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I am dedicating this poem to the inspiring Dr. Mamta Patel Nagaraja of NASA, to tell her what I... Competition #7 Expert learning 12/12/22
We held a great discussion about the world cup in the classroom. A whole unit in my English... Competition #6 Favourite topic 06/12/22
Though It was hard for me to decide which topic to choose,I knew I had to forget about all the... STEP ONE: pick a standpoint topic 01/12/22
I think we are all beautiful subjects and all links are beautiful. I think the fast fashion... Competition #4 Connecting topics 24/11/22
I liked your answer convinced me. I agree with you I think the profession of a teacher is... Pick a side! 24/11/22
I loved your questions 1 I think this is reason enough to immigrate, because I asked myself why... What causes doctor shortages? 21/11/22
I think that the root causes of the global shortage in the number of doctors is their travel to... What causes doctor shortages? 17/11/22
I agree with person B. I think he said the right thing, that doctors are important, but there... Pick a side! 17/11/22
I agree with you, but can you name the easiest and hardest job you think? Pick a side! 17/11/22
I want to study and work in medicine. I think medicine is a beautiful but tiring path, but I... Would you…? 17/11/22
I chose the Miracles series (Ladybug and Cat Noir). Produced by several joint ventures in... Who could change the world? 14/11/22
My questions will be to the commander. 1- What will you do to get rid of the contraband... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 08/11/22
Can you give us reasons why we can't eliminate the lunch crisis? Why haven't we solved the problem of world hunger yet? 07/11/22
Can you give us solutions to solve the basic problems? Why haven't we solved the problem of world hunger yet? 05/11/22
I like your question. I think there are downsides to importing 1- Climate change and... What's on your plate? And where's it from? 04/11/22
I think the workers who work in the garment industry should get a bigger salary because they get... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 04/11/22
First: the older leaders, A: The good points: 1- More culture and science 2- He has life... Older or younger lawmakers? 04/11/22
I think the idea of ​​the messages is wrong and in fact does not attract voters, and I feel that... Mind your language! 02/11/22
1•I think that the existence of a government (presidency) for the elderly is not bad, but it may... Older or younger lawmakers? 02/11/22
In my opinion, a person's politics is more important than his personality and appearance, and... Personality or Policy? 02/11/22
I think a 30-year-old president needs: 1 Justice and equality between people, regardless of... Older or younger lawmakers? 02/11/22
Because it is disgusting and harmful and prone to spreading diseases and other than that, our... Bug burgers and critter curries... delicious? 01/11/22
I think my answer would be no; Because it is disgusting and in addition to that, no person from... Bug burgers and critter curries... delicious? 01/11/22
My answer would be: everything has its pros and cons. For example importing food: it has its... What's on your plate? And where's it from? 01/11/22
I think Census 95 is the statistic that accounts for teens' use on social media, and many teens... Competition #1 Interpreting statistics 31/10/22
My answers will be: I will choose the sum of 4000, I will buy a big house (big building) and I... Money, money, money! 31/10/22