The Cure to Eco-Anxiety

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Eco-anxiety has been an issue in the lives of many for over a long period of time, it diminishes confidence, causes depression and worst of all causes the "FREEZE". It makes us react to climate change in different ways both negative and positive, and I think that this is where we should capitalize on.

Everyone who knows about the climate emergencies going on, should be rather familiar to the feeling that comes when you know that something bad is happening to the planet, that feeling is eco-anxiety. Whether or not you have known it before you have had eco-anxiety and the number of ignorant people is as well on the rise.

When looking for a solution it has to be something that can suite everyone, and something that is bound to work. Only three things that I discovered fitted into the crieria and these were:

Finding A Balance

The perfect way to achieve an eco-anxiety free world is by filtering news according to personal experiences. Giving more bad news to those who have a huge ego will help them to channel their ego towards making improvement on the planet, and equally giving more good than bad to those with traumatizing experiences on climate emergencies will help them to slowly heal. Balancing news should be done based on regions and I also think status.

Encouraging People

People can encourage everyone to do something everyday that will have a little effect on the climate. This will have a huge effect on the long run and will help to reduce the amount of bad news that will be casted on the news. Encouragement is a solution that works for everyone irrespective of your current status. It is an easy thing to do that can impact on the lives of many people. I know that it is the most basic cure and that is dosent remove anything from individuals.

Creating Awareness

We should try our best to inform ignorant people every day, so that more and more people can have a hand in helping those who do not know. Creating awareness would open the mind of young people who are ready to as we

Eco-anxiety is as a product of Individuals and government activities and I think that if if all work together we can find a cure to it.

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  • I do agree with you @glad_outcome the cure to eco-anxiety is finding ways to make a change and a positive impact on the planet. Creating awareness and educating ourselves, advocating for change, making choices to help, to alleviate anxiety. The real cure is doing the simplest things and encouraging others too.

    1. Yes I do agree with you @phenominal_technology people will be people and because of that the issue of climate anxiety might never be resolved but a hope that we have for it to be resolved is encouragement. Encouragement plays very vital roles in the issue of climate anxiety people who try to stop climate anxiety try and try to the point that they give up these people are the cure to climate anxiety and so are we ,what we must help them to do is give them moral support and others moral support so that we can fix up the planet and restore it to its formal glory.

    2. Yes, I agree with you. The cure to this, creating awareness around for people to see and know, educating them, encouraging them is a really good way of helping to cure the the eco anxiety. Overall, if people do not get such, the simplest thing that they can do to help the situation is to follow up all the required rules like:
      Avoid bush burning
      Stop the littering of dirty in places etc.
      In conclusion, I believe these are very skilled ways of curing climate change.

    3. Creating awareness and education about climate change is great. Because this can trigger more action to help with climate change. Encouraging others can do great things and can cause new ideas and solutions. The simplest acts and makes a big change. We all can pitch in to make a positive impact.

  • Hi, I think a cure for eco-anxiety would be great because there would be no more worries about climate change and global warming. But eco-anxiety can motivate people to think of ways to help the climate crisis, so I think that eco-anxiety should be a superpower for us because it's a spirit lifter of ways to combat climate change.

  • I solemnly agree with you glad_outcome on what you concerning the cure to Eco anxiety, I just want to add that one of the ways to cure Eco anxiety is by believing in ourselves, because the moment we fail to believe and we fail to have hope in ourselves that is the day we begin to loose.
    I will also like to say that as far as there is life there is always hope, and
    Further more, creating an awareness will also play a vital role in curing Eco anxiety because ignorant people will get to change when they truly get to know what is happening, because some times what makes someone ignorant of a particular issue is not having full awareness of the issue and also by not hearing information from a trustworthy source so when we are creating this awareness we should be sure of what we are saying and to make sure that the information is accurate.

    1. I agree because... Believing is a crucial step in making things work. If you try the first time and fail, you can believe in yourself and get the cure.
      Let's look at Joycelyn Longdon, she never gave up hope and now she is a very good activist. Believing also leads to determination and persistence, when we believe, we are able to achieve and find a prominent solution. What I think is that believing works hand in hand with encouraging. Only one that believes can push forward in a seemingly hopeless time.
      In conclusion, I think that believing fits in the criteria of the cures to eco-anxiety.


  • Hello, there.
    I totally agree with you,glad_outcome because eco-anxiety and climate change is one of the biggest problems in the world and if people don't take steps to solve this problem now, then we will face a difficult situation in the future. In order to save this world,I think that every human being has to take appropriate steps and initiatives to deal with climate change.
    Informing children: Every child needs to be informed about climate change. If a child is aware of a major problem of the world like climate change from a young age then he will grow up to fight against climate change. The environment will not be damaged by his actions.
    Planting trees: People around the world are cutting more trees for their own needs. But they are not planting trees accordingly. As a result, carbon dioxide and global temperature are increasing day by day. For this reason, people should reduce the cutting of trees and plant more trees.
    Awareness Raising: Awareness among people about eco-anxiety and climate change needs to be raised because many people are not aware of climate change and their activities are seriously damaging the balance of the environment. Various programs, seminars, distribution of leaflets etc. should be organized on climate change.
    After all, personally I think, over time, we all have to fight together to fight climate change and save the planet. Thanks.

  • I agree with you because eco anxiety is a very terrible and mixed emotion, and can cause take us back in stopping climate change as some people may be discouraged thinking their works are gong to waste when they hear only of terrible news on climate change and less of good news, this is why I am in total agreement with you on this point you have stated about the giving of news based on their egos or statuses, I think this way because many people believe in the information given to them by the news, this entails that news is an important factor in our modern day society because it has the ability to influence the mindsets of people, so if people are given news based on their status or ego, they can find a balance, which is a good step in stopping climate change.

