Unfair Games

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Since I was little I’ve been following sport competitions like the Opimpic games, but has been recently created a new type of Olimpic games, called Enhanced games. This new type of Olympic games is different from the rest of Olimpic competitions because the use of Steroids is allowed. As it is well kown, Steroids are drugs that make atheletes have more muscles so that they seem stronguer.

From my point of view, this is something dangerous for athletes because ity may lead them to consume too many drugs, powerful and this usually damage and harm their bodies, and which is even worse, their minds. Dopage in our bodies has several negative effects, for instance an increased risk of cardiac arrest or high blood pressure...In addition it can also cause depression, behavioral changes, such as aggressive behaviors, sleep disorders, hallucinations or anxiety.

Apart from these physical disadvantages, olimpic games will loose their emotion and charm, because instead of competing to see who is faster, stronger or agile, the aim will be to know which drug is the most effective or which athelete has more money to afford them. The same happens in Formula 1. For instance, do pilots compete to see who has the best car or who is really good at driving and planning strategies?

The Olimpics should have one specific objective: Teamwork, enthusiasm, hardwork and the efford; but with the use of the Steroids the work of millions of athelets during years will be lost, and as a consequence, hardwork will be underrated. Furthermore it doesn’t seem fair to those atheletes who want to compete without drugs, they’ll be in unequal conditions favoring people who have doped. Besides as rules are changing, new games will be created as people will be better at some skills.

Despite this fact, the Enhanced Games might encourage scientific developments that could help, somehow, everyone in the future. It can also promote research into new technologies, medicines and cures for some diseases that involve loss of movement. Maybe we could use what we learn from these games to help people in everyday life?

To conclude as far as I know, Enhanced games will loose the humanity, enthusiasm and effort that the other traditional competition involves. Will this be the beginning of a distant future with new innovations, technologies and changes?

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  • i believe the enhanced games are horrendous not only are they using enhanced drugs to boost effectiveness at that point its physically not even skill anymore and it means people are respected for things they didn't even work for

  • I have never really supported the usage of drugs in sports, and the enhanced games have brought my fear to life. To me, the enhanced games is anything but fair because the use of drugs can never cut the distinction of the natural features of a human being. Drugs don't manifest in humans equally, but it varies based on the build up of the humans, the way people react to drugs differ. Some might have a bad effect and some might do exceptionally well when using drugs, and this is where the fear comes in, something detrimental can happen in the course of using these drugs, and all of these could have been avoided.
    The use of training and hardwork, is the best way fill in the gap between the natural distinction. Someone who has naturally short limbs, can work harder to be able to run faster, and so that we can fill in the gap. Sports are not meant to be totally fair, so that we can have a winner.


  • In my opinion the usage of drugs in competitions such as the Olympic games could be really unfair and unsafe meaning it doesn't matter about experience anymore as people would be overdosing and could affect their physical health but also mental health just to win in a game

    1. I agree because when athletes continue using the performance enhancing drugs without focusing on hardworking and practice because practice makes perfect, it is going to make them lazy and addicted in the sense it when someone continue taking the drugs, there is a possibility that the person might have some health issues the day that he or she doesn't take the drugs.
      Secondly, I know the adage that says another man's food is another man's poison and also the on that say all fingers are not equal. If i take the drugs together with you, I might be affected and I might even get either liver or kidney cancer because I believe those drugs have some side effects even if there are some limitations in them. This is where it becomes unfair when you take them and I don't because of health issues or medical issues.
      In conclusion, I think the best method is banning the use of the drugs and let the athletes understand that practice makes perfect because some that use the performance enhancing drugs is the person who depends or relies on peels because he or she is not ready or did not practice. Secondly taking advanced drugs is very harmful to our health. Banning those drugs will also help secure and increase our life span as we don't have any health issues.

    2. I strongly agree with you because it can also lead to drug abuse and addiction and that can cause brain damage, so that is to say over dependance on enhance drugs does more harm than good to the human body and the immune system. In my own opinion athletes, should be allowed to use their own strength and ability to perform rather than use drugs, because the aim of the game will b conquered if all athletes will just be taking drugs the real fun of the competition wont be there anymore.

    3. I agree with you outgoing robin, In my own opinion I think they should stop using enhancing drugs, if they keep on using this drugs it could affect their body system or even shorten their lives . so what's the point of happiness and satisfaction if ones physical and mental health starts to deteriorate as a result of this effects on drug?

