but I learnt a lot of new thing like the fact that 80 + countries in the world are going to have an elections this year and this same year there would be a lot of people watching the news, if I were working in the news I would be a lot of people coming to like the news.

  • hi topical talkers
    I scored 9 out of 10 , it amazes me that i know a lot of things about other countries outside mine, to be able to be enlightened about another country outside my own is great joy, I may have not scored all of the questions correct but a lot of vital information has been stored into my brain that I never knew before they include : as of 2019 about 80000 candidates participated in an election and I also learnt that more than 80 countries are hosting an election this year 2024 . going through this enlightened me more and I have additional knowledge thanks to the Quiz.

  • I scored 7 out of 10 and what I have learnt is that elections have a great impact on a country's population and people have to think critically on who they plan on voting on because their decision will impact their country as a whole.

    1. I agree, voters really should focus on learning about the candidates they vote for instead of abusing their right to vote.

  • I got 9/10. It was pretty shocking that more than 80 countries are having elections this year. It means that over half of the world's population will be voting for their country this year. I think that the Indian president has to do a very good job at ruling the country as he/she will be representing 1.4 billion people and I think being a president of any country would be hard work because they will have to face problems and maybe pressure. It will be even harder if you are representing a populated country because everyone has different thoughts about what the president should do as they all have different needs. I personally think that pressure is a big thing as being under pressure might make you feel like you are not good enough. If you are feeling down, I think it will be more likely that you will make bad choices and people might not support you anymore as I know people sometimes get very angry if they did not receive what the candidate promised for more people to support them. I think if the president of India make a mistake (even if it is really small) it will be a really bad thing as India has a really big population (1,441,719,852) so I think the president might even be replaced be another one if the mistake is really big and people do not like him/her anymore.

  • Hello, I earned a 9 out of 10. I think this is pretty good considering I do not know much about global politics. I am really happy to see so many countries being able to express their opinions through elections and votes.

  • HELLO, I am understanding_science and these are the things that I got from the quiz.
    I learnt a lot from the quiz and I also got 10/10. IT was very educational for me to learn and enjoy. I had a great time learning about the electoral system in India.
    From what I got from the quiz democracy is a system of government in which the people vote for who makes the rules. An election is the process where people vote to select their representatives in government. I also got that the purpose of an election in a democracy is to elect leaders who make decisions on behalf of the people. I also got that the people who are voted for are called candidates. In the year 2024, more than 80+ countries are hosting their elections, this is more than half of the world’s countries globally.
    In India, the “first past the post” electoral system is used for the elections. Approximately 75% of India's populations are allowed to vote in the upcoming elections.

  • I got 10 out of 10. this quiz was actually tricky but I manage to be smart enough to know the answer to most of the question. I did not know that over 8,000 candidate are going to vote but if Indians population is up to 1.4 billion I just knew that the candidate would be much during the election. I heard that Indians population is 3 times bigger than the UK. but a I did this quiz I learn a lot about India.

  • Hello topical talkers
    I got 10 out of 10 I learnt a lot of things these include that in India there are over 1.4billion population of people live in India and that this year 2024 about 80 countries are hosting an election and also I learnt that they elect only 1 prime minister to represent over 1.4billion people this quiz has made me more brilliant and intelligent

  • I got 10 out of 10, I learned a lot of things about india, i learnt that india is the largest populated country in the world it overtook china in the year (2022), and i was shocked about the fact where by india had only one prime minister, i was also surprised that india had over (8000) candidates for the conclusion i am really fascinated by india and this quiz has taught me a lot about india.

  • I got 10/10 and I learnt lots of things during this quiz. I have learnt that India has the largest population in the world and has over 1.4 billion people. I have also learnt it takes 7 days in India for the election to be conducted. I have also learnt India has only 1 prime minister out of over 1.4 billion people. The quiz has been enlightening and fun. This quiz has thought me a lot today and made me research more. In the country where I come from we quite a number of population there is a president and every state in the nation have a governor that oversee the affairs of that particular state to keep things in order.

