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In my opinion to prevent the crime is more important to protect peoples from it. Because if we... Prevention or protection? 02/2/24
The points written above are so true. Among them the most prirotityful one which I think is the... What’s the purpose of prisons? 31/1/24
The class atted was really flowless. Everything going on in this topical talk is just blowing my... How did the lesson go? 31/1/24
I am from Bangladesh actually, from Cantonment Public School and College Saidpur. The... Meet our school communities! 28/1/24
The most important thing which was in the survey was the thing which said to understand about... Show what you know 28/1/24
I agree with the point which shows that negative news should only be shown. Because If the news... Too much negative news? 28/1/24
If I would be able to meet ma'am,I would ask the following questions: 1.How does nature... Caroline Hickman 26/1/24
If I would be able to meet Daniel sir I would ask: 1.What would be our position when AI will... Daniel Hulme 25/1/24
Thank you for providing importance in my comment nice eagle Tell us what you think! 25/1/24
Actually as AI is rapidly increasing day by day, we can assume that in the future classrooms may... Will schools exist in future? 24/1/24
This event is actually very beneficial for us. Because by the help of this event we can... Tell us what you think! 24/1/24
I agree because... the logics you have mentioned in your paragraph are heart touching for me. I... Suggest a discussion 24/1/24
I agree because... Your logics are so true. Will schools exist in future? 22/1/24
We can see AI is rapidly improving day by day. It has occupied it's space in almost all jobs.... Jobs of the future 22/1/24
I chose the something else option. The main reason behind it is I am facing 2 feelings at a... What's your reaction? 22/1/24