    4. In my own perspective I disagree with you because , you said in a game like the Olympics it is unfair to use the enhanced drug for me it depends on if it is allowed or not, if it is not allowed and people use it , it is said to be unfair but if it is allowed and players use it then it is not cheating .
      On the other hand I agree with you to some extent , I say this because in the part where you stated that it is unsafe and unhealthy for players to use enhanced drugs and that it is no longer about experience anymore . a lot of player engage in enhanced drugs but don't know the side effects of those drugs ,enhancing drugs causes :
      #Felling faint and weak
      #they loose more fluids than they take in .
      #having less mineral called potassium , this is a vital mineral that the body needs to function well .
      In terms of Experience , I think sports that use drugs should no longer be called games or competition anymore I say this because, the meaning of competition is the the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something or someone by defeating or establishing superiority over others . but the definition no longer connects with what they are doing .I also think that if others think that it is unfair for players to be using enhanced drugs and other players are not using it , it is said to be cheating if that is how they really think then they should go to another game where it is not allowed so it would be a fair and square game .

  • I agree with you and i think steroids should not be used in games because it is cheating and it can also damage peoples minds and if they get caught with steroids they can go to prison,jail i agree that people wouldn't put as much effort in and they might get addicted if they keep using the steroids and they might have to go hospital if it gets really bad.

  • I agree because... taking drugs can also lead to addiction which is harmful for the person taking them and this can also lead to depression because they won't be as good as they are with the drugs which can lead to lower confidants and lead to de[pression

  • I agree with you patient_fly because taking in enhancing drugs could have it's positive and negative effect on the players. For the positive side performance enhancing drugs could sometimes make you win the game and make you look impressive in front of the audience but for the negative side performance enhancing drugs can cause a lot of damage to the body and not taking care of it could cause death. In my opinion I think developing your body by training, excising and eating healthy food is how to win a game.

  • I have many 'for' and 'against' reasons for these Enhanced games drugs.....one of the reasons for it, is that the person competing in the competition or event will have the challenge easier for them. Now i want to pull out some stuff from that sentence mentioning why we shall not always take them when they are legal.It's the fact that the side effects could be deadly or painful. Such as being dizzy or nauseous. But according to experts, the Enhanced games might encourage scientific development's that might help people in the future.Furthermore, even if you take them, the thing is that there might be ingredients that you will be allergic to.

  • I think that is unfair because people that have drugs in a competition they will win and it will be unfair for the one that did not have drugs because drugs make you faster or stronger by 50% and I think that means that they cheated by the drugs

  • I was surprised when I heard that people cheat and use drugs to win the Olympics! People shouldn’t do that because what would happen if you trained all night and day for this and someone took a drug and they are running very fast and you lost. Would you like that? I wouldn’t!

  • In the future people might give up on Enhanced Games because they are athletes that train really really hard for many years and there are people that use steroids ( which will only take a couple months) .

  • I definitely agree with the point made about how drugs will cause the competition to loose its spark. If drugs are involved it will no longer be a competition of pure ability and skill, but instead it will only test which enhancing drug is most powerful. This will most likely cause a significant decrease in viewership in comparison to the regular Olympic games because it will be less interesting and intense if some athletes have a known advantage over others due to drugs.

  • You see I strongly agree with your standpoint and that's because as humans it is in our nature to be competitive in every aspect of our lives so it is only natural to see competitors taking in excessive amounts of drugs that may be overwhelming for their bodies and let's not forget that doping has deadly side effects that cannot be taken lightly , let's take anabolic steroids for example , as it is known to have a long history with the sports world , it can cause long term effects on the human body which include cardiovascular complications, liver disease, damage to the reproduction organ and severe mood swings and don't even get me started on the horrific amount of damage it it does to the brain like increasing irritability, anxiety and aggression and causes manic symptoms and paranoia which takes me to another point which is conflicts and incidents that are bound to happen during the event it self.
    As you already know even in the more traditional sports in which doping is banned conflicts between players with each other and conflicts between players and the referees are a common occurrence and at times it even escalates to violence like what happened on August
    22, 1965 in candlestick park in San Francisco, California, in what is considered to be one of the most violent on-field brawls in sports history, so let's think about it for a second, what do you think conflicts with excessive drugs and a strong competition would look? Horrible right? And let's not forget what fatigue does to ones brain, I mean it is a well known fact that doping for long periods of time even cause hallucination and players might lose their focus during a game and get injured.
    Which got me thinking weather we would really find out about a way to help humans and find cures for diseases or if we are just risking the well being of athletes?

  • In my opinion, Enhanced games are not fair because Enhanced games allow each player to enhance their performance by using drugs.
    And that is not good because it differentiates
    Between the players who use drugs and, those who don’t use drugs.
    Also, it’s not fair as it doesn’t estimate the real performance of the player away from drugs.