  • I got 9 out of 10 and I failed one. It was interesting to not that the one i failed is the question about what the population of India is which is 1.4 billion and I also learnt that in 2019 elections India had over 8000 candidate. The quiz was quite easy and I enjoyed it.

  • I scored 8 out of 10. A lot of things actually caught my attention. One of which was the purpose of election in democracy. Democracy, as a system of governance, relies on the active participation of citizens. The purpose of elections in a democracy, is for the citizens to elect leaders who will make decisions on behalf of the people. Most people don't get this. They just go ahead and elect people who are popular or are in the party that has the best campaign slogans and so on. People need to get that there is way more beyond popularity and slogans. The purpose of elections is to allow citizens to empower people by choosing them as representatives who make decisions on their behalf. However, some people's decision making often gets clouded by misconceptions and unimportant considerations. Its pretty cool that I learnt this and I really hope to learn more.

  • I scored 8/10 in the quiz and as a Indian citizen I am very proud that I hold profound knowledge about my country's political system as well as am very glad that Indian elections are getting recognized on this global platform. This truly is the victory for the world's largest democracy. Although I knew most of the facts that were asked in the quiz, one question became food for my brain...I never really thought that a single person is taking decisions for !.$ billion people and am truly inspired by it. The tactics, leadership ,dedication and perseverance one should have to achieve such heights is completely unimaginable and intriguing at the same time.

  • I got a perfect score. Something that surprised me was that there were over 8,000 candidates for prime minister for the election in 2019. This represents the competition and desire to change the country.

    Although I previously knew about India only electing one prime minister, taking this quiz made me realize how much power that person has. The prime minister has the power to control an entire country with 1.4 billion people.

    No wonder there's so much competition to be prime minister!

  • I scored a 9 out 10. What caught my attention was the fact that the Indian citizens have to choose one Prime Minister to rule over all 1.4 billion of them. This got me thinking that maybe one leader won't be enough to handle that much population of people. I mean even if he has supreme power, that population of people might be too much for him to legislate. Could it be possible for them to elect more than one supreme leader to help govern the country better? India has one of the largest population of people in the world so maybe controlling and governing won't be that easy. Why do they pick only one Prime Minister, putting into consideration the size and population of the country.

  • I really loved this quiz because it tested my knowledge and level of remembrance . I was so wowed when i heard India only picks one prime minister to represent more than one billion people, and I think India has a really stable foundation and if another country was in their place I think that country wouldn't be in a good condition. When I heard that there are many elections this year I was thinking about what will be the outcome of all of them and what influence would it make .

  • I got 9 out of 10 on the quiz, it was an interesting quiz to do, I like the challenge of doing a quiz, I also didn't know that India had one of the largest populations in the world and that one prime minister could represent 1.4 billion people, also that 80 countries would hold elections this year ,there are a lot of people in India, there are many cultures and religions in India, some of their religions are Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. India with all these diffrent people have to choose one prime minister.

    1. Why might different religions make it harder to agree on a leader, excited_ocean? I'm really curious to hear your (or another Topical Talker's) thoughts on this!

  • Hi!!! I got a 10 out of a 10!!!
    I learnt a lot of things but I am more interested in the point that said India has over 1.4 billion people and only one prime minister will be elected. I truly love the fact that they think they can lead a lot of people by trying to elect only one leader but it might be a problem because their population is huge and just one person might not be able to handle or control everything. Therefore, I think that they should elect more leaders within their communities and villages.

  • I got 9 out 10 and that means. What I learnt was a lot from this quiz ,what I learnt is that india has the population of 1.4 billion and it is also the second largest country. In india only one person will rule over all the people and that will be fair because if more than one government should rule the will always be fight.India is a very incredible place to go, if i have the opportunity to travel there i will love to go there. I also learnt that Prime Minister comes from the elected parliament.

  • Greetings, topical talkers!

