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I definitely agree with all your points and you said it absolutely correct that" it provides... Eco-anxiety:A double edged sword 28/3/24
I absolutely agree with you because I think Especially, when devastating facts like the Green... Eco-anxiety, what can be done about it? 28/3/24
I agree with you! Your opinion reflects a common perspective. Many believe that conflicts and... Immigration 27/3/24
I agree with you and I would like to answer your question that is Do you believe that some... Immigration Discrimination - Ukraine and Palestine 27/3/24
Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) encompass a broad range of substances and methods used to... Enhanced Games - A Good Idea? 25/3/24
I agree with you and your points are absolutely right! Even I think that Not only will young... The morality behind the Enhanced Games 25/3/24
“The skill I am going to focus on is speaking. This skill is important for understanding the... Competition #7 winners 05/3/24
I disagree because... If athletes were monitored by doctors throughout the game then also... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 27/2/24
Heyy Keya i would like to answer your question I think if all athletes were monitored by doctors... Suggest a discussion 27/2/24
The woman from the news I would like to celebrate is Judith Heumann she was an american... Competition #5 winners 22/2/24
I think that the film "THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS" could help people in the real world because it... Competition #4 winners 13/2/24
"I believe that virtually no profession is immune to the potential disruption by AI in the... Jobs of the future 08/2/24
"The student that made me think differently is non other but intelligent_orchard." They made me... Competition #2 winners 29/1/24
I agree with you and I think you have asked a great question instead of replacement of humans... Jobs of the future 28/1/24
I totally agree with you admirable butterfly......and I think that the question which you asked... Suggest a discussion 28/1/24
I fully agree with you and in fact I think the best comment I have read today is yours even I... Suggest a discussion 28/1/24
I totally agree with you because i think just because of topical talk I have gained so much... Tell us what you think! 27/1/24
Sure, i would love answering your question certainly over data privacy biases in AI algorithms... Jobs of the future 26/1/24
I totally agree with you because Jobs like doctors, fashion designers and astronauts involved... People v robots 25/1/24
I agree with you although AI can help with learning there is a certain depth to human perception... Will schools exist in future? 25/1/24