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I think speaking, listening, problem solving, and creativity are important because 1) Listening... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 18/3/24
I am the most passionate about the disussion 'AI and the education of work' because it really... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 18/3/24
I disagree with the point B . For example, what if there are two leaders, and they both have... How would you respond? 05/3/24
I believe that the second option is better. If certain players are not using... Should people know? 04/3/24
I believe that we can combat all forms of discrimination by reserving seats for minorities at... Sports and politics 01/3/24
I believe that certain sports events are more beneficial than others due to the economic... Which sports “matter”? 01/3/24
I believe that one in six people is suffering from eco-anxiety due to the rapid degradation of... Competition #6 winners 29/2/24
I am very interested in these enhanced games. I like the idea of pushing players to their limits... How did the lesson go? 29/2/24
If I were to make a rule, I would prohibit players from using drugs. This is because the... You make the rules! 29/2/24
I don't mean any offense to anyone, but I believe that the ban on hijabs during competitions was... Sports and politics 28/2/24
I wanted to share how international games can actually benefit countries. I think these games... Which sports “matter”? 28/2/24
Some athletes have indeed faced significant health issues due to the use of drugs, although they... Unfair advantage? 27/2/24
I think we should discuss how coaches can train their players to avoid using drugs. Coaches... Suggest a discussion 27/2/24
I believe that the examples mentioned above are all personal choices and therefore, no action... Unfair advantage? 26/2/24
I don't believe that players should disclose whether or not they are using drugs. If the... Should people know? 26/2/24
I am feeling a bit confused because I don't understand why the UK is accepting more immigrants... Poll: the UK’s Rwanda Bill 25/2/24
I agree with you because there are many journalists who sell themselves to the government for... Challenges to journalists 25/2/24
It seems like there is very little representation of my religion in the news, especially when it... Do you feel represented? 23/2/24
I believe that option D is the best solution because by increasing the number of prison staff,... Prison staff 23/2/24
I just wanted to share with you about a wonderful woman I came across in the news - Sania Mirza.... Competition #5 winners 22/2/24