    I truly enjoy the quiz, and I received a score of 9/10. Elections are the procedure by which the public chooses its representatives in government; democracy is a form of governance in which the people vote for those who set the laws. The goal of elections is to choose representatives who act as the people's voice in decision-making. This year, 2024 will see elections in over 80 nations. I'm grateful.

    1. When I wanted to write this comment I really cracked my brain and I still don't have a star but the thing I loved about the quiz is that the questions are easy and I also got nine out of ten

  • Hello, Topical Talkers, I received a perfect score of ten. I found out that this year's elections will take place in over 80 countries! It astonished me that India will choose one prime minister and that the results of these elections would have an impact on more than half of the world's population. Furthermore, there were more than 8,000 contestants in India in 2019.

  • I scored 10/10 as being a Indian citizen one should be aware of the country politics...who should take appropriate decisions for the welfare of our country..this can be not one person's decision but it should be decided by a fair way that is schools in India we are taught about the topics like elections, candidate, constitution,parliament etc which are pillars of a democratic an Indian youth I can say that I am aware of my surroundings and my country and also I believe the young generation of every country should be aware about the issues face by that country and its political a aware youth is the reason for the positive future tommorow...

  • Hi,
    I got 7/10 and didn't know much about the Indian election system. I already know that India is the most populated country and that it selects only one prime minister. I know a lot about the term "democracy". Like that people vote for who will represent their country as a leader. The ancient greek word "δήμος" means the people. So the correct meaning of "democracy" is that the people have the power in their hands. And that is how democracy was born. Also, a lot of people don't know that only men could vote. If someone wanted to tell their opinion they had 15 minutes each ,so that it would be fair. They voted in the church of Dimos. What I didn't know is how the Indian election system worked. And it's quite shocking that 1 billion votes will be counted and elect 1 prime minister. I learned that over 80 countries will vote this year and half and more of the global population will be affected. In my opinion, globally the election's system should be fair and that the people of each county have the power in their hands and not only the leader.

  • Hi
    I have scored 7 out of 10 and Really I have enjoyed the quiz and To be honest i really don't know about the indian elections but after attending the quiz i come to know about the ssystem of election in india and gained knowledge about the indian election.

  • It got a score of 9/10. It was a very interesting and fascinating quiz. I learnt many things including India is the country with the highest population with approximately 1.4 billion people and out of these 1.4 billion people 75% are allowed to vote. I did my research and this means if India has a population of approximately 1.4 billion people and 75% of them can vote it means 1,050,000,00 of them are allowed to vote. This does make me think on whether or not that extra 25% can make a difference in the election. What are your views on this?

  • Hi,
    I got an 8 out of 10. I was surprised to learn that 80+ countries are having an election this year. Some of these countries (besides India) are the United States, Belarus, Taiwan, both Koreas, Panama, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, and Russia (Source: Wikipedia -

    I also surprised to learn that over 8,000 candidates were options in the Indian election of 2019. I know that India has the largest population of about 1.4 billion people, but I never thought that so many people would try to run for office.

    I did learn that India had a "first past the post" system during the classroom lesson. I believe that this a good system, because it accurately represents the first choice of people.

    This quiz has enlightened me about politics and the world and I'm happy I was able to learn these facts!

  • I received an 8/10 on the quiz, and the questions I missed were the electoral college question and how many pine ministers because I kinda forgot what a prime minister was for a second. When it comes to the electoral college question, I thought they used the same system as the U.S.A because of their large size, but in actuality they used the I think approval system in which the majority of the votes going to one candidate is the winner. This severely surprised me due to the fact that if one vote was higher making the other Candidate win, it could cause other people to feel like their vote didn’t matter. This was also something we talked about in class about how this specific system might cause a stagger in voting rates per year.

  • Hi everyone.
    I got an amazing 10/10!!!!!
    I am someone who is onto politics and 2024 is going to be a big yer of elections and no difference applies to Indo!!!

  • Hello there! I scored an 8/10 on the quiz. I learnt many new and different things during this lesson. I didn't know that India had the highest population in the world. I was also surprised that there were over 8000 candidates in the 2019 election. That seems a little bit too many to choose from.

