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There are many reasons why is it important for young people to learn about news. The young... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 04/3/24
This festival is full of different topics, each topic talk about a new thing. Thats why this... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 04/3/24
I agree also I think if the immigrants increased this will affect the both countries. The... Fair or unfair? 02/3/24
I think there should be a Hub discussion post about virtual world games because people may know... Suggest a discussion 02/3/24
I think that, parents have an important role in this issue. For example, as a child grows up, he... Who has the power to stop social bias? 01/3/24
I think that I have achieved a good score 7/10. This quiz had caught my interest because I... The women in media quiz 01/3/24
If I could meet Aron, I would like to ask about how your goals should be achieved?And do you... Aron D’Souza 29/2/24
Of course, I agree with you @harmmonious_mulberry because immigrants especially those who have... What are the benefits of immigration? 29/2/24
Yeah actually it's hard for some people to prevent themselves from being lazy ,but I can prevent... AI companion 30/1/24
If I had an amazing luck and someone developed an AI robot for me I would use it for sevral... AI companion 29/1/24
According to what I think,there are many people who will be replaced by Artificial intelligence... Jobs of the future 29/1/24
First of all I would like to thank the Topical Talk team because they are reading all comments... Balanced discussions on the Hub 29/1/24
If I'm lucky enough to meet Daniel Hulme , I would like bout several things. For instance, AI... Daniel Hulme 28/1/24
Eco- anxiety is the chronic fear of environmental destruction. In the journal of environmental... Joycelyn Longdon 28/1/24
If I could meet Raman Rai , I would like to ask her about virtual world games and whether they... Raman Rai 28/1/24
In fact I am from Lebanon , and as it is known that Lebanon has four seasons and a distinctive... Meet our school communities! 27/1/24
I would like to thank volunteers for their efforts and I would also like to tell them that their... Meet our Skills volunteers! 27/1/24
In my opinion creativity is the most important because it helps expand people's ideas and... Meet our Topical Talk skills 27/1/24
I agree because... In this world there are different communities also different opinions. We... Meet our school communities! 26/1/24
The news story that caught my attention most was... It stood out to me because…Artificial... Competition #1 winners 26/1/24