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Wow this is an amazing experience I felt so relevant when I was asked this question about how I... Topical Talk and YOU 13/3/24
It is indisputable that an inmate's capacity for successful rehabilitation is greatly influenced... Cleanliness or hygiene's of prisons 08/3/24
Hello, Topical Talkers, I received a perfect score of ten. I found out that this year's... The elections quiz 08/3/24
As a topical talker, I have chosen to discuss the issue of women in media. This topic is... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 07/3/24
Hi storytelling _ grab I agree because it must not be available on the internet as you said the... The media and elections 05/3/24
I'm not sure about this because, gender Inequality in today society so hard to be use.tod Suggest a discussion 28/2/24
I choose a prison should be secure because you can never know if a prisoner can carry any... What’s the purpose of prisons? 27/2/24
I scored 12 out of 16. Interestingly, the first Olympic games date back around 3,000 years to... Show what you know! 26/2/24
The topic I really want to talk about is women's rights. Discrimination and violence against... Suggest a discussion 25/2/24
The topic I really want to talk about is animal right. Did think should animal have right... Suggest a discussion 24/2/24
Hi , Wow what an amazing topic .We had a discussion that says "girls don't have opportunities... Did you do the classroom lesson? 22/2/24
I agree that women are better reporters than men with my following points: 1.Women reporters... Selam Gebrekidan: this topic’s poll! 21/2/24
I agree because.Even though over the past few decades millions more women have entered the... Gender inequality: have your say! 20/2/24
I agree because... Compared to working males, women get paid less. A substantial amount of... Gender inequality: have your say! 19/2/24
I scored 8/10 ,I learned that women don't have equal rights as men . Such as political matters:... The women in media quiz 19/2/24
I suggest we talk about" WOMEN'S RIGHTS TO FREEDOM ",in my defence women should have equal... Create a headline 16/2/24
I disagree because AI’s lack of emotions and feelings should be considered , as they may not... Meet our Skills volunteers! 16/2/24
While filling this typeform ,I felt free of thought a state I've never experienced before. Tell us what you think! 15/2/24
I agree because As for economic effects, research suggests that migration is beneficial both to... What do you know about immigration policies? 14/2/24
I agree because emigration is the relocation or process of people leaving one country to reside... What do you know about immigration policies? 14/2/24