  • In my opinion, using steroids in sports is like cheating because it gives unfair advantages to athletes. It's not fair to others who play by the rules and don't use steroids. Steroids can also cause health problems. When athletes use steroids, they break the rules of the sport, which makes it less fun and fair for everyone. Sports should be about skill, fair play and and hard training in order to deserve to win.

  • I agree with you that it is not correct to take stimulant medications, especially in the field of sports, because the main goal of sports is to raise our health to a better level and stay away from negative things such as smoking and other things and fair competitions that we have long been accustomed to. Now, instead of sports having a basic role in the health of our bodies, it has become It has a negative role in destroying our health by taking such drugs. Instead of fair competition, it has become a competition in who can take a drug It is stronger and has a greater impact than the other!!!!! It is a very strange thing. Sports are a fair competition between players whose goal is teamwork and preservation and distancing themselves from the negatives that negatively affect health, but what is happening today in such games has become very far from the goal of sports. It is common knowledge that The players used to make every effort with the coach until they reached a higher level, but today, in light of this situation, what is the role of the coach? It is possible that the player does not adhere to exercise and diet and relies on staying up late and not adhering to it, and before exercising he takes the drug to become stronger and better. This is unacceptable to me.
    Thanks 😊

  • Hi everyone,
    I agree with you because taking drugs is very harmful to health and can lead to the death of the user. Drugs also sometimes become addictive, and if they are caught, this may lead to their imprisonment. This is also unfair because drugs make you faster and stronger by 50 percent, and this is considered cheating.

  • Ladies and gentlemen In this era their are many unfair games such as football football prizes doesn’t depend on performance it depends on media at all I want to say that there are many unfair games and prizes in some games

  • I think the games are not fair because if some one has drugs while the other one doesn't have any drug it won't be fair it is also like if some one is at the finish line while the other people have to run but obviously the person at the finish line will win because that person only has a few steps while the others are being fair and not cheating at all

  • I think that using drugs is unfair because if someone is using drugs and the other person is not using drugs then it will be unfair and people call that cheating and we do not like cheating isn't if someone is not cheating what the other person is that will not be OK because if someone is cheating it means that someone is not following the rules and if you're not following the rules that means you are cheating and cheating doesn't just have to be using drugs it could also be different stuff and if someone is cheating you can not let that happen especially if they are pretending like it is OK because it is not cheating is very very bad in all countries it also is bad because you would not like it if someone is cheating and you are playing with them. Also cheating or using drugs while the other person isn't or lots more stuff is not OK even

  • In my opinion, this poses a significant threat to athletes as it can lead them to excessively consume potent drugs. This can result in severe damage to both their bodies and, even worse, their minds. The use of performance-enhancing substances has numerous adverse effects on our bodies, including an increased risk of heart problems and high blood pressure. Moreover, it can also lead to mental health issues such as depression, behavioral changes like aggression, sleep disorders, hallucinations, and anxiety.

  • Apart from the physical drawbacks, the Olympic Games will lose their excitement and allure. Instead of competing to showcase speed, strength, and agility, the focus will shift towards determining which drug is the most effective. It can also come down to financial needs, some athletes do not have the money for it. Certain athletes do not get the same pay and if one athlete cannot afford it, it would not be fair for others.

  • Hello,
    I believe that the games are extremely unfair. The ability to take drugs and improve your performance is bias to the weak. This doesn't consider how people who trained for years will feel. However, I understand why some people think these games are fair. For those who are disabled, these games would be beneficial to them. I understand their opinion but this still isn't fair.

  • I think that using drugs is not fair because you have to show your true abilities and your strength. If not, people might think that you can perform in the Olympics even though you might not have the capabilities.

    Also, you should never cheat: if you are using drugs that means you can run faster, which is a not fair on the others.

    If everyone is using drugs then you could too but if you are the only one that is cheating.

  • I agree but it is not up to us. It is a decision for the people attending because it is their health, their life, and their view but if we speak up it can be changed.

  • In my opinion the enhanced games is dangerous because it a make a really bad impact on our body’s also i think it is unfair because for example if everyone did a running race and everyone in dozed steroids there would be multiple winners so there would be a lot more gold medals or much more competitions of drugs which can cause injury and lead to infections of drugs .

  • Hi everyone.
    Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) may seem like a shortcut to athletic glory, but they have a downside. These drugs can cause serious health problems, including liver damage, heart issues, increased risk of blood clots, and even cancer. Most athletes don’t realise this. These drugs create an unfair advantage for those who use them, making the athletes who spent years to become pros.

  • I know that taking drugs in the Olympics is not safe for people’s mental and physical health. Also many athletes endeavour to reach their goals and practice hard everyday but others use drugs for success. The enhanced games is unfair for everyone and horrible.
    Thank you