Do you want your kids to have a world tomorrow?

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I believe that this is a relevant topic to bring up with the world’s issues this current day in time and history. The topic I will talk about eco-anxiety as it has been brought up by many in the media today.

Eco-anxiety is the extreme worry about the current and future harm to the environment due to human actions and climate change. Now more than ever, young people worry about this as we see forest fires and climate issues in the world daily on social media. We can see that in the statistics that one in three young people in Britain are scared (33%), sad (34%) or pessimistic (34%) about climate change, with 28% feeling “overwhelmed”, according to a YouGov poll. I found this information on the woodland trust website who specialise in the environment.

However, some may argue that young people are overreacting about the issues that we see. Many older people choose to believe that these issues will be fixed by those with false promises of preventing climate change from politicians and democratic leaders who provide false hope to those who want this to happen. This will cause problems for future generations as they may be forced off earth due to not being able survive as we can see that many estimate around 1.2 billion people will be displaced due to climate change by the year 2030.

In my opinion we need to focus on this more and bring it back to light as we see the issues increase more and more over time. We need to learn about what we do wrong about this and try find ways to prevent this. We can do this by recycling lots more to prevent waste in oceans that kill ecosystems by making plant pots or reusing it for other things. We can also help rebuild ecosystems that we already have destroyed bring back the balance we need in the world’s environment in order to survive.

In conclusion, I believe eco-anxiety is a relevant topic that we need to talk about more as a whole in society to make change of the impacts we have made and to help conclude climate change not just for us but for the future generations who will want a safe world to live in.

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  • Hello Topical Talkers,
    i would like to say that people are really not taking care of the environment. The environment as well as the whole world is very important and it is our duty to take care of it. It is not only environmentalists that are meant to take care of the environment but the whole society at large. When the environment is carelessly handled, it can result to very dangerous and life threatening consequences like global warming, flooding which would result in loss of life and property, depletion of the ozone layer which would in turn expose us to the ultra-violent heat of the sun. When the environment is treated carelessly, we are in directly putting our selves in unimaginable danger.

    To conclude, the earth is very important. We are slowly killing our selves and even go to the extent of destroying the things that can help to prevent or protect us from destroying what has been given to us. We should take care of the environment and preserve what it has offered unto us.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • In all honesty I feel everyone would like for their children to have a world to live in tomorrow, but not everybody knows how to make it happen, I feel if we share our Eco-anxiety with our friends, family and community we could share with someone exactly how to make that dream come true.

    1. Hi high spirited concept;
      I think your comment is quite important. We must work to protect our environment for future generations to save our planet. Otherwise this world will no longer be habitable. Global warming is increasing day by day. Earth's climate is constantly changing. Due to which the amount of oxygen is decreasing and the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing. If no action is taken now. Then the world will be destroyed before 2030. As a result, all living beings on earth including our next generation will be destroyed. We all have to work together to save the world. We should all create an organization that will help prevent climate change. Also we can educate everyone about the harm of climate change through an organization or educational institution. Only then will the environment be protected. Besides, if we are busy with our work and do not take a look at the nature around us, then it will be foolish to expect us to be alive in the future. Hope you understand my opinion. What is your opinion about this? Please reply to my comment.

    2. I agree with you because I think that we should focus on this topic so we could make a better world for our children tomorrow. In order to make this happen, we need to start looking for a solution to address eco anxiety by first of all enlightening people not to panic and be afraid when they hear news about climate change and think that all hope is gone. They should know that even as climate change looks bad, there are lots of things we can begin to do to correct these changes like planting more trees, reducing our carbon footprints and if we do this, we will correct this. It may not be immediate but it is a gradual process and we will be fine at the end.
      Thank you!!!

    3. I totally agree with that everyone wants a world for their children but how that can is the problem. This is where the media comes in, the government in collaboration with mainline media and social media bloggers should engage national campaign creating awareness for eco-anxiety. This is a new phenomena for one like save for TTF and there are millions of people especially of people who are not aware that they are suffering from eco-anxiety and need to be attended to.

