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I am using bycyle instead of motor car while going to school. Most of the time we walk. Our... What's your activity on eco-anxiety 20/3/24
I strongly agree with“Voters should be able to choose their leader - not just a political party”... How would you respond? 10/3/24
I think There's no perfect system, but here are some ideas to make choosing a leader... How does the Indian election work? 09/3/24
I think Beyond the direct impact of news on a company's reputation, various news categories can... How might the news affect businesses? 06/3/24
I think the idea of which sports "matter" more is subjective and multifaceted. While some sports... Which sports “matter”? 02/3/24
I think International games, such as the Olympics or the World Cup, offer numerous advantages... Which sports “matter”? 02/3/24
I think Beyond the thrill of competition, international games offer a wealth of benefits for... Which sports “matter”? 01/3/24
I think While the idea of Enhanced Games and "superhuman" athletes sparks excitement about... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 01/3/24
I think Despite the advantages of AI-powered learning, relying solely on it comes with potential... Will schools exist in future? 28/2/24
I think the idea of machines handling our learning might seem appealing, dismissing school... Will schools exist in future? 28/2/24
I think it would revolutionize how I learn and process information. Think of it as a... AI companion 25/2/24
I think You're right, it's true that early experiences and beliefs formed in childhood can be... Who has the power to stop social bias? 25/2/24
I think predicting the ultimate impact of AI on the planet is complex. While AI holds immense... AI and the planet 22/2/24
I Agree with (A): "International Women's Day is great because it reminds the world about how... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 19/2/24
I think he responsibility for stopping bias rests on everyone's shoulders, regardless of whether... Who has the power to stop social bias? 19/2/24
I think Finding truly "feel-good" news about the climate can be challenging, as the vast... Finding a balance 15/2/24
As my opinion, There are many issues in Bangladesh. Some of the issues in Bangladesh include... Suggest a discussion 11/2/24
Ithink In the United Kingdom, safeguarding animal rights demands stringent laws against cruelty,... Animal rights 11/2/24
I think supporting women in football requires a collective effort from various stakeholders, but... Women's sport 11/2/24
I think to encourage greater action on climate change, several strategies can be implemented.... Why don’t people change? 10/2/24