  • I think a cure or eco anxiety could be to meditate and be aware of what's going on.If you were to meditate or try to do something that helps or makes you feel calm you will probably be able to achieve things in that amount of time.Specifically working on you eco anxiety even though that sometimes you you may feel scared or upset about it now that you are clm all you got to do is rembe what made you calm and keep it that way. This is why meditation could be a good way to realize all this stress that has been caused upon eco anxiety.

    1. I think that this is a good idea that might work for some other types of anxiety, but for eco-anxiety there is most likely only one cure, which is solving climate change. This would be quite a difficult task so it might end up being better to just start with simpler things as treatments rather than cures. Organisations could be created to plant trees and host litter pick ups which will eventually begin to help decrease the severity of our eco-anxiety.

  • I agree with you. There are many ways we can face eco anxiety.
    But first of all we need to live with it and understand that it is OK to have this feeling as our environment changes progressively throughout the years.
    Awareness is the key to understand what happens in our nature and encouraged to take actions can help us realize that there are solutions to this climate crisis.
    By implementing these solutions we can feel more relieved and optimistic that we can change or stop this condition of our planet.

  • I believe people with eco-anxiety should try and get out there and make a change because the younger generation are the ones that can fix this instead of being sad and nervous about your future on this earth, they should and could make a change but they can't because there to nervous and scared to do it.

    1. I actually agree with you spontaneous_poem. Instead of sitting around being nervous and sad, the people should get out there and try to fix climate change themselves. Since a lot of people have eco-anxiety we should use it to our advantage and get out to try to change the world for the better.

      1. I agree with you because when people are worried about having eco-anxiety, they should not sit back and relax, instead, they should fight to stop climate change to prevent other people from having eco-anxiety to help the world. Some ways that we can stop both climate change and eco-anxiety are:
        1) reduce carbon footprints
        2) stop pollution.
        3) practice afforestation instead of deforestation.
        There is more to this than I have already said, these are just a few things we can do.
        Generally, I think that we should try our best to stop eco-anxiety and climate change together.
        THANK YOU.

  • There are many ways to cure eco anxiety. You could try to acknowledge your feelings, if these feelings of stress and anxiety are really getting to you and affecting your life in other ways, then i think it's important to talk to someone who you think is trusted and who will understand you. I also think taking a media break is a great thing to do and going outside to get fresh air will help.

  • I think finding a cure to eco- anxiety is a good idea because more people would want to go out and explore things instead of being afraid of what's happening in our world now. Also, this will help more because eco-anxiety can lead to despair and no hope for our future leading people to not want to help. To add on, people will most likely not be able to find a home and jobs because they believe the outside world is dangerous.

    1. What do you suggest is a "cure" for eco-anxiety? Would the same thing work for everyone?

  • You have made a very good point glad_outcome. I also believe that the news We share about climate change should depend on the area and type of people we are targeting. This is because people have different experiences in life and some may not be moved by what they see. Therefore the kind of news that we share should be frequent and my lord to their specific needs so they truly understand that climate change is real and we must take action to protect the earth. Also when it comes to people who have already experienced the effects of climate change, the news they receive should be presented on a software level so as not to increase their fear. I think it should be a kind of news that encourages and motivate them to take positive Action towards a better future.
    I strongly believe that by creating awareness and sharing information we can raise people's consciousness about climate change. This will enable us to work together towards protecting our planet.

  • I agree with you that eco-anxiety is a feeling of fear caused by climate change. We have the choice to use equal anxiety in a positive or negative way. Personally eco-anxiety has had a positive impact on me. I used to be scared of news about climate change and what it means for our planet future. However after watching some information videos and having discussions about it, I realized that I could channel my fear into something positive. I now talk about climate change to raise awareness among people who are unaware of it. Also I try to do small things like picking up litter, switching off lights when not in use and using renewable sources of energy. To me the negative impact of eco anxiety is minimal compared to the positive impact it has had on my life.

  • I am totally agreeing with you glad_outcome, as the simplest thing is the cure to any problems. Finding the ways to control possible outcome while neutralizing the climate change is the major objective of many organization trying to neutralize the climate change. While taking a long step on such conditions, short steps minimize the troubles while encourage people for the required flexibility on taking the step. The short steps you have chosen could lead a mass of people to neutralize the climate change. News could be the main source of attraction of people but what news should be shared is necessary. So, taking your point 'FINDING A BALANCE', people having huge ego require more bad news to channel their ego for further improvement while giving good news to people with traumatizing experiences on climate emergencies would help heal their wounds, could be a necessary advise for the government, and likely you said it should be based on regions for different regions suffer with different calamities. Encouragement might be inspiration for many people to control the climate change. So, the act done by mass of people to control the climate change would be huge effect on long run. Like you said, it will help to reduce the bad news casted on news, but when the people having 'Huge Ego' will hear the good news very recently. They might be discouraged to control climate change, at that time, what act should be done to 'encourage' them? Creating awareness could be the first measure applied by organization to control the climate change. It truly encourages people and create a big impact on people. Like you said, "Eco-anxiety is as a product of Individuals and government activities and I think that if if all work together we can find a cure to it", we all have the potential to find a cure of it.

  • We all are worried about eco_anxiety . Worrying isnot enough ,but at the same time we depend mainly on factors that cause air pollution . We have to plant more trees this is the only resolution to absorb carbon dioxude . The second point is polluting water some people throw rubbish in water and throw also chemicals this will cause many diseases as cholera so we haveto keep the water that we drink clean .The most serious problem is damaging animals habitats this lead to extinction of some animals as dodo bird and there are more than 41,000 endangered species . We can make nature reserves for these animals