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For example some doctors wouldn't want to work in their country due to poor payment issues so... What causes doctor shortages? 21/11/22
I agree on you about the joke part. I was a bit sceptical including it in the comment because it... Who could change the world? 21/11/22
The doctor's words are really touching and it shows that the doctors in the UK are really... A doctor's words 18/11/22
The major causes of doctor shortages are; low pay, harsh working environment, lack of... What causes doctor shortages? 18/11/22
I am on the side of Person A because without doctors when the person who has a more important... Pick a side! 18/11/22
I wouldn't want a big sports event like the Olympics or the World Cup hosted in my country for... Coming to a town near YOU! Or not? 18/11/22
Yes I would love to be a doctor because it just fascinates me how like you tell them your signs... Would you…? 18/11/22
Unless like the public or the entire body of government disagrees on what the leader says then... Would you be a leader? 18/11/22
I would say people are so critical of Rishi Sunak because first of all they never had any... Is it time for a general election in the UK? 14/11/22
I'd say that the general public of the UK would be the ones to decide when he has made... Is it time for a general election in the UK? 14/11/22
The person that inspires me is Jack Swigert. He was an astronaut of the Apollo 13 mission also... Expert challenge: achieving dreams! 11/11/22
Yes, a person can try and portray the culture. The film companies can start by looking for... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 11/11/22
I feel like being a leader of a country is a good job because you get to make major decisions in... Would you be a leader? 11/11/22
I think that kai is trying to mean that the UK is currently drowning in issues and the boat with... What does the cartoonist think? 11/11/22
Which character from a book or film could change the world, well I would say Deadpool. Sure he... Who could change the world? 11/11/22
First and foremost I feel like the current Prime Minister should be given a chance and sometime... Is it time for a general election in the UK? 10/11/22
Not only does on-screen representation give us the chance to see outside of our bubble, but it... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 10/11/22
I think Billie Jean King means like you actually have to be there to experience what it would... Do you have to see it, to be it? 10/11/22
It would spark a negative reaction because first of all it would seem like as if the Iranian... Iran: Should people speak out? 08/11/22
I'd say that there are some good amount of factors that would make solving world hunger a... Why haven't we solved the problem of world hunger yet? 08/11/22