  • I got a 7/10. It's not a great score, but surely one that reflects how little awareness I have. What I know is just the tip of the iceberg and as a citizen and the future generation of my country it is my responsibility to be aware of my country politics, so that when the time comes I can fulfill my duty as responsible citizen and indulge at my level.

  • Scoring 10/10 in the quiz brought back memories of my childhood fascination with elections in my country, whether they were regional, state or national. Even as a child, I somehow felt the importance of the election day. I remember feeling captivated by the excitement and anticipation surrounding the event. The sight of people from all walks of life, regardless of their wealth- from the sweeper to my teacher, doctor or parent - queuing up to cast their votes left a deep impression on me. It felt like a huge responsibility to vote for the right candidate who could one day lead our nation. I eagerly awaited the day when I would be able to join them in making a choice. It felt like a momentous occasion back then, and now knowing how much each vote matters, my anticipation for my turn to make a difference has only grown stronger.

  • I got a whooping 9/10. I learnt that more than 80 countries will have an election this year as 2024 is a big year for elections. I knew about democracy but couldn't really define it but in this quiz, I learnt the definition that can be used. Also, the most shocking part of this quiz to me was that in 2019, Indian elections had over 8000 candidates for people to choose from.That's a huge number!!!
    Also, I now understood that some countries use different election styles like how India uses first past the post voting so the party with most votes win!
    Thank you

  • Good Day everyone
    Hello, I scored 8/10 in the quiz. I was actually shocked to know that over 80 countries are having election in the same year which is a rare scenario. Also one more thing that caught my attention was that over 8000 people participated in the 2019 election.
    It's wonderful to discuss Indian Democracy as many countries all over the world look up to the Indian democracy and these quiz and discussions gives us a chance to discuss about it and understand the Indian Democracy better.

  • Something that was really fascinating in the quiz was the fact that a democratic system is one in which the people get to vote for those who make the rules and this is done during elections. Normal fact right, you may think that this is not something that you need to think so deeply about, but it is because everyone knows it but a lot of people don't get it. People think election is a time to go and determine the winner of a popularity contest or to decide which political party has the best campaign slogans, some people even go there to choose the best-dressed candidate. The main purpose of elections in a democratic system is to elect leaders who make decisions on behalf of the people. To do this you need to think about who you want to make your choices. This means you have to pick a trustworthy and responsible candidate. In democracy, you don't make the rules but you elect those who do it for you. The candidate you choose has the responsibility of making the rules. People really need to know more about elections. Some people pick irresponsible and deceitful candidates just because of attractive slogans and flashy clothing. Just because a candidate is rich does not mean he will make the country better. When you cast your vote, you’re essentially entrusting someone with the power to make decisions affecting your community, country, and even the world. It’s important to consider the trustworthiness and responsibility of candidates. People need to look beyond slogans and appearances and assess their track record, integrity, and commitment to public service.
    I think more people need to realize this before they vote.

  • I got 10/10.I think that the result of this is because of the topical talk lesson that we did in class. For instance, as a warm up we did a quiz.

    1. Can you tell me some of the things you learned?

  • I scored 9 out of 10.
    Something that was really fascinating in the quiz was India's electoral system. India uses the "first past the post” electoral system. In this electoral system, the people vote for a politician to represent their local area. Each politician represents its own political party. This system provides a straightforward way of electing representatives.
    It is also shocking that there can sometimes be a situation whereby, a party wins the most seats across the entire country, but did not get the most votes from everyone. Sometimes, a party can win more seats without winning the majority of votes from all the people. It’s a just like winning a game by scoring more points in some rounds, even if you didn’t win every round.
    It is really cool that even in this electoral system, the politicians with the most votes win. This means that the voices of the people still matter. This electoral system, allows the voices of the people to be heard. The system uses local representation, as each district elects its own representative. All in all, the voices of the people still play a crucial role in determining the outcome of elections, making their participation essential.