  • In my opinion eco-anxiety is a serious problem we have to deal with ,and we should start with our kids by making them confident and telling then that its wrong to cut trees and burn forests because it harm the environment and cause the global warming phenomenon which cause cancer and kill many people

  • Hello Topical Talkers,
    I agree 100% with this statement. Climate change is becoming worse and worse, and there are a lot of people who care about our planet and want to help. I think we should all be one of those people. If we continue to let climate change get worse, it will be 10 times worse than it is now for future generations. We want the future generations to be safe and have a clean environment, because everybody deserve that kind of quality. The more we work together, the more we can stop climate change and decrease eco-anxiety, because a lot of people have a lot to worry about, and eco-anxiety makes things worse. Anxiety and stress can also be dangerous because of the impact it can have on our health. In conclusion, I agree that climate change is something that should be discussed more often, because paragraph 2 states that about 1.2 billion people will be displaced due to climate change by the year 2030. We only have a short amount of time to help stop climate change before it continues to worsen.

  • If anyone answers this question with Yes, first they have to prepare their kids to face environment's problems. It's very essential that our children learn how to face environmental challenges.
    we can teach them how to conserve energy in different ways. Also, we can make our children aware of global warming and its impact on earth. By changing our behavior into the environment we will reduce the amount of pollution. Go green is a good choice to make a change in the world by teaching kids about plants and how they can help to clean air. Go green leads to a cleaner environment. Finally, it's time to go green and keep this world clean.

  • i really want to have a world because the world is really beautiful but some people are spoling thre world by poluting

  • I think that our children should be able to live without eco-anxiety in their lives and so on for generations. We all hope that our children can live peacefully and calmly.

    1. I totaly agree with you. So, that‘s why it is important for us to prevent those problems. And I don’t mean this by living in constant eco-anxiety..but on the other hand by everyone focussing on his own actions and consequences. For example reducing personal carbon footprint or supporting enviromental initiatives. Even to the older generation which seems to underestimate the situation we are in right now , we should spread more awareness in general.

  • Hi everyone,
    This is really a topic that must be discussed. From people's effects on eco-anxiety in the news, what people have to say about it and from what I see every day, the world is dying fast. Common food items have become so expensive because they are so scarce that citizens in different countries cannot have three square meals, including my country. We see little children who are supposed to be in daycare, kindergarten, or primary school sitting on the street just looking for food or money to feed themselves and their families. In my country, there are no home shelters where homeless people can sleep, they have to sleep outside, but my country has sung about how shelters will go a long way in comforting the homeless in very severe weather. Our government thinks its a waste of money and that we, the people, would have to fund it. You're right, we can rebuild instead of throwing away, plant instead of cutting, and be in touch with nature once again. One of climate change's effects is severe unwanted sickness, both from bad activites and staying on the screen too long. With that said, I believe there's hope; we do need to sit down as a society and discuss and execute this before time runs out.

    1. That is a compelling argument! What do you think is the most effective way to bring about change? Should governments do more?

  • I absolutely agree with this comment because many political figures are giving society false hope that climate change is not as big of an issue as it actually is. Many older people seem to undermine the issue perhaps due to a lack of information or awareness. I believe that everyone should be informed and worried about climate change because if no one believes that climate change is something is worry about then nothing will be done to resolve the issue.

  • This situation of climate change and eco-anxiety has made me realize a lot of things if we eventually obliterate the planet with all of the substances that we deposit everyday what hope or future will the later generations have there will be no planet that they can say is as messed up as this one number 1 we have life on this planet but what's the use it can't be healthy enough to harbor any living creatures even if it does what's the use the experience of this planet isn't going to be nice at all we should start making better changes now for the sake of future generations so that they to will learn that it is good to preserve the planet, there is this pizza place me and my family like going ,it's called pizza and ice-cream and they are trying to pass the same message on some of their uniforms it reads "save the earth it's the only planet with pizza "it's a funny thing to say ,but it passes a good message one that children will learn really quickly.

