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Monarchy doesn't work in today's digital era. Why glorify someone who has got it because he is... Are royals relevant? 09/5/23
At school, we were discussing about nepotism. Many were of view that nepotism makes complete... Your Topical Talk lesson 09/5/23
Thank you for this post. This has helped me to understand several things related to Monarchy.... Reflect on the lesson! 09/5/23
I would definitely try to help my family members and friends in every way possible. Having said... Nepotism poll results! 08/5/23
While we read about nepo-babies, we are aware that in spite of the certain privileges they enjoy... Nepo-babies in the news 08/5/23
This seems to be a topic taken, straight from Indian film industry, since this is one of the... Where does nepotism start? 08/5/23
The one who uses AI can't be called as an Artist. It's nothing but disrespect to the real... AI poll results! 07/5/23
Somebody's work is somebody's work! It has to be respected! Otherwise its nothing but stealing.... Inspiration... or stealing? 07/5/23
As the discussion is about AI and its impact, several people are under the fear that many might... Thinking questions 07/5/23
Thank you for your comment. My comment was never intended regarding the workplace harrassment.... Strikes poll results! 24/4/23
Thank you for your comment. In today's digital era, there are several ways. One such is the #... Strikes poll results! 21/4/23
I disagree with the statement. Everybody should not be allowed to strike. If everybody is... Strikes poll results! 21/4/23
I disagree because... it is easier said than done. The people as doctors and police are also... Working conditions 20/4/23
Strikes are not the solution for all. And many at times disrupts the normal life. In a country... Can everyone strike? 20/4/23
I chose the discussion : Working conditions for Strikes I disagreed with what... Competition #2 Global discussions 20/4/23
I agree with you and its important that we hear both the stories before jumping to conclusions.... Working conditions 20/4/23
If strikes aren't the solution, especially for those in crucial work area like the Health Care,... Suggest a discussion! 19/4/23
Thank you so much for liking my perspective. In metaverse, there are so many faceless people out... Report back 17/4/23
Except perhaps the 4th one, everything seems impossible, for the following reasons: 1.... The law in your hands? 17/4/23
Discussion about environment, small ways to reduce carbon footprint, are discussed very often in... Classroom spy... 17/4/23