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I think to be fair . We should behave equally with all people. Probably the biggest problem... Nepotism poll results! 16/5/23
It's an amazing challenge Of course, change comes from Inside first. I believe that young... Expert challenge: Earth Day 16/5/23
Great topic. However can you tell us how can limit this problem? What can we do as kids to... Corruption is a tool that destroys society. 16/5/23
I agree with the second opinion" b" : We must deal with the royal family as human beings like... Royal responses 27/4/23
As young children, what can we do to protect our selves from the disadvantages of metavers? we... ...Matthew Ball! 27/4/23
In my opinion, it is difficult for citizens to follow laws, especially if the laws belong to the... Suggest a discussion! 26/4/23
As experts, you should set laws as if they were children’s games, because I do not think that... Classroom spy... 17/4/23
I think that the second law cannot be applied because the body cannot dispense with protein.... The law in your hands? 14/4/23
I got a 9, but I did not think that the test would give me this amount of information because I... Test your knowledge! 14/4/23
Sewage water has a great impact on my area because in the summer, municipal workers work to pour... Suggest a discussion 13/4/23
The environmental problems facing Gaza are many, including: 1- Pollution of the open air due to... Climate change in your country 13/4/23
We cannot set very strict laws, because it is possible that a person is committed in front of... Earth Day poll results! 13/4/23
As an expert, do you think people will follow virtual reality more from the real reality? And... ...Matthew Ball! 12/4/23
Dear Clover, you are a climate expert. Do climate changes and its impact on the earth cause... …Clover Hogan! 12/4/23
When you were hired as a climate expert, did you notice that the climate has an impact on the... …Clover Hogan! 12/4/23
Earth Day is the day that the world celebrates at the time of the spring equinox. Earth Day is... Classroom spy... 11/4/23
You said bicycles, but bicycles are harmful to the environment because they emit smoke Classroom spy... 11/4/23