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If I were a reporter, I would have prepared a report on “reading” and its importance to society,... #21 You choose the news! 11/2/22
The symbol "W" will be the best symbol for the application of the news because it represents the... #20 The winning icon 03/2/22
PERSON C = I would like to say that I agree with you because news is very important for young... #19 Respond! 28/1/22
I found the word (information) and this is related to the news because, everything was based on... #18 Search and say! 20/1/22
I can help those in need by: Responding to support the needy with the best care and finding an... #17 Hey big spender! 13/1/22
My question is: Any question about the news of 2022, is it possible in the coming days and... #16 Wheel decide! 05/1/22
My headline is "A virus is eating people around the world." #15 Headline of 2021 13/12/21
I would like to conduct an interview with the “official of the Ministry of Climate Change” and I... #14 Interview who? 06/12/21
It is important for me to talk about the news, because the news affects me and shapes my... #13 You and the news 01/12/21
If I were the leader of my country, I would restore the dignity of my country, make health... #12 Important promises 22/11/21
I would like to know about Title C because the presence of a million species represents a great... #11 Tell me more! 12/11/21
I think that image C represents the news better because I noticed that the news is more... #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
Reports: R:Reports on the problems of planet Earth. E: Emphasis on the real things. P:Put an... #8 The News 28/10/21
Journalist: J:journey to a world full of safety and justice. O: Obligation to respect people's... #8 The News 27/10/21
The news: T: Transferring scientific facts to and from the world. H:Hold on to the vitality... #8 The News 27/10/21
A problem in my community is soil pollution, and this harms the community, in order not to... #5 Innovation for your nation! 04/10/21
Courage is the most important characteristic of a journalist, because if he encounters bad or... #4 Because... 01/10/21
He may have learned from journalists before him and increased his love for his work #4 Because... 30/9/21
The reporter is ready every day for a new test and situation #3 Caption this 20/9/21
interest : To act as a mediator between people and what they want to know with interest The... #1 Topical Talk triangle 06/9/21