  • I couldn't agree more. The urgency of the situation demands immediate action. If we fail to act wisely now, our future generations may inherit a world vastly different from the one we know today. We must adopt practical and sustainable solutions to address pressing issues such as climate change, environmental degradation, and resource depletion. We must prioritize renewable energy, conservation efforts, recycling, and responsible consumption to safeguard the health of our mother Earth, for generations to come. Each of us has a role in this collective effort, and we must act with determination and foresight to secure a brighter future for all.

  • Nice talk busy trumpet I believe that Eco-anxiety is when people, especially young ones, feel really worried about how humans are harming the environment and causing climate change. Many young people, like you and your friends, are feeling this worry more and more, especially when we see things like forest fires and climate problems on social media every day. Some older people might say we're overreacting or that everything will be okay, but we know it's a big deal.
    We also need to talk about eco-anxiety more and find ways to fix the problems. We can start by recycling more to reduce waste in oceans, and we can also help rebuild ecosystems that have been damaged. These actions can make a big difference in making our planet healthier and safer for everyone, including future generations. So, let's work together to protect our environment and make positive changes for the future!

  • If I had a child, Iw would want them to be able to live in a harmless world and to be safe. I'm not sure that it is quite possible for our economy today. I wouldn't want to be a mother and have to worry about if my child can be outside or even play in the front yard. Mainly because eco-anxiety has changed so much about the way that people think and act. Also how they have made crime rates rise. I just don't think that it would be smart or safe to have a child right now in our economy.

  • Hello all, I believe that at this rate, we will not make a change to save our world from potential destruction. I say this because there are so many careless, selfish people that do not care about anyone other than themselves or even their own planet; I've seen so many people litter on the streets carelessly sending of their rubbish into the air not having a single thought of were the litter may end up on a chocking sea creature.
    I try to be optimistic hope we still will have a chance of saving our planet but hour by hour the chance of saving our beloved and only home is slowly tearing away from us, more and more CO2 is being pumped into the air as the atmosphere is heating up, ice caps are melting polar bears are dying as the Atlantic water will slowly submerge our cities. I am not here to cause eco- anxiety but raise awareness to make the action and power that we can do NOW.

    Switching of any running water when you brush your teeth, turning of the heating and light in the room you are not using, use your recycling bins or if you don't have a unit make one, taking your bike or public transport instead of a car. If everyone did these easy and simple things there would be no global warming, pollution or eco anxiety as we would be worrying about that.

    Do you want the future generations dreaming about the polar bears, rhinos or orangutans like we do of the dodo bird? Would YOU want to live in the unstable future you have created? Take action NOW at this moment by doing a simple gesture to try and save our planet.

  • Hello,
    I would like to say that the way the world is going, if everyone continues to ignore "The elephant in the room", there won't be an earth to live on in a few years. If we want the future generation to still have a planet or at least know better than to repeat the same mistakes we have made, we need to start taking action now. Climate change is like a moth eating through the fabric of humanity. If we don't come together to fight it, we will be putting the future generation at risk or setting a bad example for them to follow.

  • Hello everyone, I think that eco-anxiety is a real problem. And we should care about it, Social media is growing and the news spreads easily and faster nowadays. Some of the news is devastating. So we should find a way to prevent these beliefs and make children confident to live a peaceful life. However, we should make sure that children know about the environment and how to deal with it correctly.

  • In my personal opinion, humans on this Earth have been hurting it for a long time causing, pollution, climate change, deforestation, and more. If actions don't change, it could even possible lead to global warming. We need to start improving by picking up trash off the ground and stop releasing chemicals into the air, which can result in different diseases. If we want a future for people of this Earth, its time to change.

  • Climate change is really bad and we need to make it stop. It is affecting many people and is making us lose our planet. Climate change is creating eco-anxiety for people and it makes them worried about what can happen to our Earth tomorrow and forever. This could lead them to making inhumane choices to save the planet just to live.

    Deforestation is caused by climate change and is causing animals to lose their habit and to locate elsewhere.

    To save our Earth and defeat climate change we can start recycling so then we can reuse things instead of cutting down trees for paper.