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I would say that there are very much ups and downs to AI chatbots replacing real humans on the... AI bots on the Hub? 11/3/24
I would say that my country(U.S.A) is country D. I say that the U.S is country D because the U.S... Climate change in your country 11/3/24
I agree with the statement of both B and C, but it is evident how someone could pick the choices... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 11/3/24
I received an 8/10 on the quiz, and the questions I missed were the electoral college question... The elections quiz 10/3/24
I would agree with Abhinandan, because he has a point with how large industrial corporations... Who should fund news about elections? 10/3/24
Empathetic_opportunity, I completely agree with you, but I understand where chatty_fact is... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 09/3/24
Hello people of topical talk, Within our work session we talked and tried the four main... How did the lesson go? 07/3/24
For my games I would have the following rules: Rule one- No additional drugs or medications... You make the rules! 01/3/24
I agree with you about how no sports really and truly "matter". Since each sport has its... Which sports “matter”? 29/2/24
To answer the first question above, I would say that none of the statistics from above doesn't... Gender inequality: have your say! 27/2/24
People who can influence adults with women could be the media in general having a detrimental... Who has the power to stop social bias? 20/2/24
I would agree mostly with you, Loyal_skill. Specifically when it comes to your use of the... Countries behaving badly 16/2/24
From what we have completed in class, my group and I chose for a company that was clothing both... Countries behaving badly 16/2/24
Thank you for saying that about my example since it is often found in the U.S.A that celebrities... The “face” of a business 14/2/24
I would say that every company should be able to have control over a celebrity that is their... The “face” of a business 14/2/24
I would say that the media and the official association for women’s sports are responsible for... Women's sport 12/2/24
Well great_blueberry Even thought some 17 year-olds might be as educated in politics as 18... Age restrictions 12/2/24
I would say the age limit for voting in the election as well as going to jail should be 18+ due... Age restrictions 11/2/24
I think that a good topic to discuss would be "Humanity's Impact." We can always talk about how... Suggest a discussion 10/2/24
Staying informed about your community can help you be more responsible and active because it can... Responsible citizens 10/2/24